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  1. Noveske is a sinking ship. BCM even makes MLOK now. They were the originators and driving force behind Keymod. It will die with their absence. Magpul is an industry elite. Their involvement was as good as signing a death warrant for Keymod.
  2. Almost bought a house recently that had deer on it. The current owners feed them daily.
  3. http://www.glockstore.com/Complete-Pyramid-Trigger?color=61&gun-list=108&gen-list=4 I bought this trigger last year, installed in on my duty pistol, and was told "no" (only because of the color choice, not because of the trigger)... Now it's for sale. I have about 150 rounds through my pistol using it. I would continue to use it if I was smarter at the time I ordered it and bought simple black... I guess I got carried away with the ability to have something "custom". Just my luck, GS won't sell me just the trigger shoe replacement. PS. I did NOT use the reduced power springs. They are still new in the package. I did not want to reduce my trigger weight when I installed this trigger. This comes with everything listed on the website. I paid almost $200 after tax and shipping. I'll let it go for $150 shipped. My loss is your gain! If you buy it here, I'll throw in the matching Ext Mag Release for free. It's a good mag release, but again too "flashy" for duty use.
  4. Our old friend Farkle came over the other day, and brought me a new little surprise. I didn’t notice right away, but he had a custom laser engraved message for me too. Looks like our little buddy popped the question and I get to be part of the festivities. I’m pretty sure I was at the same party they met at. Happy to see this couple through. Its definitly an upgrade to my trusty old beater. At the very least it’ll give me the much needed break I needed to send my Emerson in for some TLC.
  5. You never Know when you’ll need to pop a beer! Story
  6. Except now keymod is dead, ever since BCM started making MLOK. With Noveske being just a distant memory of overpriced mill spec parts, and BCM’s changeover, I doubt we will see anybody holding on to keymod rails for much longer. Magpul is a beast, and has proven that they can lead the industry.
  7. Proof barrels are NOT lightweight. You can get a much lighter barrel. A Proof barrel is lighter than a steel barrel of the SAME diameter, but it’s still heavy. Faxon Gunner 16” Barrel APEX CNC Handguard Titanium gas block and muzzle device AB Arms or MFT stock CMC Flat trigger
  8. I have a Proof CF barrel. It was ridiculously expensive. It's a badass barrel... but worth it??? I don't know??? If I had it to do over, I'd probably use a Criterion 16" rifle length SS barrel, or a Faxon "Gunner" 16" barrel (they have a SS "match grade" version coming soon too). AB Arms makes a new stock. I am totally in love with this thing. I recently installed it and fell in love. When collapsed, it is set at the perfect carbine length. When it's opened up, it's the perfect prone/bench length. Mine is plenty sturdy enough to do whatever I need of it. I have no fears putting hard work to it.
  9. Try a few different brands of mags too: ASC, C-PD, Stoner, D&H. Some x39 builds are just temperamental about the mags they want to run.
  10. Every tool kit should have a Super Black pen in it.
  11. i don’t know APF either... so I can’t give you a review of heir quality. Personally, I’d go with the Vltor A5 receiver extension (buffer tube) and either a Slash tungsten buffer and CS spring or a JP SCS system. The .308 is an amazing beast. If you’re willing to throw $$$ at it, the issues dissolve rapidly. Lol
  12. Give that BCG a good soak in some decent lube too.
  13. Kinda. The .308 buffer is normally the same weight as an AR-15 H3 buffer, at about 5.4oz My personal buffer is 10oz tungsten. I also suggest using the Armalite AR-10 specific buffer spring, or CS Flat Wire spring. The former being slightly less expensive than he latter.
  14. Get more weight in the buffer, and/or a better spring.
  15. Rog! You SoB!!! Where the hell have you been hiding!?