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  1. Hi all, I’m back after making the changes: drilled the gas port to .085 and installed EA-1095 buffer spring. Tested the gun and it ejects about 2 o’clock suppressed and about 4 o’clock un-suppressed. It feels a lot more crisp and normal. Had one malfunction in the 20 rounds I shot (besides when I was testing how far I could close the gas block and the gun still function), but I was using cheap ammo so maybe that was why. Also, it’s not really broken in yet. Shooting about 1.5 MOA with cheap factory ammo, so I’m pretty happy. Thanks for the help!
  2. @Albroswift it does easily lock back on an empty mag and the bolt face engagement seems good. @98Z5V thanks for the info and I’ll get back with y’all when I’ve made the suggested changes.
  3. Ok here is the info from the water boarding post: Buffer weight: 5.36 oz Buffer length: 5.29 in Buffer tube internal depth: 9.75 in Buffer spring specs: Aero Precision, 12.625 in, 39 coils, silver Wilson Combat intermediate gas system Gas tube length: 13.25 in Photos of bolt face and looking into magwell Wasn’t sure where to measure the clearance at ears and bolt stop so here are pictures Gas journal: .75 in Gas port: .078 in It either doesn’t cycle at all or it stove-pipes.
  4. Only about 50 rounds through it so far. Lubed it up really well with Remington oil. How many rounds does it take to break in? Never had to really break in my other rifles.
  5. I am new to the ar10 world and just completed my first build (I have built ar15s before and ignorantly assumed it would be just as easy) - not happy with its performance. I used a Wilson combat 16” recon barrel with intermediate gas system(I have one of their intermediate gas tubes), FailZero BCG, and OdinWorks adjustable gas block. The buffer system isn’t anything special - it’s the rifle buffer system that Aero Precision sells. The rifle won’t cycle without a suppressor on it, and launches brass at about 1 o’clock with a suppressor attached - the brass also comes out super dirty (not sure what that would indicate). It is only shooting about 1.5 MOA and has very odd, sluggish recoil. I have the gas block adjusted full open and am using good quality factory ammo. Does anyone have any suggestions? My level of knowledge on the more technical aspects of these guns is severely lacking. I have been advised to drill out my gas port but want to make sure that’s necessary before doing anything that drastic.
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