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  1. Robocop1051

    Et tu benchmade?

    Even though I’m in the biz... both sides.... I have a strong feel for lots of confiscations that occur to decent people that end up in shitty situations. • A friend of mine, in California, was shooting his AR’s and a Forest Ranger decided his bullet button wasn’t good enough, and she arbitrarily took all his guns. A public defender suggested just relinquishing his firearms to have the charges dropped. He couldn’t afford a private attorney to fight the charges. He lost several thousands that day. Everything was later destroyed. • Another friend was out shooting in an area he thought was BLM. He’d been shooting in the same location his whole life. Rangers took his guns and states that he had to prove ownership to get them back. I assisted him in getting copies of receipts, only to have the sheriff office say the guns were lost. 90 days later he gets a letter saying that the guns were destroyed because of his failure to recover them. WTF! • I fight for “suspects” rights against anxious cops all the time. I’ve even told off my own family for making shitty arrests... my BIL made an arrest on the victim of a home invasion. The home owner showed off his 80% AR pistol as the weapon he used to chase the invaders away. My BIL arrests the victim for owning an unregistered firearm and having an SBR... he didn’t know the difference, and unfortunately most cops don’t. The laws are so complicated in Ca, many don’t bother to keep up and then make piss poor decisions. The situation for me is that because I don’t 100% agree with the reasons why guns are taken, I think LE agencies should be required to destroy the items at their own cost. There are a plethora of legitimate business that specialize in the destruction of items such as these. My own agency uses a special facility to do this. If an agency has to take on this expensive task, then they’ll think twice about taking shit that doesn’t belong to them. Benchmade taking the job to alleviate the cost to the dept is wrong... in my book. If they want to help out, they could find a 1000 different ways that wouldn’t be misconstrued as liberal backing. The fact remains, they have a history of financially backing the wrong guy. This is the cherry on top.... or more appropriately, the nail in the coffin. Benchmade is dead to me.
  2. Robocop1051

    I cant shoot left handed

    I always cant my pistol when shooting one handed. Your arm is not inline with your face, unless you shoot sideways. When squared off in a combat stance, you dont have the support of your second hand to hold the pistol in front of you. Your strongest muscles are used when keeping your limbs inline with your frame. Pushing your pistol directly out in front of your shoulder, then canting the sights to your eye, is accurate "enough", faster, and less strenuous/taxing on your muscles. This allows me to control the pistol with large muscle groups and only use small muscle groups to actually manipulate the pistol. When the pistol is out of alignment with my body, the small muscle groups try to assist the larger muscles. When small muscles try to assist larger muscles, they spasm, and shake. On the flip, if a small muscle is being used out of alignment, the large muscles will try to assist. This will come in large bursts as they show up as shot anticipation, since large muscles can't make small adjustments. or something like that... LOL, not sure that made sense
  3. Robocop1051

    I cant shoot left handed

    What Tom said... gripping too tight... Get some more finger on the trigger too. Not saying it's "right" but it will counter the shooting to the right by pulling your muzzle back to the center.
  4. Robocop1051

    New member fromWv

    Almost heaven! welcome to our clubhouse.
  5. Robocop1051

    16” barrel recoil

    These guys all said it. Recoil is recoil… You can’t change that it is the reaction of an action. That’s the physics of it. The mass and velocity of the projectile is what determines the “recoil”. It has nothing to do with barrel length. Recoil can be mitigated by controlling the gas system and the cyclic rate of the action. This doesn’t actually “reduce recoil“ but it does absorb the recoil into the action of the rifle. A shooter actually feels to “recoil’s“ back to back, within a very short time. The first is the firing of the cartridge, and the second is the bolt carrier group and buffer slamming into the rear of the stock assembly. Controlling the gas and spring weight doesn’t reduce the recoil, but it does absorb a percentage of that recoil into the operating system of the rifle. The recoil still exist, just inside the rifle. Adding a brake assists in braking the direction of the recoil by using the expanding gassed against the rearward impulse. Just like most compensators use the gases to maintain muzzle alignment. The only other way to reduce “felt recoil“ if to add weight. Technically a 16 inch bull barrel would reduce more felt recoil than a 20 inch pencil white barrel. The heavier the rifle, the more energy will be absorbed by the weight before that energy will transfer to the shooter. Somebody correct me here if I’m wrong
  6. So sorry brother. I meant to hit you back. I’m waiting on a shipment of 16” Big Gunners. They are all back ordered. They said sometime in February, but I haven’t heard anything since SHOT.
  7. Robocop1051

    My first 7.62x39 AR

    I got so lost in the electronics that I forgot... how did the rifle turn out???
  8. Robocop1051

    A few of my class 3

    Wow 😮
  9. Robocop1051

    Magpul Bipod In Hand Review

    We had some bad storms. Your tracking number says tomorrow.
  10. Robocop1051

    Mossy Shockwave

    Truth. I was strictly enforcing the DMZ and No Fly Zone. I even walked the perimeter for possible interlopers. I’ll get better results next time.
  11. Robocop1051

    American Gun Chic and the CROM CR-7 .500 Blackout

    Did you see the price on those? $$$$ Before I started injection molding for my .338 mags, I was doing billet aluminum mags. Materials + machine time = about $250 each. Even for the price I am selling the rifles at, I could not afford to put more than one or two magazines in a rifle package. The individual price was so high, I never expected to sell one on the side. Now, with injection molding, I’m planning to sell them for under $50 each
  12. Robocop1051

    American Gun Chic and the CROM CR-7 .500 Blackout

    The 300WM is 1/4 inch longer than a 30–06 cartridge. That is about 1/2 inch shorter than a 338LM cartridge. You can’t use a 30–06 In a 300WM double stack mag for the same reasons that you can’t use a 223 in a 308 double stack mag. As for using the AICS mags, they are way too expensive unless you’re using single stack mags. I would also have to completely change my magazine release to accommodate the magazine. if we get further invested into injection molding, maybe we’ll see something come out of our shop. I’d love to see a 30-06 or 270 option.
  13. Robocop1051

    American Gun Chic and the CROM CR-7 .500 Blackout

    Find me a reasonably priced magazine to base it off of. Magazine technology costs as much as the rifle. Custom springs and custom mag bodies = $thousands in R&D
  14. Robocop1051

    American Gun Chic and the CROM CR-7 .500 Blackout

    I will have a 300WM by this summer. It’s just too popular to ignore.