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  1. I'm actually gonna make up a list of recommended bullets/weights and probably buy a box of each to see how they perform...
  2. Sample pack would be my bolt gun mind...LOL
  3. I'll have to check out the ELD-X's.....damn shame you can't buy like a sample pack of the actual bullets you want to try out...that would be pretty awesome!
  4. No stranger to reloading, I have an 6mm Creedmoor bolt gun too
  5. I'm actually contemplating switching to a different caliber...might go the same route as my bolt gun and do 6 Creedmoor
  6. Thanks man, it has been awhile...life and such... I wish I could tell you what kinda matches I was shooting...last match I shot in was a PRS match a few years ago using my 6 Creedmoor bolt gun.......however, PRS does have a Gas Gun Division and if I remember correctly, the targets are between 200 to 700 or 800 yards. Some stages are positional and others are one position, typically prone. I did pick up 3 stripped AERO AR15 lowers last year, mainly 2 for me and 1 for my daughter, atleast for when she gets a bit older...:D Doubt it matters much, but I'm in Maryland and there's not alot going on in this state as far as distance matches go...there is the Mason Dixon Precision Rifle Series, that goes between Maryland and Pennslyvania, but I've never been able to snag a spot when the registration opens up... So I guess to sum up, I'm looking for a match style that I can tailor the gun to...
  7. Hey guys, finally decided to pull my .308 out of the safe and use it for what I had originally intended it for, to shoot some matches. Are you guys using stock ammo or reloading your own? If you're reloading, what grain bullets are you using? I did find some Lapua 155gr Scenars and some Lapua D46's sitting on my safe... Not using that scope/rings, have another scope and cantilever mount on order... I have some ammo on hand of various brands, but from what I remember, it didn't like the Hornady Superformance 178gr...I think it was piercing the primers...here's some pics...
  8. Unfortunately not, I've been sidelined with a lot of other crap that needs my attention.....still wanting to get a new optic and suppressor and then I can put that Vortex on my AR10
  9. Damn, 28 days is pretty damn good!.....I actually need to change that up, I had to change the spelling of "Designs" to "Dezigns".......might be changing that up also, never done any light bulbs
  10. Willing to entertain any reasonable offers...
  11. I've got a brand new Thompson Center Triumph Bone Collector .50 muzzleloader w/ DNZ and Nikon Inline XR scope on it, has the TC Weatherguard coating and it fully camo...I had been hoping to get out and actually use it for hunting, but I have no clue when or if that will ever happen and wanted to see if anyone would be interested in trading for some firearm related or actual firearm
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