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  1. Lookout everybody....here comes LoneWolf the clown I’m sorry...when you were looking for 15’s I almost suggested the local clown shop....they have big shoes. Don’t hate me, I really don’t know you well enough for this, but I can’t pass up an easy shot.
  2. DNP

    AR10 for hunting

    He might.....they’re tied up every 5 feet where he is. It’s almost like going down to the Christmas tree lot to cut your own.
  3. Agreed on the all plastic K2. I bought a + by mistake....I wasn’t paying close enough attention when I ordered. Really not a fan of the rubberized.
  4. Want some pictures from recent peaceful protests? It’s enough to make anti-gun folks go out and buy. Just make sure your ad is very much on the “other side” or they will remove your page. No soup for you.
  5. DNP

    New member

    Welcome from San Diego and thanks for the intro post.
  6. DNP


    She was mocking me. I almost threw a rock, but my luck it would have killed her and the warden wouldn’t have bought the autopsy report seeing as the arrow looked to be hand driven through the deer.
  7. I been to the site....at one point in time it was listed at a million dollars...
  8. DNP


    I need a bow. Planned to bu one this summer as I landed myself an either sex archery tag and they don’t give out a lot of those. No big loss yet...all the does I’ve ran into had fawns with them....except this little one that laid down 30 yards from the trailer and then stood there like a perfect target and stared at me when I opened the door. She’s a little small, but I coulda had her...
  9. Shopping for 13’s is tough enough and most stores carry up to that. 15’s have got to be impossible.
  10. They charge per foot when you have flippers that big? 39 ea?!
  11. DNP

    Fire season again

    Are you the gate keeper?
  12. We will definitely want to hear more in that case. Looking forward to a range report.
  13. Right on! Post pics when it’s all together.
  14. What was the solution? Care to share so we all can learn a little? Glad it’s working and hope the suppressor works out well when that time comes.
  15. DNP

    Fire season again

    We are nature. Get out of evolutions way.
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