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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to all. Just a part or two left before I take what's left to someone that knows what they're doing. The lower is done aside from the trigger and safety. Thanks to all for all the help.
  2. Well this is embarrassing. I must have had one (or 5) too many cocktails and apparently already ordered a BCG when I ordered some other small parts. Gave an email address I rarely check and didn't remember until I saw it his my credit card. It's a Lantac nitride enhanced BCG. The reviews look good, but it brings me back to the question about the forward assist. Is it an issue if the BCG has FA serrations but my upper has no forward assist? From your explanation 98Z5V, it sounds like it isn't if I understand correctly. And the order is still being processed so I can likely cancel it if so. If not I'll just have to worry about the headspace. And thanks for that explanation of the differences between the AR-15 and the .308AR. That's I how understood it from some reading I'd done but that explanation was much simpler to understand.
  3. Oh I know Vincent D'Onofrio well, more from one of the greatest movies of all time though. Why do you ask? I mean I don't see anything wrong with a rifle with everything clean, oiled, so that your action is beautiful. I do actually name most of my firearms Charlene.
  4. Thanks guys. That's how I understood it, and you just clarified it all. Sounds like a BA barrel, BCG, and gas system may be just as easy as piecing stuff together. Seems there's not much I can do to screw up the lower, but getting into head spacing and what not as I get to the barrel gets a little more precise. As best as I can tell.
  5. Good to hear someone has some experience with the Odin rails. They definitely look pretty sexy, don't get too hot which I worried about from watching reviews, and light is awesome. As I start to get the point of dealing with barrel nuts, the gas system, etc., I'm thinking I may be getting a bit above my paygrade. But parts should start coming in soon so we'll see where that goes.
  6. Got it. That clarifies what I'd read. Figured based on previous responses it couldn't hurt to get a barrel and BCG from the same manufacturer. Although if I go another route, sounds like a BCG with forward assist serrations wouldn't be a problem in a rifle with no forward assist? And to clarify your previous questions, 98Z5V, this one will start out as a plinker I suppose. Going to use an adjustable stock. Have an Odin Works O2 Lite 17.5" handguard on the way, and made sure I got the high profile. Got good reviews and I'll admit, a 17.5" handguard on an 18" barrel with a fat muzzle device is what I was going for. Strictly cosmetic, and light. Probably a foregrip before a bipod most likely. Haven't gotten as far as optics yet. Want to get it together with iron sights and go from there. I know of one place where I could stretch it out past 300 yds here, which likely just means I just don't know the right people.
  7. Looks like Ballistics Advantage has an 18" heavy barrel w/ rifle gas, and I can add on a gas tube, low-profile gas block, and a nitride or nickel boron BCG, and apparently all in stock. Although reading up on the nickel boron seems like the juice isn't worth the squeeze.
  8. In a perfect world, what would be a per perfect BCG and why? Apologies for the continued questions.
  9. Not much to get excited about, but the first time I started hitting steel at 200 yrds I giggled like a little girl
  10. 18* barrel. it's not meant to go long
  11. No offense taken at all I want it loud ands hard, is that males sense.
  12. That's the one
  13. Oh gotcha.. I struggled with the whole buffer tube thing. .
  14. Rsquared, you are too right. I have a list of what I'm spending and there's a random 500 there, which is more than a little scary. 98Z5V...you mean the buffer spring, etc?
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