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  1. Hi, The P-mag is the way to go!
  2. Hi, That would appear to be the case! The pursuit to get as much creep out as possible was just to much! I'm very happy with the Spikes trigger but a little disapointed in my work! Well..thats how you learn and I'm smarter than I was about AR-15 triggers. I'm now gathering parts for a .223 build and a Spikes trigger will go in that!
  3. Hi, I'm missing something, as my receiver is already tapped. I just need the screw!
  4. Hi, I thought I would up date a little. I went to the range with my new trigger job and had problems! Even though the trigger felt nice at the bench when I actually started firing it,it would double! This really bummed me out as I was trying to get a DECENT trigger without going to the $250 route. I went all over the WEB and finally heard about Spikes Tactical Battle Trigger. It is a regular trigger that has been redone and then the trigger and hammer are boron nitrided (sp) Gentlemen this trigger is $60 and the best money I have spent yet! Spikes is a little ways down the road and I'm glad I went and got one! If your looking for a nice trigger without breaking the bank this is it!
  5. Hi, I went to ACE and got some 1/2" 6x32 set screws and trimmed one down and it works but I'm going to call SI Defense and get some SS ones! Thanks!
  6. Hi, Thanks,SI Defense says its 6X32 thread!
  7. Hi, I was having trouble with my bolt latch and when I took the screw out to look everything over, it just crumbled to pieces. Does anyone know the screw size for this. I have a lathe and I'm thinking of getting some headless allen screws from ACE and making my own. Thanks
  8. Thanks Gentlemen, I used the stock trigger but have the Powers Series 2 jig and adapter for the AR-15/M-16 trigger and sear. I went in and polished the major angles on the two parts then put in a 45 degree break-away angle on the trigger sear then cut down the hammer hook to get rid of creep. It is ALOT better. Not as great as a $250 custom deop in but pretty close for the money spent and the effort. Luckly,the hammer and triggers in ar-15's are easy to take in and out!
  9. Hi, Thought I would show my rifle. Bad pics but you get the idea. I think it's pretty bad a$$ and a AR-15 buddy of mine calls it the "BEAST" I started out with A2 type hand guards but went to the Magpul Moe series and the Moe hand grip along with the PRS Stock and she has all Magpul furniture with a P-Mag to match. I really like this rifle and it was worth the wait! I still ned to put on ambi-safety and Knight ambi mag release. Still trying different sling configerations but should have done this sooner!
  10. Hi, Any one got a DPMS ambi they want to sale? Thanks!
  11. Hi, Thanks sounds about like what I'm using! The other thing is that this rifle is not even broke in yet! I'm going to put about 500 rds through it before I pass judgement! It is chambered in Nato 7.62 so I'm expecting no problems once I'm through break in! It is probably the nicest semi-auto I've ever shot and that really hurts my other battle rifles! Nice smooth feel while firing everything tight,not like a FAL or M-14. The empty brass pile WAS a pile! Not scattered at all,which seemed strange,but nice. What kind of groups are you getting with reloads?
  12. Hi, Well I went to the range tooday with my new rifle and all I can say is WOW!!! This thing is nice! This is coming from a Garand,M-14,FAL kind of guy. one thing I noticed though is when I tried some of my reloads if the round when put in a Wilson case guage was just a HAIR proud the DPMS bolt would not go all the way into battery! The ones that fit the gauge perfect were no problem but the M-14 and FAL have no problems with them. Be advised I take pride in my reloading but all the Nato surplus brass now is machine gun fired and really crap from what you used to get. Might have to use commercial 308 brass for this rifle! Are you guys having the same results? Oh yea, not one FTE! It put the cases in a neat little 1.5 foot circle at about 4:00 clock!
  13. Hi Thanks, If the big brown truck shows up tomorrow,I will get my stock on and run to the range!
  14. Hi Matt, Does it have to be run "wet" all the time or just to break it in! Say 500 rds?
  15. Hi, I was talking to my friends that happen to be Gunsmiths and they were telling me that AR 308 have an inherent problem with overall cycling and gas problems running the bolt. I said I've never heard of anything like that. I'm fixing to take my DPMS 308 to the range for the first time,(waiting on my PRS stock) and wondering if I'm going to have problems? What's the story???
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