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  1. Hello, I want to start of by telling all of you who have posted information on this forum THANK YOU! With your help I was able to find what I needed to get my rifle running. Back in May I decided to venture into the .308 AR platform game. I had absolutely no knowledge on what it takes to make these things run. So I purchased a complete Aero precision 18" upper receiver, an Aero precision M5 complete lower with a carbine buffer tube, and a complete Aero Precision nitride BCG. Upper and BCG purchased on gunbroker. Lower purchased from Aero precision. I figured since they were all factory complete components they should all drop right in and work. First snag: I could not get the bolt to headspace correctly. I sent the upper and BCG back to Aero where they replaced the barrel. They advised the index pin on the barrel was broken so they replaced the barrel and checked it for propper headspace. Areo customer service was very good throughout this process. Once I received the upper and BCG back I went to the range and experienced about every malfunction you can think of. Double feeds, failure to eject, failure to lock back on an empty mag, and so on. Around this time I noticed Wilson Combat had their 18" tactical hunter barrels back in stock. So I purchased one and one of their gas blocks. After installing these, I was still having most of the same function issues I was having before. During my Google search for how to fix these problems, I found this forum. Specifically 98Z5V's post on Gas tubes, barrel gas ports, and buffer weight. With the information in this post I found that Aero installed the wrong gas tube, and buffer. Gastube: 15 1/8" approximate length Buffer: 2.5" & 3.8 oz Buffer tube : 7" I purchased the following to fix these problems. Wilson combat .308 gas tube: 15 1/2" Kaw valley precision .308 carbine buffer: 2.5" marked to be 5.6oz, but actually 5.7oz I installed these parts and almost all of my problems went away. Only failure at this point was failing to lock back on an empty magazine. I jumped back into this forum and found a post on heavybuffers.com. After talking to Clint at heavybuffers.com, he directed me to his .308 carbine buffer spring. I received the spring today and installed it. Went to the back yard and loaded 10 rounds throughout 4 different magazines, one with 1 round, 2 with 2 rounds, and one with 5 rounds. I achieved lock back on every mag. I finally found a working combination with your help. Final build parts. Lower: Complete Aero precision M5 carbine lower with 7" buffer tube Kaw valley precision. .308 carbine buffer 5.6oz 2.5" Heavybuffers.com .308 carbine buffer spring. Upper: Aero precision M5 Aero precision complete BCG nitride finish Wilson Combat 18" Tactical hunter barrel Wilson combat gas block Wilson combat .308 rifle gas tube 15 1/2" Thank you all again for your assistance with this build. I would have spent hundreds of more dollars on this if it wasn't for you guys. Now I just need more ammo.
  2. Hello, I'm new to the .308 forum. So far I have found the most valuable information on the web to get my rifle running. Thanks to all that post information on here.
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