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  1. lew.45

    P-308 reliability?

    Magpul p-mags. It has been running fine a little wet. Do you thing that lube is bad for it?
  2. lew.45

    P-308 reliability?

    I was thinking that it was coming from the bullet jacket (copper). If the fit is tight would I get these shavings? The ejected brass looks fine.
  3. lew.45

    P-308 reliability?

    I have had 2 issues with my POF 308. 1. I had some Romanian .308 that would not seat at all. I called POF and they told me that I should not use foreign ammo because the specs are very tight on this gun. OK I can live with that. 2. On my second range session after about 200 rounds my federal rounds would not feed because the bolt carrier group was returning before the round fed out of the mag. I tore it down and it was full of brass shavings and dirty. I wiped it down and lubed it and it was fine! I'm ok with that i think but POF's claim is that it will rund dirty and does not need lube! Do you all think that this is normal or do you think that the gun has an issue that needs addressed by POF? Please weigh in with your thoughts and experiences. Thanks, lew.
  4. I have to figure out how to post pics! :cookoo:
  5. I got my POF 308 14.5" Saturday night. I put an eotech on it and ran 100 rounds through it sunday. I am very happy so far. Thanks for the info you guys gave me. Please keep me posted on your POF experiences. Thanks
  6. I am not trying to double post but I am looking for some info about POF USA. I have the opportunity to trafe my DPMS Oracle and a Bushmaster.223 for a POF 14.5" .308. I would like some more info about POF qquality before my final decision. I posted a question in the manufacterers forum and only got limited response. Is POF top of the line? I need some insight from those more experienced that me. Please respond quickly I need to make a decision in a couple of days. Thanks.
  7. lew.45

    POF USA Question

    I have been checking out POF .308 for a couple of months and I like them. Tonight I actually laid my hands on the 14.5" model. I almost bought it but I need more info about them. How do they stack up against lwrc and other top end models? Would it be worth selling a DPMS .308 Oracle and a Bushmaster .223 just to acquire the POF .308. I really need some info from you all that are in the know. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks, lew
  8. Yes, I plan on keeping mr DPMS's! I will upgrade the triggers but I think that is about it. I already put a VLtor modstock and eotech sight on my oracle. They both function well for me I even have a hog kill at 50 yards on my Oracle. Down the road I may buy something more high end but that will just be because I will want too not because I believe what I have is junk! Thanks for the quality info from all of you.
  9. I know that but it's an easy slip like calling all brands of copiers Xerox machines! I'll try to remember to stop that! lol
  10. The guy is not a friend. He is a self proclaimed expert on another forum. Everyone on the forum respects him so I thought maybe he was right. However he did claim that anyone who doesn't shoot 10,000 rounds a month has no right to an opinion on AR quality. I should have known then he was a jerk. I am actually happy with my DPMS's but this guy claimed that they are not mil-spec and will not last past 5,000 rounds and at that point will be completely trashed. That made me think maybe I should upgrade to a high end product. By the way the DPMS Oracle I have already has a chrome lined barrel.
  11. Hey All, I currently own 2 DPMS .308's the oracle and the lr 24" bull barrell. I have recently be told that they will not last and that I should look into better quality products. I am not sure who makes quality AR's. When it comes to 1911's I am more knowledgable. I own a couple of Ed Brown 1911's. I am not trying to start brand wars but please reccomend whose products I should be looking at and why. I have heard everything from lwrc, lmt, larue and P.O.F.. Please help me out with some quality insight. Thanks, Lew.
  12. I will get pictures up as soon as I get time. I have always wanted to do a wild hog hunt and this was the closest spot I could do it from geographically. Judge me as a poor hunter if you want but I had a blast! The hog is at the butcher now, I will pick it up tonight!
  13. Well I just returned from my hog hunt! The hunt was in Northwestern Pennsylvania at a place called The Pig Farm. The owner has 3,000 acres. 100 acres are set up with hogs. I used my .308 DPMS Oracle with an Eotech sight. I used Federal Premium Vital Shock 180 grain Trophy Bonded Tip ammo. There were 5 buddies in my hunting party. I was driven to a tree stand in a quad all of us were spread out and secluded in our stands. I saw 30-40 hogs in the first hour! I shot my hog at about fifty yards and dropped it on the spot with one shot. It weighed in close to 350 #'s. We all had a great time and definately plan on returning next year!
  14. I bought The DPMS Oracle for $1,000. It has a chrome lined barrel and a flat top rail, forward assist and a dust cover (also came with 2-30 round mags). I am very happy with it. It is very reliable and accurate. I am taking it on a hog hunt in November. I also own the DPMS .308lr with a 24" stainless bull barrel I am very happy with it also. Good luck to you.
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