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  1. SW, I think you may be right. I will need only the barrel as I will order an extra upper from JD Machine tech in San Diego. It is a perfect match on my lower. Their bolt assembly are as good as any and I prefer the JP VTac hand guards. I'm not real happy with the uppers I've seen from DPMS but that is just my opinion. Besides I like it best when the upper and lower match perfectly. Thanks Again, C7Prod "Smoke 'em"
  2. SW Shooter, Thanks for the response. I will most likely stay with the 24 bull and just build a tactical upper with an 18" A4 profile...Double the fun half the gun... C7Prod
  3. Can anyone help shed some light on the optimum barrel length for an 800 yard dpms platform 308. The 24 inch is a bit on the overweight side in bull set-up and I've read that under 21 inches does not facilitate full burn on match ammo powder capacities. As I look around I see the army M110 is 20 inches and JP's rpecision rifle sports a 22 inch tube. I would like to reduce the weight by trimming the barrel but I don't want to sacrifice too much accuracy in the process. Opinions welcomed. C7 Prod , Smoke "em
  4. Draco, Have you seen the "yankey hill" yhm 230? this could be the solution you are looking for. Hope this helps.. C7Prod " Smoke 'em "
  5. Got the bolt and checked headspace. "Go/No Go" guage is good but a bit snug.. Bolt will go into full battery with firm pressure ... so, will lug faces wear in or do I need to have the adapter shimmed? suggestions appreciated, I don't need any broken parts. C7 Prod "Smoke 'em"
  6. Today I picked up the A2 stock and buffer unit for .308...I have rethought the Magpul stock, instead I'm leaning really hard toward the CAA SPS unit. I like the adjustability. Bolt is in at Riflegear so I should get the headspace checked by Friday. Wouldn't you know it, in all the rush to get all the parts here, I forgot to order the firing pin.. O Well, maybe next week end I can get the barrel shot in...Took the picks and hmmm no charging handle. Gotta go back to San Diego... :-[
  7. Not sure if what Ive read is accurate but it seems that the barrel manufacturer drills the gas port the optimum size for the cartridge/Barrel length configuration. However if you are still concerned, use the JP adjustable gas block and adjust as per the instructions and your problems should be resolved. Hope this helps. C7Prod
  8. I've seen a cheap scope with Laser and illuminated reticle at NcStar. Cheap and practical... http://ncstar.com/new-scope.html Check it out. Then ... Smoke'em
  9. Imschur, What you have in the image is exactly what I am looking for. Using the info about the barrel nut and extention compatibility you gave me, I went ahead and ordered the handguard, adjustable gas block with gas tube and the enhanced bolt from JP. looks like a bit over 2 weeks for delivery but the barrel treatment will take every bit of 2 weeks. The G-smith is slow but they are really good. Joining this forum was quite possibly the smartest thing I've done since parting with the M1A. Thanks for the help... C7 "Smoke'em"
  10. What stocks can be used on the LR 308 pattern rifles? I'm hoping to find an adjustable one. Is it critical whether I use a carbine or rifle buffer assy? Or does it matter according to the barrel length? This really confuses me...... I understand also that the 308 receiver to barrel is physically larger then the AR 15. Do I have to order the barrel nut specifically for the LR 308 ? Last thing today....Is anyone familiar with the JP rifles line of components? I'm leaning toward their floating hand guard assembly..and adjustable gas block..(I handload so I may need it) Thanks Guys, C7, Smoke 'em !
  11. Long time shooter/re-loader and I just sold my M1A. I figured it was about time to see what all the noise was about them darned Mattel rifles... Researched and shopped and had almost decided on the CMMG G3 Lower and JD Machine tech G3 upper...walked in with the money burning a hole in my jeans. That CMMG lower looked pretty impressive with the cost and availability of the HK mags, along with the JD Machine Tech upper being made to compliment the CMMG it seemed the best way to go. You see, We on the Left Coast have a difficult time with the AR situation, especially in 308 form. Anyway, there I stood with a fistful of 20's. When I put the upper and lower together I was a bit disappointed. Cut lines didn't match, overhangs were just a touch off, Yeah it was a sad day. Luckily, the staff at "Riflegear" had it all under control. Seems JD Machine Tech also makes a lower to match their upper. Hmmmmm. but what about the Mag issue. Well suprise suprise, Magpul has the new 7.62 x 51 magazine and it looks like there will be a blocked version very soon (10/20). So, if you are looking for a "Perfectly matched" , "Tight fitting" combo whether you are on the Left Coast or not, check out the offerings from JD Machine Tech at " Riflegear.com " Pics coming soon. C7. Smoke 'em
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