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  1. 98....there’s a new phone book out. https://news.yahoo.com/europol-says-women-equally-capable-161633519.html
  2. ...and now he’s trapped. welcome from San Diego.
  3. That’s almost too pretty. Can’t wait to see the final product.
  4. So you’re open to any reason, as long as it was a reason. Got it. getting ready to purchase one and curious why someone chose x over y....sounds an awful lot like looking for a recommendation. Someone offers up info and you come back and crap on em? (Might as well click the ignore button now). I don’t know why I put that pat in parenthesis....(or this one for that matter). I guess I just like to see my thoughts on screen.
  5. DNP

    Fall Shoot 2019 AAR

    Aside from the blast marks on the end of it...the lady of the house will never know it was out there. It’s on a tarp, with a tarp on top too.
  6. DNP

    Fall Shoot 2019 AAR

    I damn sure hope I get the chance to meet you at one of these. I’m happy to have met a good handful of the folks on here at a few of the past shoots. I would consider them all family. Those who travel great distances to come out for a few days really amaze me. The fact that they come back is enough to show that it must be something special out there. While the food is usually great, and the shooting is fun, the time with spent each other is the real magic of these trips. I need to get on the road and visit a few I don’t think we’ll ever drag out.
  7. DNP

    Fall Shoot 2019 AAR

    I miss it. Hopefully next year. Probably be just me next year though...unless I can bring the oldest. great pics - that is such a fun spot.
  8. DNP

    Fall Shoot 2019 AAR

    Fast cheap or badass. You can only pick two.
  9. DNP

    Fall Shoot 2019 AAR

    Could probably freeze the MGD into cubes...just so it doesn’t water it down any
  10. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Another self administered vasectomy gone terribly wrong. I get the though process behind it, but feel it was poorly thought out.
  11. DNP

    Fall Shoot 2019 AAR

    R2 looks extremely Dehydrated. I’m hoping there was a camelback full of MGD that I just can’t see in the photo.
  12. DNP

    Fall Shoot 2019 AAR

    Looked like a damn good time. Really bummed we couldn’t make it out. Way too much happening right now.
  13. DNP

    Fall Shoot 2019 AAR

    Or does chicken taste like snake?
  14. DNP

    Fall Shoot 2019 AAR

    I think he likes that one.
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