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  1. First off hello , I'm not one who normally signs up for forums however I'm a bit perplexed buy an issue with a new build .Was looking for some insight on what the problem might be . Right now the main issue is the bolt carrier group will not travel back far enough to allow the bolt catch to engage . I have been running through the forums and found some info but it's quite scattered and incomplete to my analytical mind. That being said let me explain my troubleshooting steps that I've taken so far perhaps an answer will follow. The parts are all dpms gen 1 allegedly . The complete upper and lower are all DPMS GEN one Side charging handle with no issues. The first step I took was to measure the buffer tube it's a carbine buffer tube mil spec measure's at 7 inches. The second step was to measure the so-called LR 308 buffer which measures exactly 2 1/2 inches and weighs 3.5 ounces. The third step was to measure the so-called LR308 Spring buffer spring that is and it measures 11 1/8 inches in length. It has 32 coils if I counted correctly ( perhaps I'm missing something on that one ) The only part that I'm positive absolutely positive is correct is the bolt catch/ spring and plunger. they are definitely 308. After completing assembly it became quite apparent that the boat carrier group will not travel far enough to the rear to allow the bolt catch to engage and capture the bolt. My first troubleshooting step was to measure all the parts check what specs I could find and then I begin removing items until I achieved the desired results. What I found was when I remove the spring and left the buffer in the buffer tube reassemble the rifle pull the bolt to the rear the bolt catch would engage with a magazine inserted in the mag well as it should. Releasing the Bolt catch and pushing on the charging handle would allow the boat to travel forward normally as it should. Reassemble everything with the spring and the boat will no longer travel to the rear and allow the bolt catch to engage. My question is what ARE the exact specifications for a carbine length LR308 buffer tube to me it seems they should be at the very least 7 1/4 inches in length 7 1/2 would be preferable. Yes I'm well aware that supposedly there is no mil spec or specifications on the 308DPMS pattern other than you can't mix certain ArmaLite and DPMS parts. I've seen mention of cutting Springs, milspec ar 15 buffers that supposedly work ???? I can tell you this I have several mil spec A.R. 15 buffer tubes and they all result with the same issue that is the buffer tube seems too short. So what am I missing here ?
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