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  1. DNP

    Pictures of Cars !

    I hope she gets to drive it. You gonna let her have the keys?
  2. DNP

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    Jobs are overrated. You quit yours, I'll quit mine...screw it. They're nothing but work. Oh paycheck a are nice too though I guess.
  3. DNP

    Pictures of Cars !

    Don't skimp on the warranty.
  4. DNP

    Carbon Fiber M14 Hand Guard

    Strong is why they use it. Looks pretty sweet too. Nice work
  5. DNP

    Pictures of Cars !

    wonder what they would give trade in on old red?
  6. DNP

    Pictures of Cars !

    Trick I've heard lately....talk to their lease guy. Lease it and purchase it out after the first month or two. They get to depreciate differently and it's a huge tax savings to them. Winds up cheaper to you. I can get more details to ask about if you're interested.
  7. DNP

    Meanwhile, those Cali straws...

    Yep, but just like knee jerk reactions to any other situation we encounter...how do you argue "if it saves just one fish..." Lol. Maybe a recycling and awareness program would be more appropriate. No. We'll just ban them and then move on to the next item to ban. Pretty soon if it isn't made out of hemp, you won't be able to own it. I'm wondering how we solve our rubber problem. You know all that rubber that wears off your car tires...where does it go? Tires are next on the list. I'll see what I can do to drum up some support. Next are nail clippings. Most people have 20 nails. Multiply those trimmings out by all the people in the world...we gotta stop this. We'll have to declaw all babies at birth. See...simple solutions to solve the worlds problems...it so easy.
  8. DNP

    NM training camp

    I hope they get nailed attempting something stupid. I hope no tragedy comes of their release, aside from them not surviving whatever they attempt.
  9. DNP


    Hell yeah! That's way better than anything we made this weekend.
  10. DNP

    Brrr, winters here

    Not a good month to be washing the car eh?
  11. DNP

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    She asked if there are any other women? aside from R2's daughter...I see that one.
  12. DNP

    2018 308AR.com Fall Shoot Info

    I didn't fornicate it up. Did exactly what I wanted to do - maybe you you fucked it up? She thinks she has to leave the other kids, otherwise she'll be babysitting all 3 of us and that's "no fun".