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  1. They haven’t gotten that specific yet. It’s not a specific part that has to be a specific length. It’s the entire firearm, in its most compact configuration, measured in a linear length. It used to be that the unfolded stock was ok to measure from. Then ATF arbitrarily made the decision to measure with the stock folded.
  2. It made the shockwave too short. It only measured 24”, so I had to add the +1 tube with the standoff tip. Now it’s 26.2” again. and you can take a decent core sample if needed.
  3. Very soon. the handloop fits. I just need to make a new adapter.
  4. Since I already fu$&ed up the surprise... here’s the new billet aluminum railed stock adapter, and a billet aluminum handloop, with picatinny mount
  5. I fu$@ing did it!!! .50 BMG!! SEMIAUTOMATIC!! PISTON OPERATED!!! NONRECIPROCATING SIDE CHARGING HANDLE!!! Using (modified) Barrett M107A1 magazines!!! ONLY 19.5 POUNDS!!!! (In comparison to Barrett’s 29 lbs rifle)
  6. @Cunuckgaucho, currently the receiver set is proprietary. I’m in the process of making the set match up to GII specs. I would like so find some realm of compatibility. Whatever I end up doing, I met up with CAN’s DND and RCMP last May. They want to see my rifles as unrestricted for CAN residents. I have a field of operations in Ottawa now, so I will be making a CAN version very soon.
  7. I’m watching the round VERY carefully. This could be an EXTREMELY viable PDW design.
  8. I’m interested to see if this reignites the cartridge or not. There’s already a cartridge contender in the market, the .22 TCM hosts the same payload, albeit slightly faster, in a shorter/fatter casing. This allows the new design to be loaded into preexisting frames and magazines. I believe there’s already several conversions out there and the .22 TCM 9R is the same length as a 9mm and uses the 9mm magazine. The .22 TCM is a legitimate .223 Remington short, built from the same casing.
  9. It died on a snow highway up in Alaska.
  10. My rifle was similar. I had the dang thing bottomed out, and I could still drop the mag by barely touching the release. The Armalite piece made just enough difference for me. The longer/stronger spring helped too.
  11. Try calling Armalite for the part.
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