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  1. ....not in California apparently. With our super strict gun laws we manage to have a few people shot each year still.
  2. We can't have those dangerous threaded barrels. Good looking gun.
  3. Recently?......
  4. Hell yeah...she will not be pointed anywhere near my phone.
  5. Yeah, but the revolver killed the bad guy. It's ok.
  6. It's almost too perfect....the only thing we know for sure is there were guns involved. Evil black guns.
  7. You all look at it the wrong way. By passing that rifle on to a new owner he has expanded the 308AR brotherhood by one. And it's not like it was a really special rifle...it was only an Armalite. Welcome aboard.
  8. Damn it....I read this a bit back and haven't had a chance to drive by. My bet is that they're gone.
  9. Cell phone cameras are the origin of the videos being analyzed by the experts. We start there.
  10. Sound travels at the same speed true, but the direction greatly changes what you hear. I'll do a test video when we meet up in a couple weeks and see what we get. I'll place my phone out at 450 yards and shoot a few angles around it. Hopefully...my phone will survive the experiment...we will not be using Vera.
  11. I was wondering if the direction of the muzzle could cause the difference in sound. Like as he's sweeping. The shots fired directly towards the person with the camera being louder than shots at the other end. What I haven't heard is two distinct strings of fire occurring at exactly the same time. Either they were extremely well coordinated, or there was only one shooter and the audio evidence is explainable another way.
  12. That's a pretty convincing video, though I'm still not convinced. And I completely agree - she seemed to know what was up.
  13. I learned that dude is pretty full of himself. Not saying I don't trust his method, but I think he's got a handful of factors he's convieniently not considering. what are the report times for .308? Do we know all of the calibers used yet?i see he lined up the end shots, however the peaks of each frequency will create a signature that should be able to be verified between each other. What is the margin of error in these calculations and how much does the range of the shooter fluctuate when accounting for the error?
  14. I have a family member that was a facial reconstructive surgeon. He put a lot of failed attempts back together...or as much together as he could. Long shotguns were usually to blame. Put it under the chin and have to reach down to pull the trigger which would cause them to tilt their head back a little. Messy deal.
  15. Not in the case of shot in the head. Pretty normal in that circumstance, actually