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  1. Hey guys New to the forum and to the "ar" platform world of .308's. I have a fair amount of trigger time with their little brother but wanted to step up to the hard hitting arena of semi-auto .308's. The subject rifle is a dpms lr308 ap4. My questions are of the aimpoint (comp4 variety). I have a acog "nsn" on an m-4 and love it so long as my target is 20m out or more. At what distance would I be at a disadvantage (beyond cqb) with an aimpoint. Am I correct in assuming the 2moa dot will be a 4" dot at 200m and a 6" dot at 300m.? or would one be better suited with an acog TAO1B and rely on point shooting in a cqb scenario.
  2. Just put a timney 4# in my dpms ap4. Dont have alot of rounds on it yet but it is sure crisp and 4# in my opinion is perfect for the carbine. I have my remington ltr(.308) set at 3# and it can get away from you if you are not on top of your game.
  3. Just my two cents on the barrel length thing. There was a test done by L.A. co. S.W.A.T. where they took a Tango 51 in .308 cal. and cut it down an inch at a time and test fired it at each length. What they found was that all they way down to 20 inches there was NO loss in velocity and the federal GMM (test round) had time for a complete burn. At 18 inches there was only a loss of 32 feet per second going from 2660 fps to around 2630 fps. They also found that the shorter barrel was more rigid than the longer barrels adding to accuracy.
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