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  1. Lol...they see me rollin.... trend setter
  2. DNP


    @shepp oak ridge? I still haven’t used that one, but bought a small bag with the last order.
  3. DNP


    Yep. I’m way lower than I wanted to be on that one. Had a chance at getting in on a really good group buy through one of the department suppliers, but it looks like that went away.
  4. Now now. It isn’t “meaningless”. It gives the peasants hope and allows them to believe they participated. We don’t need them to know that they live in a dictatorship where all decisions are really made by a few who pull the strings.
  5. At least it’s the right color
  6. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    My wife laughed, and then asked what sort of bread I want....
  7. Hell yeah he does. He’ll give that rifle plenty of love.
  8. Signed up for my 500 gallon tank this week. Installed the gas line to the house today. We get a locked in $1.99/gal for a little while as a promo, but yes...I expect to see high fuel prices for the next few years. Hopefully that will give us something to hammer home again with the next run for office.
  9. Best to keep upper and lower from same manufacturer. Eliminates headaches in any variance there might be in design or tolerance. If an issue does show up, you have one company that will need to correct or replace one part. If you have x matched with y, they’ll each blame the other and you will never sort it out. Stay same brand on receivers, way less trouble.
  10. Sounds like we found you a new RV for your AZ property...
  11. DNP


    Damn you’re all making me hungry.
  12. DNP


    I guess it will all depend on the brine too. Looking forward to hear the results.
  13. DNP


    How long do you brine yours @Sisco? I did that a few times. 8-12 hours seemed to be good. A full day was way too much.
  14. Looks like lots of room underneath them...maybe some magazine storage?
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