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  1. I think thats nuts and shame on them then. I shoot bolt guns for the most part, but I know that a well built AR based rifle can keep up with most of the field at the matches I shoot. Yea, there are some national level shooters, but most of the rest would do just as well with an AR, at least at mid range. I would agree, a barrel less than 30" at a 1000 yards and your giving up a lot velocity wise so maybe not the best choice, but still doable. That's unfortunate because as a group, just like NM shooting, we need to attract more shooters.
  2. I am selling my Armalite AR10T in .308. It has the green furniture, heavy stainless match barrel, match trigger. I have less than 400 rounds through the barrel and it is very accurate with Federal GM ammo in 175gr. I curently have it set up with a Vortex 6.5-20 scope with mil dot and Leupold 1 piece base. It comes with 2ea 10 round and 5ea 20rnd Aramalite mfg series B magazines and a soft case. Was going to re barrel to 260 or 6.5 for PRS matches but went with a bolt gun instead. So, this never gets used and I want someone to shoot it and use it. Asking $1800 but will entertain any reasonable offer.
  3. I have a early version and had the same issue. Aramalite did send me 5 20 rounds mags that work like a charm. Too bad they don't have a mod to use the less expensive mags.
  4. I have found that the FGMM 175gr shoots like a dream in my Aramalite, 3/4 moa groups with boring regularity.
  5. I shoot f class, mostly 1000 yard but sometimes mid range. i am surprised by not seeing many semi auto AR 10's being used. I know they can be competitive, so why don't we see more?
  6. Sounds like your barrel is allowed to shift slightly as it heats. What happens if you shoot more than say 10 rounds- does it settle in or does it still move around? I have an F class rifle that will shift as it gets warm, but then it settles in. Not ideal but it was at least predicatble. The whole thing was taken apart, re torqued, bedded, then floated when beedding did'nt work, pressure pad up front added...nothing worked, it was just the stress in the barrel. That became a very expensive stake for my pepper plants finally.
  7. I have an AR10T in .308 I bought several years ago for NM shooting and I dont see that in the current product line up- do they not make that version any longer?
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