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  1. Oh.......my..........gosh!!!!!!!!

    Hell yeah. All the students who walk out on 4-20 will at least have a good movie to go watch. And thats my youngest' third birthday. Maybe I'll take him to the show.

    "Yep...got a new barrel coming next week. At least people who don't know any better think I destroyed a firearm. "
  3. Weight on ar10

    Lots of lube. Make sure that rifle is damn near dripping wet. The charging handle will wear in some over time, but make sure the carrier is well lived and that will help a lot.
  4. A little help

    There were two in the pistol grip? That an Armalite thing?... most rifles have one in the pistol grip for the safety selector detent and one in the rear for the take down pin detent. Don't think any ship with spares.
  5. Yep...you've got his address...and a pretty sick mind. We gotta get you some help Wash-that's just nasty.
  6. Pic Of The Day 2

    How to make a .308 more lethal at 1200 yards?
  7. 17 dead in Florida School shooting

    I'm guessing that's a lampshade. Communist Party....get it... im with sketch. It should be a slow, painful, televised death.
  8. For Greg - New Fur Missile

    Get that pup trained up right 98. Fetch beer, bite Shepp, all the good stuff.
  9. For Greg - New Fur Missile

    Our old boxer is coming up on twelve. She's old and gray and probably going to live forever just to be a pain in the ass. She's pretty close to deaf and having trouble with her eyes. We've spent $400-500 on BS at the vet in the last month trying to get the eyesight cleared up. She's a pain in the ass, but the boys love her and she loves them too.
  10. Back packs

    How long you been here? You know we have a spot for sales and coupons...right? Sheesh...these old retired guys are lucky they still find their way to computer. BTW....thanks for the link
  11. Grilling

    Hell Sketch....it's written in the package. You'd think there were boobs in the photo...you're eyes are locked solid on the meat.
  12. Is Colt Ar worth the added expense?

    Maybe not, but you sure like playin dress-up with em.
  13. Is Colt Ar worth the added expense?

    Well that's just cheatin...still a good looking gun, but we thought there was a stack of em.
  14. Greetings from Georgia

    Welcome from San Diego. I'm extremely jealous of most of your bio. I'm a Land Surveyor who's mostly been around construction for the last 20 years. My wife and I will hit 15 years this anniversary and I hope I can keep her around for a few more. By boys are nowhere near grown (7 and 2) and I currently live in a small house on a small lot. I am however working to get it sold and have my sights set on 20 acres out in the back country. Welcome to the .308AR family. Post up some pics of the next shoot you guys pull on your personal range. Given the topography of the place I'm looking at, I think I can only squeeze in 250-300 ish. We'll see what happens if we successfully purchase the place.