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  1. My dad had been fighting the same thing recently. He’s found he can get the scope adjusted well enough to do without the glasses. He can get it much better with the glasses on, but you won’t get it to work with both. I can’t look through that scope at all when he has it adjusted for him.
  2. We just put an Element Helix on my dad’s air rifle. Under $500, 6-24x50, FFP, great reticle…worth a look. I will be getting one or two for other rifles. Edit to add - I mention this one because it seems to be a competitor to Hawke in the air gun world. A lot of people seem pretty pleased with them and I would bet it will be a fine scope.
  3. It even has a purple laser on it. What chick could resist that?
  4. DNP

    Dickinson Hybrid

    I’m from California. I’d apologize, but that’s Canada’s job.
  5. DNP

    Dickinson Hybrid

    So what are the compromises to being both auto and pump? Benefits? Just curious - I’ve never considered that before. Good looking gun. Get lots of rounds through it and tell us how she does.
  6. DNP

    Dickinson Hybrid

    Won’t be long before we get a couple of “goes both ways” jokes from @Lonewolf McQuade
  7. You have a point. I retract my judgmental inquiry.
  8. Little early for a beer..,ain’t it?
  9. So…you’re saying you got lucky?^^^…or that the load must be a good one in your rifle. That was some nice shootin for “not being very good”.
  10. Dispute it with the CC if you don’t get an answer soon.
  11. I quoted both of your posts for reference. Your question was at what length do you switch from carbine to rifle. Rifle buffer goes in rifle tube on rifle stock. Carbine buffers go in carbine tubes…with the only issue being there are different length tubes and different length buffers with the problem amplified by different length springs. the lighter weight buffers have been created by companies “shaving weight” and cost on their end. It doesn’t work as reliably with all the mixed bag of parts out there. They then had rifles that seemed over gassed, so they drilled the ports smaller in hopes of cutting that back. Stick with the basics and get it functioning reliably, then change parts one at a time if you have the desire to do something more with it. The armalite kit is mostly recommended because it’s undeniably proven. It works. Many others work too, but this is a known batch of parts that can be ordered together and it will function. The KAK and Sprinco Orange recommended by edge will work well also. There may be many others. There are a lot of great threads debating the buffer set ups. The one thing that always comes back as “problem solved” is that armalite kit.
  12. When you have a rifle length buffer tube. You can run either system with any gas system. Just depends on wether you’re running collapsible stock or a rifle stock. Weights are about the same, spring and buffer lengths are different. @Mrj209 how lubed up are you? Get that thing dripping wet. Replace that buffer system first. Then get a few boxes through it.
  13. DNP


    There’s been no shortage of rubber bands for my California approved rifles. Lucky us.
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