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  1. I went to the Oakley Employee Store last week - here in Foothill Ranch - and they did not have the FR version of this glove - plenty of the regular SI Gloves in both colors but none of the FR. Sorry guys.. If you want the regular ones let me know - probably going back over there around the 30th..
  2. Not a problem - although I would still check with JD Machine, their template or design may have changed - as I said, this is a brand new set - however, I wouldn't expect the Armalite configuration to accept DPMS components, but I may be wrong. I don't like the DPMS Panther style - I prefer the Armalite style and the Noveske N6 is my favorite - since I live in California my options are limited because I live in this Liberal Anti-American, Anti-Constitution HELL HOLE - but eventually I will abandon this state & the Liberals so they can finally implode on their own ideology - (sorry, got caught up there in my own anger & frustration) - In looking at the set once I received it, I was very happy with the quality and the attention to detail and from what I've learned they actually make or made lowers / uppers for Noveske - so I'm very happy with the set - I just think it would be cheaper at this point to buy a completed rifle rather than build it. Originally I wanted to build it piece by piece because funds were limited and I was going to have to build it according the availability of funds - now I suddenly have enough to purchase a complete rifle so I'm looking to just unload the set and buy something complete. Thank you for your time and consideration - hopefully I can find someone who would like to have this set and I can throw in an OD Green Magpul MIAD Grip as well. All Brand new.. Have a great Holiday.
  3. One thing I'm not really understanding is - and maybe you can help me - What is the advantage to the DPMS magazines to where you can't just purchase magazines which are compatible with this receiver if it turns out that they aren't compatible? If you want, I'll take $450 and you can just buy a couple compatible mags?! Up to you.. thanks again for the question - have a great holiday.. <thumbsup>
  4. I've had the upper/lower set for 2 weeks and it's still in the box it came in - the only other AR-10 I've had is Noveske - so I have no experience or knowledge of this lower or it's magazine compatibility - you would need to contact JD Machine to answer that question - JD Machine makes a DPMS Lower / upper set and that is their normal run - they make Armalite on a limited basis - So I'm assuming this is an Armalite setup with regards to the magazine as well. However, I appreciate the reply - let me know if you find out that it's a DPMS compatible receiver. Have a great holiday.
  5. I purchased this JD Machine Upper / Lower matching set a few weeks ago for $600.00 - Armalite Configuration - but I've decided to just purchase a complete rifle - This is an unused, 2 week old set which has basically just sitting in the box I purchased it in. Up for grabs. e-mail with questions. $500 shipped <thumbsup>
  6. Previously I had a Noveske N6 lower but I purchased it complete with all of the internal components, trigger, even a Magpul PRS Stock and MIAD Grip already installed - from there I basically purchased an Armalite Complete upper with a bolt & carrier and plugged the two together and it was done. This time however, I purchased a JD Machine Stripped .308 Upper/Lower Receiver set (Armalite compatibility) - no stock, no trigger, no internal parts, no barrel or handguard or anything.. So since I've never done this before I need to know what all I need to get to complete this rifle - and I would really like to get all of the best components to build this rifle. Trigger, Barrel, Handguard, any internal parts, bolt & carrier - etc.. I already purchased an OD green Magpul MIAD grip and I'll probably get a Magpul stock as well. But with regards to everything else, I am clueless and this time I can't buy a complete upper receiver because I bought the upper/lower set.. If you have a second to help me out and know of really good quality components and I don't care about the price, I'd really appreciate your time. Thank you for reading & have a great week. <thumbsup>
  7. I have a JD Machine Armalite platform upper/lower set with a MIAD grip.. Previously I had a Noveske N6.
  8. I haven't gone over to the employee store since May - but the employee store at Oakley is two stories and has everything available to the public & then some. The tactical gloves have always been in stock at the employee store even when they were only available to military & police for a while.. I haven't checked on the FR type - but I will next time I go over there. I go to the store with an Oakley employee friend and employees get 72% off of the retail price on everything from clothing to sunglasses. I have 4 pair of their sunglasses and in May I purchased a pair of $400 Polarized Carbon Juliets for $110 and a pair of Black Aviators for $25.00! I don't constantly go over there so the next time I go I'll pick up a couple pair and post them on here for you guys and I won't charge more than I paid.. Have a great weekend.
  9. I work a block away from Oakley HQ at 1 Icon here in Foothill Ranch and go to the employee store all the time - they are $30-40 at the employee store - I have about 3 pair right now - they have tan & black - next time I go over there I'll pick up a couple pair and see if you guys want to buy some.. They really are the best gloves on the market. I use them for hunting and motorcycle riding.. (mountain biking is what they were originally made for) - I'll pick up some XL's next time I'm over there.
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