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  1. @Robocop1051 should have some experience with those proof guys. They do make some nice stuff. Looking forward to watching this build grow.
  2. DNP


    A little. But I still get dinner, right?
  3. DNP


    If I wasn’t married, I’d consider being his bitch just for the dinners.
  4. It’s a little like living in a barn right now between 3 boys and 16 chickens. I think I’m still 2 weeks out. Pray for me.
  5. We’re still figuring out how to make that trip work, but I will absolutely check in if we head up there. Wanted to go with just the wife, but don’t have anywhere to take the kids for 5-6 days. We were planning to go to a homesteading conference and the kids would be tough to have around for everything - especially the butchering classes.
  6. They’ll appeal unfortunately. They’ve also started a campaign to smear the judge who keeps knocking these down. Turns out this one was a different judge. Glad there’s more out there. just search “judge has 13 year old handcuffed” here’s one: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2023-03-01/san-diego-federal-judge-benitez-handcuff-girl He pulled a “scared straight” move in court when her dad (who was on trial) mentioned he’s trying to keep his daughter in line and that she’s hanging with the wrong kind of people. The judge is now under review for this. Sure seams like they’re fishing to shut him down.
  7. If she’s better lookin than the rest of the street walkers…pretty good odds that’s a cop. Just guessing.
  8. Yikes. I’m thankful we don’t have those roaming around. I’ll keep the coyotes and the mountain lions.
  9. Finally dried up for a minute, and now I’ve been driven back into the house by rain. Supposed to be wet for a few days. It’s really screwing up my schedule on finishing the wife’s chicken palace. I have 16 chickens in my living room now. Half a couple weeks old, half probably 5-6 weeks. I need these birds out of the house.
  10. I just for some reason can never memorize this one. Should be easy, but I committed law of sines and Pythagorean to memory and have to look this one up the few times I need it. Need this one when you have a couple of goofy sides and the wrong angle to make it easy. Or 3 sides and no angles. You can solve a lot with this one, but I’ve always hated it.
  11. I deal with math…not science.
  12. That one and law of sines. With the two of those, you can solve most of your problems. Until you have to break out the law of cosines…which absolutely sucks.
  13. Your Californian refugees make it blue. All the liberals that couldn’t afford their own BS here abandoned the place and went to AZ. Now they’re all screwing up other red states.
  14. The green and grey does look good…I just thought we might be going red and white to keep with the theme. Damn fine looking stick - well done.
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