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  1. It’s back a page or so. Cedar Creek 40’ destination trailer. It’s like a park model, but had tanks so it’s “fully self contained” and doesn’t create the same code issues with camping in it on your property. I still plan to pull a temporary occupancy permit to keep inspectors happy as they come out to check on the house, but this makes it just an RV when it’s parked there and they can’t claim I have a second dwelling on the lot.
  2. Had it on a Subaru Forester I rented last weekend on vacation. Really violent starts and stops. That was extremely irritating. It seems pretty smooth in my dad’s F-150 and I could get used to it. I drive a hybrid back and forth to work, so I’m used to changes in drive types.
  3. Where the hell have I heard that said before. Somebody added that clip to something else. “You’re not even supposed to be here...you’re supposed to be asleep!”
  4. DNP


    Been a while, and it’s a little late for dinner, but what the hell. It’s the weekend. Tri tip time.
  5. That thing is gonna haul a lot more firepower out to AZ.
  6. Our trailer rolled off the assembly line at the end of July. Overnighted the finance paperwork back to them this week and should hear on Tuesday or Wednesday what the delivery schedule will be. We bought from Jeff Couch’s RV nation in Ohio. Price was better than anything we could find and so far they’ve been great to work with over email and phone. Won’t give 100% review until it’s here and the process is over, but up to this point I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for a trailer.
  7. Doc...now you need a bigger trailer.
  8. Lol. Come on out. I’ll kick in for the fuel on the return trip to make sure it’s closer to what you’re used to paying Diesel is less than unleaded, premium at least. It used to be way less than unleaded and then they upped it. Everything is over $4 at the moment for the most part. I would love to see it under $3
  9. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    I remember the commercials. I always wanted one as a kid. They looked like a lot of fun.
  10. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    He thought he had a hot catch in that dark bar. And just his luck she rolled in at 2:30. Wait til sees her without the makeup in the morning. We’re in for a shocker.
  11. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Those shingles can’t be comfortable.
  12. I get the picture a little more clearly now. If the bolt stop can pivot enough when pushed into position by the empty mag, what’s stopping it from being deployed to the same height when manually set? And yeah....keep the fingers out of the chamber on one that’s touchy. Can’t imagine that would help your hand modeling career. Ouch.
  13. I don’t know if I’m understanding. You say you haven’t had the BCG slam forward during a time when it is not supposed to slam forward, and that’s the Bain of your existence? Are you troubled because it functions as designed, or is there something more to it? edit to add: I’m not familiar with the 716, so maybe the mag is supposed to release the bolt on that one when inserted? It sounds like that’s what your after. Are you wanting the bolt to release when you insert the mag? On most rifles it is not supposed to. To have to press the bolt release to send the bcg forward. It’s early, forgive me if I’m misreading something.
  14. 15 yards is point blank with that bad boy. That’s almost cheating.
  15. Guys here usually run a wood dowel down the barrel. Gives you a nice cushion when you break through.
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