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  1. I got ya. I was just trying to keep it light and comical. We’re all on the same side.
  2. Mack...that domain was taken, but that’s a good suggestion.
  3. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Has he tried holding it sideways while firing? The weight should help pull the pin back to where it needs to be. For some people, this may take a few hundred rounds before it gets sorted out. Should probably measure every fifty shots or so to check progress.
  4. The squeeze I gave my nuts. We’re from California, remember? The dry-docking is a pretty regular occurrence for us.
  5. Well...you do think you’re pretty special in your free state over there. All your standard capacity magazines and fancy toys. Always gotta rub it in and kick us poor California outcasts in the nuts. I’m feeling the need for a safe space.... And I have to agree with the point that we get lumped in with the rest of the state like we voted for moonbeam or Newsome. As I mentioned before, packing up and leaving isn’t going to help this place. Staying and resisting where we can, pushing back where we can...that is the only hope. Support from the free states would help too.
  6. DNP


    You should eat more. You’ve gotta be on a 7000 cal diet anyways to keep up with the workouts. Might as well have some chicken and asparagus when you get home.
  7. The problem is, many are leaving because they can’t afford it here anymore. There are those who leave because they can’t stand the politics, but for many it’s financial. Those ones are your issue. They don’t realize they voted themselves into their situation. What we need, is more of you folks to move here and get the numbers up so we can turn this thing around. We’re in a death spiral and I don’t think there’s any pulling out. States like CA will be the first to see a major reset of some sort. Who knows when....but every year the majority of the politicians try to find a way to out-stupid the previous years insanity.
  8. DNP


    ....wrap with bacon. You missed a step. Thanks. I’ll run that by the wife and see what she thinks.
  9. I bet if you clean it really good....he’ll never know.
  10. DNP


    I can understand that feeling. I just might do this for lunch this weekend. My wife’s coworker and her husband are coming up to see the property and I’m supposed to cook something. That right there looks awesome.
  11. Don’t go gettin yourself in trouble now. I apologize for not having a recommendation, but I look forward to seeing the results.
  12. Alright, but I’m coming with him. This sounds fun. So back on topic... @mineralman55 is this really gonna be a Christmas deal....or is he already holding that Sig?
  13. Mike has some loads to test out in the 10.
  14. He’ll make his own holes. His mom is turning him into a bit of a hippie though. Shaggy head throwing a peace sign....in his old school Metallica T. A summer with you will bring him right back on track
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