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  1. Due to some unfortunate circumstances I have to sell my 308 AR rifle. Here is what she has... Tactical Machining TM-10 Lower DPMS Upper Receiver w/Forward Assit DPMS Bolt and Carrier DPMS lower parts kit Magpul MIAD Grip Carbine Buffer Tube CAR-10 Heavy buffer and spring(Heavybuffers.com) Magpul CTR Stock w/Enhanced buttpad KNS Small pin anti-rotation kit Magpul ASAP Rear Plate/Sling Mount Rainier Arms 16" 7.62x51 NATO Barrel w/Midlength Gas System and Lo Pro Gas block Surefire 7.62/211C Muzzle Brake/Suppressor Adaptor Troy 308 Battlerail 12" (w/extra rail mounts) BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Troy BUIS Front/Rear Magpul 7.62 PMAGS (4 total) Drago 36" single rifle case I have $2000 invested, asking $1600(buyer responsible for transportation fees) She has only been to the range twice and put approximately 120-150 rounds through it. Any questions please let me know, PM me if you want to chat I will give you my cell number. Thank you, and dont worry I WILL build another... <hump> **She has been sold to a good home**
  2. i have 2 and would be happy to send one to you. where are you located?
  3. thank you everyone for the info, will be purchasing reloading equip this month. as soon as it is in hand, i will let everyone know
  4. 1.Yes the recoil will be different going from a comp to a flash hider, will it be dramatic, I know it is from my surefire brake to my old a2 birdcage. Adjustable gas block and low mass carrier do help, how much? not sure. 2.The flash hider might be "noticeably" quieter than the comp, but the sound is coming from the same cartridge so there isn't any more sound,the muzzle device redirects the exhaust gases to mitigate recoil, so to the shooter or others it appears to be louder when being in or near the direction of the ports. The thread protector is going to protect the threads, it is the same as and open barrel, so this will have the most flash and recoil as it isnt designed to mitigate anything. The flash hider as compared to the brake with have more recoil and less flash, and the flash hider will not have as much flash or recoil as a threat protector. My a2 birdcage has some recoil reducing capabilities due to the ports facing the top of the muzzle device. I put surefire muzzle brake adapters on both my 5.56 and 308 guns as recoil reduction was my primary concern. I hope this helps some, so many choices out there that I'm sure you can find exactly what you want.
  5. thank you for the "free cat" <laughs>
  6. i definately will purchase the sierra and lyman manuals. the hornady kit comes with the hornady book(obviously) i was told that the speer manual is pretty decent too.
  7. i saw a video review of the Atlas bipod, i was impressed... www.accu-shot.com/Atlas_Bipods.php
  8. thanks for the info, unfortunately i have already finished my rifle last month. i used the dpms stripped upper and it looks great. i do plan on getting a tm upper sometime in the future for a matched set. for now i still need to zero my rifle more precisely.
  9. i would like this avatar please and thank you
  10. just as the title says, i have never been on a hunt. i have killed a couple animals in my life(with bb-gun as a kid, and a mercy killing on a hit n run neighborhood cat). i want to try it with my 308ar. i do live in florida and hogs are pretty popular here. what would yall recommend. all input is appreciated.
  11. thanks for the pointers everyone, i will keep you posted on my progress
  12. i am friends with one of the RO's up there and i also supply their ammo now. my company is the florida distributor of Sure Shot Exploding Targets and I would love to bring one of the 20lb bulks up there to mix n shoot. plus i need LOTS of practice on the 200yd range <thumbsup>
  13. thanks for your input. i do plan to load 308, 223/5.56, and 45 acp for now, more calibers will come later im sure. the kits from hornady and rcbs come with all the basic tools to start reloading, including a book. i will check out the tools you purchased form harbor frieght as there is a store about 10 mins from my house. i enjoy "tinkering" with stuff and i feel reloading is right up my alley. i am an ammunition and firearm components dealer. i donot have my FFL so i cant purchase firearms and/or lower receivers directly to me, but i have access to everything at dealer pricing, so starting this endeavor and buying reloading components will cost less for me than the average consumer.
  14. since a few of us are close, we should set up a range day and have a local 308ar shooting session
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