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  1. Good eye on that one. So does that mean the barrel is not indexed, or is the barrel extension fubar’d?
  2. Yep, but here in California we have to do a safe handling test. They show you. You show them. Every gun is sold with a lock and if not you have to buy one or sign a statement that you own a safe. They don’t care if you can shoot it, point it in the right direction...as long as you know how to put a lock on it. Apparently that is what “safe” is. We are also on the hook should any child or bad guy obtain our unlocked gun and have something bad happen as a result.
  3. Me neither, but you have to prove you can do it properly before they can give it to you. They show you once, and then you demonstrate back.
  4. No technical safety training, but you do have to take a test and pay your fee for the Firearm Safety Certificate. Good for 5 years. And every purchase requires a safe handling demonstration which involves how to take a lock off, load/unload and put the lock back on.
  5. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Prices are finally coming down a bit!
  6. As long as they’ll ship to a California FFL(most wont anymore) so I can do my background check to buy ammo.
  7. Looking back at my last couple posts.....”oooooh” is becoming a popular statement. It’s right up there with “haaaaay!”
  8. It’s amazing how many times it’s the tube or buffer length that seem to be the issue. Most is fueled by a lack of proper terminology on manufacturer or vendor sites and the mixing of AR15 components with 308. Glad
  9. DNP

    Finally got myself a 45

    Reading up says the New Vaquero can handle loads in the 14-23k psi range. The original Vaquero was a larger frame and can handle 30k psi. Those are recommendations, but I’ll have to watch. Most of what I shoot out of that pistol will be pretty tame I’m sure. These hollow points are probably not going to be fired all that often. May run a box through just to see how they go....and that leaves me 180 more of them to sit on a shelf.
  10. DNP

    Finally got myself a 45

    That’s some good news. 850 didn’t sound like a lot, but I have been doing some reading as I’m not too familiar with the SA revolvers and clones. I’ve run into a few discussions about being careful what you shoot from some of them. Thanks for the thoughts!
  11. It’s called mortaring. You make it sound so cavemanish with the “banging”. It’s a technical procedure. You could always go Jim West style and bash it with a rock.
  12. DNP

    Finally got myself a 45

    I’ll have to see if I can even shoot it. Some of these frames don’t like hot shiit
  13. DNP

    Finally got myself a 45

    Had a buddy order up some ammo. Told him get whatever he could. Got a great price on it and I’m set if I decide to play cowboy when the zombies come. Got 200 rounds of this:
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