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  1. Spook

    IRA ,Shooting but not quite finished.

    Big Thanks Guys :)
  2. Assembled from parts,IRA upper and lower,DPMS LPK and BCG,Magpul UBR ,Slash buffer and spring,Titan (grrrr >:() Floater and handgrip,EGW gas block in the rifle position...Cprod and Leupy and Badger rings. The barrel is one I made from a Howa SS .308 that I bought new for the action....It shoots very nicely and still has the Howa factory taper under the float tube. I had a devil of a time getting the gas port size correct and rather than fling the cases into the next county it makes a compact pile about a foot away from the rifle. Its nice not having to chase them. Still need a couple short rails on the floater. Next project is a 338 or 375 Whisper barrel ...gotta see which one fits the magazine best <munch>
  3. Spook

    Iron Ridge Arms

    Is there an area specifically dedicated to IRA? I'd hate to post pics in the wrong spot.
  4. Spook

    Barrel Nut, Free Float Tube Wrenches

    If you turn the wrench over and drive out all but the two widest spaced (opposing) pins out of the AR-10 end you'll have a wrench that works to tighten and loosen the Titan barrel nut. <thumbsup> I had no plans to own an Armalite anyway.... and the Titan handgaurd was the last fulton armory product I'll ever buy >:(
  5. That is what I suspected by virtue of the available gas tubes. Is there data somewhere depicting where on the barrel the gas port gets drilled for the respective lengths and diameters perhaps?..BTIA
  6. Is the carbine position in the same place on a "10" as it is a "15"? Getting ready to do a 338 whisper barrel and cant decide between the pistol or carbine position.