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  1. I cant even remember if Im 51 or 52 this year
  2. Hey Matt...dont worry I still creep on you guys! Im close enough to smell Shepps beer farts
  3. I just updated to PHP 7....here we go again
  4. There's always this http://amzn.to/2t5S2Jj
  5. IPB tech support believes the culprit to be something as simple as Tom's vagina. Not that the picture itself is a problem. The fact that it's unshaven in 2017 is a problem. Anyhow the server was rebooted and the site cache cleared. All should be good. You guys might need to dump your cache once more. LMK
  6. You guys with normal hands and fingers might not be quite as excited as I was to learn of this tool but I couldn't order it fast enough https://308ar.com/ar15-ejection-cover-hinge-pin-clip-tool-rotor-clip/
  7. I thought you were gonna make me some bbq
  8. Ill post this too. John Boyett wrote us a page on the Milrad Reticle https://308ar.com/articles/target_engagement_milrad_reticle/
  9. Someone suggested this thing to me. I have not placed my order yet but it was well received on FB https://308ar.com/mildot-master-mildot-calculator/
  10. One of the most important people in my life just happens to own a bike shop. Back in December wheels were put in motion to build a bike from the ground up based on an Ibis Ripley frame. I sold my Jekyll to near what I paid for it. Im recycling the Chris King based wheels from my Rumblefish. Most of the bike will be Shimano XT based. We held out a bit on the hardware to see what the new year would bring. Going to run the same shocks Ibis would supply. Probably a 2x11 XT drive. Im really excited. The picture below is pretty much what it looks like except the wheels. We joked about using the XT Di2. I love the Di2 on my road bike, Ill never go back. The expense and risk for the MTB stuff is over the top even at dealer cost. When i bought the Trek Rumblefish Elite I really thought it would be my last mountain bike. Never thought I would get back to this level at my age, 50 in July. I should have the new bike very soon
  11. At my age I dont refuse much these days
  12. OMG ha ha ha