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  1. "Dude" how do I respond,.. if your wanting to ban me just do it , don't try a bait me so you have a so called justified reason. what make you think I can not shoot. because I don't know all the answers. I'm not the expert that you must be. what question would you like me to ask?
  2. actually I am just see what resposnse I get with the question. i dont think I am passionate about it and no I am not looking for anything for me personally. not sound amplifiers. or hearing aid. the question came about because on one of the news channels I saw ear plugs and could not understand how they could use them on patrol
  3. huh what I can hear you I just cant understand what you are say. that is where I'm at. ringing never stops. work test every year, if there is a change , they retest and if your hearing is the same as is was with the earlier test(2 weeks before) then you get a paper that says no change. but back to hearing protection I wear ear plugs now when ever I shoot. even rimfire.. I have the earmuff type hearing protectors for pistol but they get in the way with rifle. when we shoot at home warning is for hearing protection everyone know about safety,and we are always making sure we are .. but even when range is clear the alert is for hearing protection.
  4. what would be a good set up for the buffer other than stock DPMS for 308. am I better to go with some type of standard set up or match something with the load I will work up. ammo : that will be reloaded and I will shoot batches till I find the the best match.. unfortunately I do not operate well in cold weather so the real testing wont start till weatherwarms up some. I do have some slight shooting skills, nothing worth bragging about. I don't flinch. I don't jerk the trigger and I don't always shoot perfect. i blame all fliers on my age and health. headspacing at the moment I left at the mercy of the manufacturer's I have the go and no go and field from different type of build.. I do not have full set of match gauges. somewhere down the road when I take the next step with barrel extentions and chamber reaming
  5. I am ordering the tool for the AR15. and I will use it as guide to making 1 that fits 308. if it makes even a small difference I want to preform task on build. would like more info on what I can do to add accuracy the weapon. and more enjoyable to shoot. will have 4lb trigger, eventually prs stock. not going to install anything on muzzle at this time.. and seriously thinking of buying 2 piece bolt on gas block so I don't do anything with set screws going into barrels. I think you would have to really torq screws down to damage bore . but it does sound like it is possible.?
  6. thank you .now I know I'm using correct size I have saved that site. lots of info that I dont always remember
  7. can they see the green? have never seen, just heard of the green. the red one I have is cheapy cant see it 100yards in dark. well my old eyes cant, maybe with optics I could
  8. does it really help lapping upper so barrel extension fits flat. I wish to do more to my build than just throw it together. I may even buy a differant barrel if the dpms barrel does not shoot well. ( 1 MOA or better or its gone)
  9. I have heard the same thing.I have 3/32 roll pin to try tonight after work. plus a homemade roll pin installment tool. just a rod with hole drilled on end....drilled next drill size bigger than roll pin made 1 for 1/16 and 1/8 roll pins also. roll pin fits in the end, no wobble or falling out. or miss, and I rounded outside edges so not to hit anything and leave mark on gas block or what ever I use these for. could someone tell me the correct size. i make enough mistakes as it is.. it looks like gas block takes bigger than gas tube
  10. could be wrong on dark earth 308, I have so much stuff for both 308 and 5.56 I can get the confused on orders <dontknow> checked order no 308 pmag dark earth those are 5.56 and back ordered. back orders are the norn now days. and I cant keep orders straight between both calibers. my bad.
  11. i would have to keep up dating this everyday to be accurate. right now another.936 gas block, 1 ar15 bolt(BCM) 1 lr-308 bolt. pmags in both calibers. 12 green followers for ar mags. it never ends. then there the stuff that is not weapon related. spring time planting has already started. it never ends correction. no pmags in both colors 5.56 in dark earth 308 only in black
  12. have you noticed that you can turn on radio and cant hear it standing next to it, but 50ft away you can? I see that at works all the time. but I cant hear good anymore. hell I'm getting where I cant see either.
  13. remember I'm talking 308. on the 5.56 we all put all the bells a whistles when want. hopefully that we actually use I removed quad rail from 5.56 because i wanted it lighter. . IR and night vision capability scope? But on the 308. bi-pod and sling and Free Float for sure. flashlight for what? most here didnt or are not building CQB. what light will work at longer range? laser can it be seen by animals ?
  14. there is a nice long range shoot in zanesville . I have buddy who shoots there regularly. not sure name of club.. I know I shot my first 8 point buck in 78 at ohio power reclaim area. great hunting and fishing there. and 4 wheeling. now it is AEP reclaim area
  15. what size roll pin goes in the dpms 4 rail gas block.? 1/16Th? the pin I have measures .097in. dia. 1/2" long having hell of a time getting started. next size smaller that I have falls through
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