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  1. More parts: IMG_0009.heic IMG_0010.heic IMG_0011.heic IMG_0012.heic IMG_0126.heic Too Shiny? IMG_0132.heic IMG_0133.heic I also ordered an Armalite ar-10 rifle length gas tube because the aero precision gas tube was short. The armalite tube was actually a little too long. I thought I took a picture of the Aero Precision gas tube but apparently I did not. This is the Armalite tube: IMG_0135.heic I used a Faxon 18" heavy fluted barrel and a Superlative Arms adjustable Gas Block
  2. Hello Doc I actually have all the parts coming in the next couple days. I ordered the Faxon 18" heavy fluted barrel that should be about 2 pounds, 4 ounces.
  3. I am starting a new build. It is actually my first AR build. If you see a mistake please let me know. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of different parts and how they work together as well as the weights of the individual components incase it's helpful to anyone else. A lot of weights are available at the manufacture website but not all. Aero Precision M5 stripped lower receiver painted in Bronze Digiwash painted by Weapon Works in Burlington, NC (12.1 ounces) Geissele Automatics SSA-E Trigger 05-160 (2.1 ounces) Aero Precision M5 upper receiver painted in Bronze Digiwash with factory forward assist and dust cover installed (14.4 ounces) Geissele Super Charging Handle PN 05-476 (1.4 ounces) Aero Precision M5 ATLAS R-ONE M-LOK Handguard 15" painted in Bronze Digiwash (10.3 ounces) Aero Precision Atlas Handguard Mounting Hardware (4.7 ounces) Mission First Battlelink Minimalist Stock Scorched Dark Earth BMSMIL SDE (6 ounces)
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