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  1. A good start to a good fight. The next move to watch is that the state will declare that any county operating outside of state policy will not get state funding for certain projects. Politics are ugly. Keep up the fight.
  2. DNP

    Glock 19 BBQ Build Challenge

    Got the slide for the wife's 19 on sale/blew for 189.
  3. DNP


    Thanks!....I think?
  4. DNP


    Or she's thinned up a bit since she turned 13....
  5. DNP


    You don't want to eat that Jersey. She's good for hamburger and that's about it. The other one, well...I'd check her ID first.
  6. DNP


    This one is coming...any time now.
  7. DNP

    GGGwood Intro!!!

    I'm trying to remember if I bought my tube from FA when I got my barrel way back when.
  8. DNP


    Just remember...you started this crap when I 3-D laser scan the next steak I get.
  9. That's how it goes. If you're prepared...you'll never need it. Those se rocks out there are tough. And everywhere. I don't know what's worse...changing tires or dragging those plates 800 yards on foot.
  10. DNP

    OpticsPlanet Customer Service: A+

    I use DVOR more than OP, but it's all the same. Haven't had anything I've had to straighten out with them before. Easy site, no complaints.
  11. DNP

    OpticsPlanet Customer Service: A+

    That's some quality stuff right there. They are one of the main spots I start my search when I'm shopping. Good to know there's decent folks on the phone if needed.
  12. DNP

    This is THE BADASS... Travis Kauffman

    There any pics or stats on the cat out there? I'm not saying he isn't bad ass, only that it seems there was a lot of thought and wrestling for the ammount of injuries sustained. Either this was a very small cat, or it was pretty weak. Imaging wrestling with tacticat at 12-15 times his size. The stitch count would be a lot higher. Without seeing the cat, in picturing this:
  13. DNP


    You could have at least used metric...what kind of surveyor owns an inches only tape? I even use the survey foot in the shop.
  14. DNP


    Yeah...you took that a hair too far. Now you're fighting a bullpoopy call. There was nothing left for breakfast. And I can't even begin to tell you how disapointed I am with that tape measure.
  15. DNP

    This is THE BADASS... Travis Kauffman

    I would have pictured a cat putting up a lot more fight. Seemed like he had a lot of time to roll around with the kitty. Maybe it was trying to rape him...not kill him.