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  1. This is exactly what I have going on. I found this forum based on this thread which was searched via google. I purchased a springco red ar10 carbine spring. Buffer weight is 5.2 oz on the digital scales. Will report back in a few days when the spring arrives and I have time to test it out.
  2. I believe I know what the issue is. Ar15 spring. It is short binding on the coils. I have already ordered an ar10 spring to try and remedy the issue.
  3. Also, Maine, I shoot all the guns, bulldogs, knives, a little archery.
  4. HELLO! First time poster and just set up an account. Recently I purchased what was supposed to be a factory aero M5 18" rifle in 308. I was on a camping trip when I picked it up. After a week I got the gun home and realized that the bolt is not locking back on the bolt catch. If is locking back on the magazine only. I contacted the seller, private party, and he told me he had "Put the gun together with all factory Aero parts". So now he has listed the gun for sale as a new factory gun and I am hearing it is not that after I get the gun home and it's been a week. Long story short, the guy threw an ar15 buffer and spring in it and it is binding. I happened to have a spare ar10 buffer from a previous ar10 project but now I need a spring. Any suggestions on a go to sping for a carbine buffer set up on an 18" ar10? Thanks and happy shooting. Bev😈
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