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  1. 3x for me.Let me know when you get ur done.Yeah 3x Whats my name?
  2. 2011 HUSABERG FS 570 Going off the rails on a crazy train ;D ;D ;D
  3. Hello people long time no talk. I ended up putting a AR-10 mag release in and CMMG lower and using dummy rounds through all my P-MAGS not one problem. The DPMS VS AR-10 differs in that the bolt is longer and the shelf that locks the mag in is slightly thicker. Unfortunately I just bought a super moto now it's my new barbie. I can tell you that the mags locked in with a much more solid purchase so that being said, I need get off my bike and go shoot that $3000.00 rifle to be sure my fix is correct. i will let you know if my fix works. My finger has been itching a bit!!! <thumbsup>
  4. Well it looks like Magpul is to blame. I have every possible magpul product on this rifle but if it takes c-products to make it go than that s what Ill do. thanx for your help and keep me posted if anything comes up.
  5. When I put it together I bought 10 dpms 10 round mags and non of them worked. I had read that you can modify them but I wanted the thing to work. I still have them. Next I bought 10 p-mags 10/20 and they don't work either. I have yet to try cproducts. All I shoot is milspec NATO rounds.
  6. So what should I do, sell my lower online and get one that works with p-mags? Any suggestions for OLL in California? I got good @ black ops,but I'm not a kid and I have to much $$$ in the real thing.
  7. My problem w/bolt ride over is w/ p mag/DPMS upper/CMMG lower and Calif. legal bullet button which may be the entire problem.
  8. Cool let me know what you come up with.In the mean time I will check out cproducts
  9. Yeah prior to the large cap mag ban I bought a glock 10 mil and only bought 2 mags. So now I buy 10 at a time. The dpms mags were from the batch that wouldn't work. So now I have 20 mags that don't work 10 dpms and 10 pmags! As I mentioned before if I push up on the pmags it functions,if not the bolt rides over and beats the sh-t out of the round.
  10. Ive heard of them having mag issues just like I have w/mk8 (p mag) lower. Keep looking youll find the answer. I think CMMG is a good company and will fix or replace any problems.
  11. Ya kinda lost me do your pmags work with cmmg ? As far as bolts go jp enterprises jpeb-308 is one that will work on our platform,but a little pricey.
  12. I got pissed off with the whole thing bought an x box and started playing black ops. Th game would at least friggin shoot. If you hold magpul mag up does it fire? i have yet to send my rifle to cmmg. If it is the bolt I will follow suit. Please let me know.
  13. Well Eric from CMMG just e mailed and I'm going to send it to him. Hopefully they can get it going. I want to thank all of you for your input. I will post the results when I get it back. Thank you.
  14. Well back from the range w/dpms.cmmg 308 and after shooting radway green 762 and british delinked ammo (both NATO) NOT ONE MIS FEED BUT I'M STILL HOLDIN ON TO THE MAG LIKE A GRIP POD!(have to push mag up for for the other 9). The AK308 which I found is discontinued ran without a hitch,as I new it would. Funny thing happened @ the range today.My back was turned to the targets 100/200/300/400/5/6 and I hear the range master call a cease fire.He said animal on the range! I turned around waiting to see a squirrel or on the outside a raccoon but no, to everyone's surprise it was F@%$^*# 3 deer one buck and two smaller! Now to a lot of folks this is probably an everyday scene but being 35 min. from LA is pretty wild,for wild life.I hope someone caught video. Walking @ 300yrd mark Now I want to shoot animals. The fine would be poaching/felony/$10,000 dollar fine California is a great place to live but ya wouldn't want to shoot here. Oh yeah I LOVE ANIMALS AND BAMBI BUT IF THEIR STUPID ENOUGH TO WALK THROUGH A RANGE W.50BMG AND A GRIP OF SHOOTERS THEY WILL DIE AND I WILL EAT THEM!http://308ar.com/forum/Smileys/default/grin.gif
  15. Thanks for your help I will check bolt over ride threads. I'm goin out to the range in a few.I converted a siaga 308 to AK platform and this thing shoots any ammo all the time bone dry.I can see why all these hard core survival guys have a back up AK just in case they are crude but they seem to work 100% of the time.So if I fight this AR and it gives me grief this fire breathing AK308 should keep me from going into AR depression mode.
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