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  1. I've got a DPMS Oracle 308 that I want to switch out the handguards. I was looking at the MagPul MOE's but MagPul says they won't fit (barrel nut size was what they said) but I've seen some posts that guys have said they put them on. Anybody done this? I've also looked at the Apex FFtubes but I really don't know if thier worth the cost. My rifle does double duty as a patrol rifle (wears an eotech) and sniper/hog hunting (Don't plan on anything over 200 yards). I need to get some rails to mount a flashlight and my ND3, but I'm don't really care for the full rail systems. So, what would ya'll recommend?
  2. From what I read on their site, it doesn't need a special nut. It said to just remove the delta ring. Did I miss something???? I was just thinking of ordering one but this makes me hold off.
  3. For me, I'm a big bullet=big hole guy. I have .45ACP pistols, 45-70 lever gun didn't make since to have that tiny little 5.56 sitting in there with the big boys. <laughs>
  4. TxPo

    Magwell grip

    I was looking for something to replace the camo duct tape, the mags won't fall free. <dontknow>
  5. Well a search didn't turn up anything so I hope someone out there can help. I'm looking for a magwell grip for the 308. I like the Mako one but they only show it for 5.56. Anybody got a source?
  6. I'd try it stock first, it's pretty heavy. I was able to get pretty quick follow ups during "shoot and move" drills. Pretty good group too. I have 2 set ups, optics wise. I have a Burris Trophy XLT for hog hunting a long range stuff and an Eotech XPS2-0 with a 5x magnifyer on a swing out mount.
  7. I did a modified break in. Shoot 3, run the bore snake through, repeat for the first 20 rounds. It was dead on all the way through. There was a lot of cooper the first 10 rounds or so but it's settled out now. The trigger is smothing out, but still has a lot of take up for my taste so I'll look into your suggestion. Thanks,
  8. Had my Oracle for 3 weeks now and had 3 trips to the range. Have to admit I wasn't expecting much after reading some of the stuff on the web about DPMS problems. Well, This thing is GREAT! 100 rounds so far and not one single issue. First trip to the range, it was set up with a Burris Trophy XLT. Great scope for low light by the way. I was mainly interested in breaking it in so was shooting some 110g Hornady TAP that someone gave me. 1/2 inch group at 100 yards. Next trip, I've got it set up with my Eotech XPS-2 and 5X magnifier, 155g Hornady TAP (time to get serious). Kicking out 2 rounds touching with a flyer 1 inch overall (I measure outside to outside). Third trip was with the Yankee Hills back up sights, same pattern. Will be heading out Saturday to recheck the scope (Hog hunting on Sunday). Overall, I'm loving this rifle. Only complaint is the trigger, gritty and long. Think I'll put in a CMMG one piece. Accuracy is great, I'm well pleased (as soon as I figure out that flyer). This is my do it all long gun now. Hog hunting, patrol and long shot. It will be wearing the eotech most of the time with the scope set up on a Larue mount with the ND3 ready for the long stuff. Oh, I'm using the magpul pmags but the factory mags functioned just fine on the first range trip.
  9. Well, I just got a DPMS Oracle 308 and been looking around for someplace that talks 7.62 instead of 5.56. ;D I'm still on active duty AF right now and doing time as a Reserve PD and VFD. I'll post up a range report on my new baby soon.
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