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  1. DNP


    Gold eh? Nice....early Xmas present for mike d to run with the gold plated compensator-less AR?
  2. DNP

    98's 6mm ARC

    He’s dying?!....crap....I better push harder for whatever parts I can get! Thanks for the tip.
  3. DNP


    Ow was mixing mesquite and pecan for a while. I’ve been using this pretty often lately. The store I was getting the bear valley pellets at quit carrying them. Too bad, they were a little cheaper and burned well.
  4. DNP

    98's 6mm ARC

    I’ve been waiting on CROM for what seems like forever. I don’t know if it’s 2 years or 3....the guy in charge over there is a really nice dude, but he’s the poster child for ADHD and keeps starting new projects.
  5. DNP

    98's 6mm ARC

    I’m on a little bit of a wait list too. I didn’t leave a deposit though. Probably should have...
  6. Looks enough alike...just sayin. They still do that “you’re the daddy” show?
  7. I feel old, but you guys make me feel much younger when I realize my dad is younger than most of you and hell....my grandfather Might have been close to some of you old boys.
  8. Somebody get banned from her website? Sense a little hostility there....
  9. DNP


    We have a Turner’s, Rockler Woodworking, Mexican Taco Shop, Sports bear and grill, and strip club all in the same parking lot....I think I’ve been to all of them, but no more than 3 in the same trip.
  10. DNP


    Tell me there’s a strip club on the other side of the gun pusher and I might have to move....
  11. Alright! Cross Country Beavertail! My wife is the Double Double Ketchup Chip.
  12. I’m not too pissed...once I get into your will I might be a little more disappointed every time you wake up, but for now...it’s good news👍🏻
  13. Happy Birthday! Buy something good for yourself and put our names on the card. You’re welcome!
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