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  1. Pic Of The Day 2

    You think that's bad....if the roads get wet here people lose their fuckin minds! It would be complete chaos as soon as the first flake fell from the sky.
  2. Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread

    You know he won't buy it.
  3. You all don't forget that I have a vinyl cutter and can make those stencils. I'm going to order a roll of mask.
  4. Pic Of The Day 2

    From the office he other day...I love this time of year.
  5. Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread

    Somebody's gonna have to make a detour visit with some good tequila...once GREG shows up I'm pretty sure you can get him the truck. Getting GREG on a plane might be a bit more difficult.
  6. Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread

    bullpoopy. GREG can tell Greg to but the big girl panties on and we'll see you there.
  7. Made for a pretty compact unit. Triggers were really nice. The quick change between calibers was...quick. Bolt throw took a bit to get used to.
  8. Desert Tech...yeah, I've been on one or two of those. Little pricey for me, but they were really ice shooters.
  9. Savage Muzzle loader Kbooms

    Damn unsafe muskets...I'm keeping my AR.
  10. Savage Muzzle loader Kbooms

    Did he try to fire it at a 30 degree angle?
  11. Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread

    wonder if you could fit a Magpul 870 stock on it?
  12. Antifa wants a new civil war...that day may come in the next couple generations.
  13. Pic Of The Day 2

    Lmfao. That's awesome.
  14. Pic Of The Day 2

    F**ck? There's two letters in there now?
  15. Born and raised here in Cali, but they still haven't got me convinced.