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  1. How do you think I got up to where I was?!
  2. Damn you. I’m gonna start looking in the couch cushions.
  3. Cats, bro crushes....have you checked your estrogen level? I’m thinking you’ve been smearing too much vagisil on the wounds.
  4. Why are all his guns soo small?
  5. ....$550. Thoughts for Joseph...hope they get all they need with this surgery. Hopefully its a very small portion of the foot they have to take.
  6. poop. I’m bidding against myself now. 450
  7. Welcome from San Diego. There are so many ways to go. You can build a ground up rifle, or get one off the shelf and modify as you go along. I see you have a thread about that going and I’ll bet you get some decent feedback there. Either way, take the time to research and plan it out. Not all parts play well together and you’ll want to know up front that not all 308 AR’s are AR-10’s and there’s a few different platforms out there that don’t intermix. Head to the build section for some inspiration from what others on here have cobbled together.
  8. That is dead sexy...a set would be awe fully nice to have.
  9. Set??? You already got one...share the love. $400
  10. DNP

    Sick Doggie

    We had a boxer that was throwing up over and over. We took her to the emergency vet because of course it was a weekend. They guessed blockage and gave us two options. Surgery for $2400 or $1200 to feed her something they could watch move through in a series of xrays over several hours. At which point if there was a blockage...$2400 for surgery. We gambled on the 1200 and there was no blockage. Never knew what it was. Spent a bunch of money...she got better on her own. That was probably 15 years ago. She was a great dog...hope we get another one like her someday.
  11. DNP

    Sick Doggie

    Sorry to hear it. Hope your buddy is up and 100% again soon.
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