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Everything posted by tajPATRIOT

  1. Oh. :-[ Here's where the steep acronym learning curve begins. tj
  2. Well, I figured on having a 'set up' piece when done, hence going with the complete rifle. While waiting, I'll check into what you said here, what is LPK?
  3. Project postponed. Tactical will be offering a complete .308 soon, and I'll be looking forward to the evaluations of them. Maybe as soon as this summer! tj
  4. Thank you. Answered nearly ALL my questions! Looking forward to calling the FL boys ASAP. tj
  5. Geez, we have a lot in common...mine was guitars and four wheel drive trails...short visit, fun while it lasted. tj
  6. Thanks for the welcome all! I am in Central CA, around Fresno. Getting great info here! tj
  7. Do you have a thread on how you went about preparing the lower? (Finishing). tj
  8. Thanks! I have them bookmarked, and will be calling them next week. Hopefully they sell to John Q, from the looks of their finished pieces, looks like great quality.
  9. Hi, looking to discuss these great rifles! Please see my post here: http://308forum.com/index.php?topic=273.0 for some build talk! Looking forward, tj
  10. Hello, first topic, hope to discuss! I am specifying a new build based on a DPMS upper. The exact model I am basing off of is: This will be a California rifle, and I am seeking a great lower that's OLL. See you later in the build! tj
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