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  1. Haven't done it yet. Was about to bid on one on Gunbroker and realized it had just been bought. There are only one or two others on gunbroker and they are $100-$150 more than the one I was originally going to get. Arrgh. Heading back to Alabama this weekend - will pick up the RRA I looked at the other month if it's still there, but doubt it is. Matt- no ranges near me that I know of. My inlaws have 180 acres that we shoot on. Down side is he prefers shooting at stuff though - plastic balls, toys, etc. I prefer paper.
  2. I was searching for 308 AR info, and a Yahoo! search led me to another forum (AR15 I think). One of the posters in the thread it led me to listed a link to this site.
  3. After holding the DPMS and the RRA during a trip to my old gun shop in Alabama, I'm pretty sure I want a RRA. Living in rural western NC, no big gunshops around (mostly pawn & guns) and none that carry any of the 308 ARs. So it's looking like my only avenue is an online purchase, and it appears that some of the RRA listings on Gunbroker beat the online retailers. So should I just go ahead and order one already? I think my only hesitation is that I've only been able to handle the RRA one time, and only for a couple of minutes. I'd sure feel more comfortable dropping the money if I could get a second look/feel to confirm my memory of my first look/feel.
  4. Is it possible to attach the GG&G bipod to a stock varmint model (26" barrel) RRA LAR-8? I'm pretty sure it does not come with a lower picatinny mount- to get that you have to get one of the quad rail or half quad free float tubes they sell extra ($200). Thoughts? Thanks, Ted
  5. I hope to be buying a RRA LAR-8 soon, and of course will need to add some stuff to it. I have my optics and stock picked out, but wasn't sure which bi-pods I should be examining. Any recommendations on what bi-pods I should consider? Thanks, Ted
  6. Naw. It took some self-control, but I didn't want to blow my money and end up short for putting together a 308 rig with optics.
  7. I'm pretty sure I have seen photos online of LAR-8's with a Magpul PRS stock on it, but when you go to the RRA website, it specifically says the PRS will not fit. I'm aware of the different AR-10 vs. AR-15 PRS stock - does this warning pre-date the AR-10 stock? Does the PRS stock fit the LAR-8 or not? Here's the web page with the notice listed: http://www.rockriverarms.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=379
  8. Well, that was a bust. No AR 308's in any flavor. Bunches and bunches of .223s, as you would expect. The crowd was much less than the last show I went to a year ago, and the prices on the .223s is back to normal (most were in the $700 and $800 range). Looks like the mad rush among the gun buying public is finally over, thankfully. Now if I could only find a .308...
  9. Well, I'm heading to a gun show tomorrow morning in Charlotte. Hoping to find a nice .308 AR at a fair price to get myself for my birthday. I've gathered up all of my "cash stashes" around the house to make up the difference between what my wife is willing to spend on me for my birthday and what it will actually cost. ::) Keep your fingers crossed. I'll report back tomorrow.
  10. Had to travel to Birmingham, AL this weekend for a wedding, and was able to run into my old gun shop for a few minutes (very few- wife and kids waited in the car.) They had a Rock River LAR-8 and a DPMS LR-308. I was surprised by the difference in balance between the two - the RRA was very well balanced, while the DPMS was noticeably barrel heavy. The two guns had different stocks - the RRA had the standard A2 stock, while the DPMS had a Mako SSR-25 stock. I was wondering if the difference in stocks had any influence on the difference in balance? I'm planning on putting a Magpul stock on whatever I get - is there a difference in weight between an A2 stock and the Magpul that it will change the COG? Or can I be comfortable in that the way the gun feels before changing the stock is going to be very close to how it feels after? Second thought- given how well the RRA LAR-8 felt to me, I'm seriously considering one of those. What, if any, are the down sides to the LAR-8? Anything I should be aware of? How is it's out of the box accuracy? Thanks, Ted
  11. Falconry, Cowboy Action Shooting, and international small bore pistol- rapid fire, primarily. I pretty much try to spend all of my time with talons and firing pins. :) -Ted
  12. Holy crap! 18 months??? Looks like I'll be prowling for something off the rack somewhere that's reasonably close to what I'm looking for.
  13. I'm wanting to get a "precision" .308 AR-type rifle for target shooting, 200 yards and further. Not looking to compete - just seeing how good I can get with it and how much accuracy I can squeeze out of it. Might even take it out hunting on a rare occasion (from a blind- wouldn't be walking around with it). I want to definitely stay under $2,000 (excluding optics), and preferably around $1700 or lower. Been trying to read up on everything out there, and it appears that DPMS is a great overall value. I was looking at the LR-308 with a 24" bull barrel. Looking at their upgrade screens on the DPMS website, I was going to go for the black teflon finish on the barrel, the Magpul PRS stock, the Panther Tactical grip, and the A3 style upper. I'm planning on replacing the trigger myself after I get it, so I just planned on going with the stock trigger. Not sure about what other "upgrades" I should consider. Looks like the JP gas block they offer is the adjustable one. Also not sure if I should go with a bipod adapter and/or bipod from DPMS, or get an aftermarket one. Thanks, Ted
  14. Hello everyone - new here. I've been a shooter all my life, including competitive pistols, but don't have a lot of experience with gas rifles. Hence, I have some questions that might seem pretty basic. I'm looking at getting a DPMS LR-308, and was playing around with the "build your rifle" section of their website. However, I just don't know much about some of the categories listed as potential upgrades, and what the pros/cons were of each of the options under those categories. Specifically: what the benefit of upgrading to a chrome bolt carrier is; how a tactical latch charging handle differs from the stock charging handle; and the difference between the various gas block upgrades that are available (a jp gas block, a 4 rail gas block, an aluminum gas block, or whatever the stock block is). Thanks! Ted
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