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  1. We're al happy you stuck it out and kept trying. I hope those days are over and we keep you around a while.
  2. The Ryder is a little tough for the 4 year old. He can't quite load it himself, and doesn't aim very well yet. Nerf was a good choice.
  3. Happy Easter! Little one had his 4th birthday today. We forgot to get out the red riders for the kids. Got two of em in the garage. Had a low key get together here. Few of his friends from school...couple of the older boys friends too. We did our Easter egg hunt, and colored Easter eggs. Tomorrow is Easter with the family. I'm stuffed today and I know my mom is gonna throw down a couple types of ham, a turkey, and who knows what else. Hope you all have a great one!
  4. DNP


    Pulled it at 12:45. Over 200. It was good. Sacrifice the bark, but it worked out. About 8 hours on a 9.6lb butt. Secret weapon and Dominator. 4.5 hours into the tin pan with a can of Coke (substituted because I didn't have apple juice) and wrapped up tight. Moist all the way through and delicious. Was extremely easy to shred. Got lucky all the way around.
  5. DNP


    Well...I have hotdogs for the guests...and dinner will be good. 1 put it in a foil pan with a can of coke and sealed her up at 4 1/2 hrs in. Was already upper 160's. I don't like wrapping them, but they do cook faster that way.
  6. DNP


    Went on grill at 4AM. Fingers crossed.
  7. I've never started a topic that way. I go into the section I want to post in and select "start a new topic" where the hell is that other one?
  8. DNP


    Got a 9.5 lb butt to do tomorrow. Need to eat it at 2. Trying to figure out when I want to start it. I'm gonna cook a little higher temp than normal. Need to pull it by one to have time to rest and start shredding about 2. Thinking of trying to get it done in 8 hours....any thoughts from the gurus? Doable...or do I need to get up at 2am?
  9. What's the weight loaded? Will a kitchen scale go that high? i would love to have a couple of those.
  10. Thought you guys were better than that? Maybe after a little practice you can work it down to 6.
  11. I got a couple 6" plates if you need em...
  12. Well then.... I'll wait. I ordered a Glock slide from those guys. Haven't run it yet, but it looks nice.
  13. Lol. My dad had a bright orange spiderco replaced under warranty years ago. He told them he didn't care what color they sent as long as it was bright. He carried it and worked with it in the brush a lot and didn't want to lose it. They sent OD Green back....bastards.
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