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  1. Thanks Wash, on any of the AR-15 builds I have done, they too have been pretty snug. I just measured the extension and the receiver and got 1.1880" on the receiver I.D. and 1.1845" on the extension O.D. That's .0035" difference. Not a lot, but not tight either. This low cost upper is not turning out to be so low cost. <dontknow>
  2. The tools to disassemble my upper arrived today, so I went to work. the FFT barrel nut was tight as hell and also had locktite . The receiver threads and extension look fine. Cleaned all the parts and reassembled dry. My next question is , How much play should there be between the receiver and the extension? I don't expect it to be a press fit, but should there be "wobble"? It is kind of loose.
  3. Unfortunately the warranty was voided the second the barrel was recrowned. It was done using a 11 degree cutter from Brownell's, so the barrel was not removed. I don't know the condition of the barrel extension or receiver face or threads.
  4. Sorry, forgot to mention I was shooting 168 and 175 GMM.
  5. First off I'm not gonna bust on them, just want to share my bad experience. I built this last fall as my 2nd DPMS base build. My 1st build was great, shooting half moa even on a bad day . Decided to give Red x arms a try so I bought a 20" upper. The lower is a DPMS with an AR Gold trigger w/ Magpul furniture . The scope is an IOR Valdada 3x18-42 ffp. Problem...it won't shoot any better then 10" groups at 100 yrds. I even had the barrel recrowned, still no good. I even verified the scope by mounting it on the other build. So..it looks like a new barrel is my next choice. Anyone here have any experience with Fulton armory barrels? Would also like to hear from other members who have Red x barrels.
  6. I feel like ranting a bit! Why is Magpul not making lr20 pmag in colors other then black? I would really love to have a set in FDE to match the rest of my build. Feel free to chime in guys.
  7. Yes, if the original barrel is less then 16".
  8. I was told once that the ATF measures it by inserting a wooden dowl down the barrel with the bolt closed and marks it then measures it. :cookoo: Edit: http://www.atf.gov/publications/download/p/atf-p-5320-8/atf-p-5320-8-chapter-2.pdf
  9. I wonder how the Ace Hammer stock would stack up?
  10. for the price, the Vortex PST line can't be beat. You should check it out. <thumbsup>
  11. Wish they had 20" 243 or 260 barrels for that price :'(
  12. I can't have a muzzle device on mine unless it's a muzzle brake and permanent , I live behind enemy lines in NYS. Here's a pic of my build, minus charging handle and BCG.
  13. I too bought one of Red X Arms 20" uppers to use on my second 308 build. I decided I'm going to lap the crown before I shoot it though. Still waiting for the chromed BCG to arrive ,can't wait to see how it shoots. What do you plan to put on the muzzle?
  14. Finally back online after a long time. Thought I would drop by and say Hi. I've added to my collection too (thanks to massive amounts of overtime). see you around <thumbsup>
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