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  1. Personal opinion.....100% yes to the Constitution...no question! What must be done is everyone , and I mean EVERYONE contact your state and Federal Reps. with the same vigor as you all demonstrated in cleaning out gun shops across the country. This is no time to adopt the attitude of "Let the other guy do it"... ain't going to cut it this time. We need full participation....... Thank You and Happy New Year from MechAtmor Defense
  2. We at MechArmor Defense Systems have developed an Ambidextrous charging handle that has been tested and adopted by many S.W.A.T. units across the country. The TacOps-1 came about from my own frustration when breaking in the barrel of my AR10. My optics extend rearward and flush with the back of the handle and accessing it was impossible. As Andrew pointed out, the thumb and index finger just don't cut it. At any rate, the TacOps-1 was born and is available in both the AR10 and AR15 platform. As of this writing, Andrew will have his handles this week.
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