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  1. First... that’s the greatest movie ever. The Il Duce scene is historic. second... it was only 4 guns... plus mags.
  2. Magpul LR20 PMAG Lancer L7AWM 25 round with CAT TQ and KRISS mags. Lancer L5AWM AR15 7.62x39
  3. Get ready. Big news about to drop on that
  4. Gentlemen, my CR-10 is a piston operated system. It is currently proprietary in use, but I’m working towards a GenII profile. I make all my own parts, except the stock and pistol grip. im even working towards making my own barrels... more on that soon.
  5. Just a little teaser on what I’ve been playing with lately
  6. This guy put his in the slot behind his mag pouch setup, doubling his load out.
  7. Exactly what Tom Said. This is for more clandestine work or to be added, in addition to an existing system. im putting mine in bag pouches and possibly behind the cummerbund.
  8. I started setting that up a few weeks ago. He needs some training on his LONG range game.
  10. He just text me. He’s already sewing
  11. https://www.bravecastle.com/new-products-2/v1-brv-308-shingle-preorder The greatest thing I ever gained from this messed up group of deplorables, is the true meaning of brotherhood and friendship. I have taken the 308ar.com way of life and extended it to my personal company, CROM USA, and slowly built what I proudly call the “CROM Family”. One of the first members to join up was a guy named Loren. He hosted me on his podcast (Brave_Castle podcast) where he got to experience firsthand how loquacious this MFer can be about guns. 4 Fuq’n hours later!!! Lol. We were instant brothers, and you fuqr’s would love him too. (Bonus points, he recently moved to Sierra Vista..... so Fall Shoot ‘21 is happening!!!) This year, Loren brought triple 5.56 chest rigs to market. I casually mentioned to him tonight, “hey! Don’t forget about my ties to 308ar.com!!!” We set up pre-orders on his website within minutes. We’re already fleshing out the dimensions so he can get to fabrication ASAP. His prices are WAY below competitive market too!! This is the chance to support a small shop and a future brother to our group. Check out @Brave_Castle on social media, and click the link above to get in on the pre-order. These low profile, Velcro magazine rigs are perfect for clandestine use. None of us are storming the Gaza Strip anytime soon, but being able to deploy a panel from a bag is awesome. I have a feeling I’m going to need a couple of each size.
  12. I have the 10 oz buffer in mine. I mated it with a flatwire spring. I get a solid 3 o’clock eject, about 18” from my port. Soft and smooth.
  13. You need to find someone with a matching rifle. Swap uppers and fire both. You need to isolate if your issue is in the upper or the lower.
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