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  1. You can never have too many extra parts.
  2. You, Sir, are a veritable wealth of information.
  3. That's cheaper than a round of .308 ammo... I'll remember that for my next build.
  4. So as it turns out, the nice folks at Armaspec have a solution to the dilemma. Spacers! Oddly enough, I had done a search for spacers, assuming something would come up, but nothing did. When I was able to get in touch with an Armaspec rep, voila! $6.99 later, the problem is solved! I will be able to test this setup as soon as my charging handle arrives. 13 weeks so far...
  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate the assist! All the best to you! Can't wait to get more gun money from Biden.
  6. The buffer tube is 7 25/32" internally, but the buffer turns out to be 7 3/32" so it's 11/16" more tube length or less buffer length than I need. I must've gone astray somewhere. Is there a difference in buffer systems between Armalite and DPMS? My build is DPMS. Questions I should've asked...
  7. I'm building a moderately lightweight ar308. I purchased a mil spec carbine length buffer tube from 2a and went heavy on the buffer itself with a carbine length 2-stage stealth buffer from Armaspec. I'm not comprehending why the buffer is almost 3/4" too short for the tube. Did I get a mislabeled part? What am I missing here? I feel like Armaspec and 2a will probably both say I need to contact the other guy. PS. I'm new to the forum and only have a couple of builds under my belt, so go easy on me please.
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