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  1. Just don’t drop it getting out of the car and you should be just fine...lol. J/K. Fantastic looking pistol man.
  2. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Yeah, they got their laughs in I’m sure on the 12ga. Got my single shot 20ga for Christmas when I was 10.
  3. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    I bought Dylan’s first 22 long before he could shoot. It was on the rack when I was buying my 308 bolt action...”how much is that savage? Add it in too.”
  4. Cool mountain mornings, spontaneous vacations and long walks on the beach...oh you meant the new guy... welcome from San Diego.
  5. DNP


    Looks good man. Wish we could be there to share. Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Kinda figured it’d just taste like Corona. speaking of which, they need a way to distribute cold vaccines all over the place...how good would that marketing campaign be to deliver in Corona trucks...or have Budweiser do it with a big - “Anti-Corona” painted on the side.
  7. Bah...where’s your sense of adventure? If you grind it...it won’t ever be an issue. It might not ever be an issue as it sits...but I vote “won’t” over “might not”. It’s your machine and you can definitely build and run it before deciding. That won’t hurt anything to go that route.
  8. It’s a fun conversation. I think it started as an MX track and a gun range...and morphed into all the stuff he listed. Given the times, a bunker should definitely be added. Probably an air strip as well for the out of town guests.
  9. Agreeing with the dremel. It won’t take much. Just blend those ramps in to the receiver.
  10. I was going to say something when I couldn’t see them, but figured it was just my stupid phone. Thanks for confirmation.
  11. I don’t know....I think dremel doesn’t come into play until after cordless hand drill in his lineup. Edit to add - I can’t see his photos either from the iPhone.
  12. This thing has been well planned out. More than once. On this forum. I’m not saying it isn’t gonna be a bad ass place, just that there’s about to be six pages of planning headed our way.
  13. Oh schitt. Here we go again.
  14. No 50’s and pretty sure no grenade launch. I don’t even think the smaller ones are legal....by I’m not sure.
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