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  1. Alright! It’s in stock....you’re such a helpful guy Sisco! I’m sure Charlie appreciates it. I’m glad my hunt for CROM has at least made someone’s day.
  2. I held the big one. In the trapper 16.5” version. Didn’t like all the crap they put on it.
  3. I’d love one that says CROM on the side. Be able to tell stories about this lunatic I met in the desert...and the cool rifles he makes. Someday. Someday.
  4. Welcome aboard from San Diego. Hang in there, we need all the good people we can get behind enemy lines.
  5. ...with a side charging handle, non-reciprocating of course. Piston driven. anyone know where to find one? @Robocop1051 might know where to look, but that guy is too busy to swing by much anymore. half tempted to go with one of the new chambers too though...I just don’t know if I can afford to feed it. $1200 for 100 rounds is a little spendy. I think the .338 ammo is more in the range. But a 375 or 408...or 416....tempting. A girl can dream though, eh?
  6. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Nah, just tap the front brakes to bring the nose down a bit...
  7. On second thought...he is closer to central CA...he might hide beads too.
  8. I think you missed a comma. I’m pretty sure he takes beaver, but don’t know about hides and beads.
  9. Take PayPal? I know where there’s a $1000.
  10. The most fun of a fall shoot is watching 98 dig through his closets and under furniture and in the fridge to find things to bring...and watching him find firearms he didn’t even know he owned. Apparently when left to free range, they find ways to breed.
  11. DNP

    Stray Lead

    I would agree that those are not decent groups for 100 yards. I had to ask, because some call not touching each other “not decent groups”. I don’t have a lot of input, but saw areas where there may be a few more questions. Hard to imagine a barrel not liking 165’s with a 1-10 twist. As for the torque, I would want to make sure the barrel is torqued to the required amount and mounted to the upper properly. It appears to have come as an assembled unit, but it might be worth either A) disassembling and reassembling, or B) sending back to them. Might be worth a call to customer service to see what they say, but if all is assembled properly and you’re using decent ammo and feel confident it wasn’t the shooter - something is out of spec. Did you have anyone else shoot it? Same results if so? How does the lower feel when mounted up, fairly snug? It really shouldn’t be part of the issue, but I’m no expert. Just thinking out loud so to speak and hoping to draw better answers from the experts.
  12. DNP

    Stray Lead

    Which different ammo were you using, what weight? What’s the twist rate on the barrel? Torqued to spec? and lastly, define “decent grouping”. What were you getting for group sizes? That may sound like a silly question, but some people consider “decent” to be different things.
  13. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Lol. I can’t wait to have boxers again. I miss our pups.
  14. That’s the glitch in the system. The way the drop downs work when you start a new topic...Doc has caught that one. Maybe @Matt.Cross could move this?
  15. You not question something....what happened that changed all that?
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