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  1. DNP

    Bolt Action AR uppers

    So, an AR open upper receiver with a barrel, and a BCG in it would fall into the same category as bolt action upper no? Completes all of the same functions. Aside from bolt actions with horizontal magazines...that adds one more function to the mix. Seems like a dangerous path to making AR uppers a serialized part as well.
  2. DNP


    We had a lot of rain and the cover is not so good anymore. Gonna have to watch it. I always use mustard for the base on the butts. I'll do a 50/50 with a 5-6 pounder if I can next Saturday.
  3. DNP


    My thoughts are that when you pull it and mix, you should have some hot/sweet bark mixed throughout. Would 50/50 be a better start? i do solid dust on wings and love those.
  4. DNP


    After clearing an auger jam this morning, I finally got a 7lb butt on the traeger. Next butt I'm thinking 75% death dust and 25% dominator....thoughts? Any of you done a butt heavy on the dust yet?
  5. DNP

    Weekend at DNPs Property

    Done. Do you happen to know anyone with a fair grasp on blasting? Can it be done quietly, or do I gotta wait for a thunderstorm?
  6. DNP

    Weekend at DNPs Property

    Next time you're out this way stop by. We need to determine where the bunker will go.
  7. Why am I not surprised the news would find him? We gotta find that clip...
  8. DNP

    6.5 Creedmoor short stroking

    Looks like you were well on your way to figuring out the solution. You're on the right path. Uncomplicate it, then sprinkle some fancy back in piece by piece as 98 suggested.
  9. DNP

    New Truck ( to me )

    Somebody's been watching Christmas Vacation already. I quoted that twice today. Waiting on our jelly of the month club bonus to show up soon.
  10. DNP

    Missouri Forest Rats

    Well...we know it ain't a lie. That looks like Ray in an orange hat. Great buck!
  11. DNP

    New Truck ( to me )

    I know, right? Think of all the extra exercise he could get pushing a Chevy or a Dodge!
  12. DNP

    New Truck ( to me )

    My dad has the same year/color in a king ranch dually. Love the truck...those are awesome. She's a beauty. Congrats!
  13. DNP

    Off the deep end.

    And just think of how great it could be if you tossed his poor sis a plate of blueberries....
  14. DNP

    Weekend at DNPs Property

    The good news is, "the help" can be housed in any tent shed or shack.