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  1. Come on now. We’ve said it enough around here. Watch your wallet. You act like your spending your own money. Don’t be so cheap.
  2. Buy one. Run it. If you decide you need the PRS, build another rifle. Or sell me your MOE and buy your PRS then. I’ll give you what you paid, minus the shipping to you, but plus the shipping to me. Not as good as the usual 308 guarantee, but a pretty fair deal I think.
  3. DNP


    I’m gonna have to PM you my address just to make sure you have the right one. Whatever you had must not have worked as I didn’t get an invitation to that party. looks like you’re breaking it in right. I’m thinking I need one of those down the road.
  4. Learned that here. That was a 98 trick.
  5. DNP


    Do you need a roommate? I’m available...well, I’d have to break it to the wife and the kids, but I could be available if you need to rent a room out.
  6. I put 2 quarters in mine. They only cost me $0.50. And I get my money back if I ever take them out.
  7. DNP


    Yum. What do you season with?
  8. DNP

    FNG to the forum

    Sometimes you gotta be careful what you wish for....but at least it’s entertaining.
  9. Yep. Standard AR10 parts will not work on RRA, or on most DPMS pattern or PSA etc. There’s a lot of differences in different places out there. RRA is good stuff though, I don’t think many would argue that.
  10. It was for good reason. What you post here can stay for ever to be seen. You can’t go back through your old posts and edit away your content. Had to give up a little to have that coverage. If you ever truly need something edited, and ask a mod nicely...they’ll help you out. As long as you weren’t the dumbass running with scissors. I think you have so many minutes to get back to it...so if you post, and need to go fix some typos (I do all the time) you can still do that. But if you get arguing with someone and decide you want to erase all the tracks...not gonna happen.
  11. Good looking rifle. yeah, some jackasses ruined the edit function for the rest of us. One kid runs with scissors and all of the sudden the rest of the class has to use those stupid safety scissors forever after.
  12. DNP

    98's 6mm ARC

    Doesn’t hurt if you just drove 32 hours straight, and tossed down a few cans of refreshment upon exiting the the short bus.
  13. @98Z5V I’ve gotta know how tacticat handles this:
  14. Holy hell...look what the cat food drug in.
  15. I always have a shovel ready and the phone nearby. I’d be there in a heartbeat for her.
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