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  1. Seeing that nearly everyone else always adds in at least a toe or two, I thought it was some type of secret online forum rule......so there is my obligatory toe shot!
  2. Hello everyone, I present to you my nearly finished Lr308. Just missing a quality trigger and a few other minor components. Stats -DPMS Upper and Lower Reciever -Custom Machined for Side Charging -18'' Wilson WOA Match Grade Barrel -Custom Linear Muzzle brake -JP Trigger Springs -Magpul CTR Butt Stock -Magpul MIAD Grip -Troy 308 Battle Rail -Bushnell Elite 4200 2.5x10x50m Firefly -Un-named 1 piece QD Scope mount(Cerakoted black)
  3. I have transformed this gun a tad.....It is nearly complete with exception to a Giesele trigger. The finish was done with bake on CeraKote in a 5 color digital camo patern. Please excuse the crappy cell phone pics....they do not represent the gun properly
  4. That sounds good, but how the heck do you ship ammo? Im sure there are some extra charges there
  5. Hey guys, I have 6 boxes of Federal Gold Medal 168gr Match ammo up for sale. I am located in Kansas City and I am not willing to ship. Is $20 a box a good price? I see they are for sale on Midway for $37
  6. Here is a update on my build..... Its still not complete, still waiting on a Daniel Defense Lite Rail to be Cerakoted in FDE.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcomes. Does Botach have a used prs for sale? I should be able to get pictures up in a few weeks once the weapon comes back from coating
  8. Good Deal... I live on the Missouri Side, but my office is right off of Metcalf and Shawnee Mission. Its a small world!
  9. Its a good town here....Do you come on business or pleasure? Within the next 6 months, I will be moving to Chicago. I am hoping there are some good ranges up there, but we will see
  10. Change of plans guys..... I just placed the order for a 18'' Wilson Combat/WOA custom contourred barrel, linear muzzle brake, Enidine piston buffer, JP Complete Trigger system, JP VTAC Free Float handguard and possibly a Magpul PRS Butt Stock. Still havent made my mind if I want the heavy PRS butt stock or if I want to go light weight with a Ace or VLTOR
  11. Actually.... I just placed a order for a custom contoured Wilson Combat barrel at 18"
  12. Hello everyone, Just saying hello, and introducing myself to the group. My name is Matt and I am from the Kansas City area. I have had several Ar-15's and just recently finished a 6.8spcII build. My friend was wanting to sell his DPMS LR308 that has had some customizing done on it, so I traded out my 6.8spcII for his weapon. The pictures below shows the before and after shots of my weapon. I removed the silver paint and returned it to a matte black. I have came to realize that the Ar-10 platform is very similar to the Ar-15 platform, but yet it is very different in some regards. Questions This weapon has the 24'' heavy barrel, and is just to heavy for lugging around in the field. What barrel length would you guys cut it down to. I am swaying towards 18'', but some have said that 16'' will shoot just as good as a 18-24'' barrel minus 200-300fps. I want to either flute or re-contour this barrel. Preferably I would flute it before and after the gas block, but would this affect accuracy? This weapon has the side charging system on it, is this good or bad? If I can charge it from the side, why is there or why should there be a traditional charging handle on it? Lastly, Does a standard lopro Ar-15 gas block work on the 308 platform?
  13. Hello Everyone.. This is my first official post, so be easy on me 8) I just acquired a DPMS LR-308 with the 24'' Heavy Barrel. I want to get this barrel cut down to make it more hunting friendly. I have been told that I will hardly see any difference in performance between the 24'' and the 18''...Is this true? Also, a few people told me that I would hardly even see a difference between a 16'' and 24'' performance. Also, are these barrels able to be fluted? Or will it ripple the barrel to much and affect the accuracy? Lastly, will a standard lowprofile Ar-15 gas block in the proper diameter work for the 308? The first picture is of the gun before I refinished the receivers in black....just didn't care for the silver to much
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