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  1. Absolutely.. It's the least I can do for all your help. BTW: Too bad the attached picture isn't available in .308 ZOOM IN TO GET THE MESSSAGE. I ordered one anyway.
  2. It's finished except for tightening the castle nut. Glad to say Noreen DPMS lower fits fine. I'm waiting on a mail order magazine vise block. Put in a KAW 5.7 oz buffer. I also got an Aero M5 stripped lower which also fits fine with the BCA upper. Pic attached Thanks to everyone for their help and patience.
  3. Thanks 98 I think I could live with 2 or 3 threads short of flush; but from what I've read here and elsewhere the problem is the standard AR-15 button ends up hardly protrudes at all. Here is Aero Precision's $5 extended button fix: https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/extended-magazing-catch-button. I'll try it both ways since I'll have all the parts & report back afterwards.
  4. According to wing Tactical: "Standard AR-15 magazine catch will fit DPMS style AR-10." https://www.wingtactical.com/blog/what-parts-are-interchangeable-between-ar15-ar10/ Don't I at least need an elongated button?
  5. I own several and am generally pleased. My latest is this .308 upper: https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/308-22-bn-light-weight-barrel-1-10-twist-rifle-15-mlok-forged-upper.html I'm still finishing it. But so far, so good. Picture below. Just waiting on a buffer tube. According to BCA's FAQ: What platform pattern are your AR10 Uppers? Our uppers are made based on the DPMS Gen1 Low Profile model. With the AR10, there are many different designs and models out there, and each company tends to create and design its own unique platform. For that reason, we cannot guarantee the fitment of our uppers to any other companies lower other than our own. AR10 are their words; not mine. Thanks to this forum, I now know the difference. Any way, according to me: BCA's prices are hard to beat but : Most of their barrels are heavy Most of their barrels are parkerized Part of their strategy to keep prices down is that they (usually) don't do any machining they don't have to. Owning and operating CNC machinery is expensive. Let me know if there is anything else I can share about my BCA experiences. Mark
  6. Not many shotgun mag pouch options via my google searches. So I repurposed and refurbished military surplus stuff. Each leather pouch also holds three 33-round glock mags. "If anything's worth doing, it's worth overdoing." BTW: here's my VR-80. I don't like the color but I got it cheap.
  7. Okay; I give up. What is it? A heavily modified VR-80? What are you doing for mag pouches?
  8. Lower completed. Just waiting on buffer tube.
  9. https://ar15discounts.com/products/kaw-valley-precision-ar-10-stock-completion-kit-w-5-6oz-buffer/ Only 5 left in stock
  10. I have a Rock Island VR-80 If you're not familiar with it, see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULlybW86pIM&list=PLlsMtVDowfr90phsqOTq7G8uliAdudPKq&index=5 I've heard they are popular for 3-gun competition. I've also found that they aren't many shotgun mag pouches on the market, so I began looking into viable options. Here's an example of something I came up with. I'm wondering what other people are doing for shotgun mag pouches
  11. Thanks. I already have some extra tungsten weights
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