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  1. Willing to entertain any reasonable offers...
  2. Shipping & Insured CONUS, $750
  3. Have extras with it also...
  4. I've got a brand new Thompson Center Triumph Bone Collector .50 muzzleloader w/ DNZ and Nikon Inline XR scope on it, has the TC Weatherguard coating and it fully camo...I had been hoping to get out and actually use it for hunting, but I have no clue when or if that will ever happen and wanted to see if anyone would be interested in trading for some firearm related or actual firearm
  5. EdMP3006


    Thanks...I have some Hornady SST's, i forget the weight, gonna start with 100grains or pellets and go from there.......eventually and if I can go and keep hunting with it, I might switch over to the Blackhorn 209.....if I don't manage to get out I might just try to sell or trade the either muzzleloader...
  6. Thanks dude, just trying to get some new glass on her and a suppressor.....shooting in a concrete tube with a brake is a "face-punching" experience!
  7. She's not an AR, but damn....I use in the PRS shooting comps, still thinking about rechambering my AR10 into a 6mm Creedmoor also to use as a backup incase something happens to the bolt gun...it has happened before...
  8. EdMP3006


    Really hoping to get this T/C into the woods this year....still gotta find the damn time to get it sighted in and broke in......adulting is the devil!!! LOL
  9. What kinda payment would he take.....since I decided to keep my .308
  10. Will consider any reasonable offers.....it needs to be moved
  11. Sorry, it all has to go at the same time, unless you know someone that would take the rest of the rifle...
  12. This was custom built and here are the specs... Iron Ridge Arms stripped upper/lower DPMS 24" SS threaded bull barrel DPMS Chrome BCG Magpul Gen1 PRS Troy LP Gas Block Daniel Defense Lite 12.0 rail Sniper Skid plate Ergo grip Mil-Spec trigger Asking $1850 shipped CONUS Will also include 30mm Seekins Precision AR rings and 2 Pmags
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