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  1. I drilled the gas port out to .096 and now the rifle just runs. The gas block is adjusted about midway through it’s range. I put 200 rounds down the barrel without a single issue. I think it’s broken in and ready to go. Thank you all for the assist and all of the knowledge I acquired on this forum. My original plan definitely would have failed had I not done my homework.
  2. Thanks for the affirmation. I am just going to take it up to .096 and be done. I enjoy the build aspect but i wold rather shoot than keep fiddling with it.
  3. I scoured this forum for all the best advice on correct parts for a reliable 308 AR. I was hoping my first post would be a thank you for helping with my success. Nope! It won’t cycle. I am pretty sure the gas port is too small and the rifle is under gassed. Before I drill out the gas port I am requesting a review of my build for any errors. I slowly went trough 20 rounds of Federal Match 175 (expensive 😖). Rounds barely dribble out and I had a few stove pipes. The gas block is seated correctly and I can’t detect any issues with alignment. Aero M5 upper/lower + M5 LPK Wilson Combat Super Sniper .308, 18”, .875 GB seat, .090 gas port, rifle length Wilson Combat BCG Wilson Combat AR10 rifle length gas tube 15.5” - reaches more than halfway through cutout SLR Rifle Works AGB - wide open Magpul UBR gen 2 stock Armalite AR10 EA1095 spring Armalite H3 Buffer
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