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  1. True story.... he just called me a few hours ago. The MFer lives in AK now, and he says his COPD isn't effecting him the same. Says the fresh mountain air is doing him good. What are the fuckin chances??? PS. He spelled it "apon"
  2. I don't remember... was it PSA or AP that was out of spec? That could be the issue too. This is the primary reason why I'm so against the 80% market. 80% isn't representative of how much work is required to have a complete rifle... its the maximum amount of quality you can expect to have in an 80% build.
  3. I'm going to go one more step... your magazine might not be sitting right in the magwell, and that can be attributed to the mag catch/release. If you're using anything other than an Armalite LPK, you need to swap the mag release. 99% of the releases are AR15, or slightly modified AR15. The newer Armalite AR-10A mag catch/release is much beefier than the others and specifically designed for the .308 LR20 mags. If you search around our forum, I did a semi-lengthy write up on the differences and why people should swap.
  4. So here's my guess/suggestion.... Disclaimer: I've never heard of this happening before. I'm thinking there's a drag/snag somewhere in the loading/chambering. This is preventing your rifle from going into full battery. 1. Try a different magazine; steel vs polymer, 10/20/25 rounds. Some rifles just prefer specific mags. One of our members has a CMMG that will not use Gen2 PMAG's, but runs fine with Gen3???? 2. Check your extractor. Just make sure there's a full range of motion there. Probably not an issue since your single load is going through no prob. 3. I should have said this first.... WET!!! How wet is your rifle? The .308 rifles like to be very wet at first. I don't mess around with expensive gun oils for break in. I soak all my BCG's in Mobile1 full synthetic 0w50 to start. After they are broke in, I swap to a CLP or whatever else is on hand. I cannot express WET enough. Keep the chamber clear, but the rest of the upper should splash when it cycles.... seriously. 4. Buffer and buffer spring: make sure you're using an Armalite AR-10 buffer spring. You may also look into a heavier buffer (H2 or H3 minimally). JP also makes an adjustable weight "Silent Captured Spring" (SCS) system that might work...$$$$ 5. Chuck a chamber brush into a rotary tool, squirt some glitz on it, and spin that little bastard to death inside the chamber. It's a cheap $3 sacrifice to smooth out the inside of that chamber. Clean it really good afterwards. Windex will neutralize and clean the acidic polish, then use any spay cleaner after. Make sure to relubricate. The porous metal will be stripped of all protection and will rust like a MFer if you neglect it at this point.
  5. Welcome to our pit
  6. I shared this on our Facebook page. Great price!
  7. Welcome from the Left Coast.( ) lookin forward to seeing your new rifle.
  8. What loquacious bastard wrote that!
  9. You have 30 mins to edit your posts. This does not prevent you from quoting your original post and then posting an amendment to it. The reason behind this was to prevent stupid people, from deleting stupid posts, in an attempt to obfuscate how stupid they are. I like to immortalized the stupidity of others to forever be displayed on our walls of shame. They are often easily identifiable with the "banned" label below their names.
  10. AOB has a point. I hate to think about it, but whatever she does with them is on her. Hopefully the kids carry on the tradition, but I won't be here to part of it no matter what they do. I found myself in a unique situation recently. A close family friend passed from cancer about two weeks ago, and my family was requested to take care of his collection. His widow has failing mental health and the extra money would go to her continued care. In this situation we were entrusted to make sure she was well taken care of.
  11. Good thing. Rarely does a thread go untainted.
  12. I heard the discontinued the 14rd mag. I got $300 just for my stack of mags. I could've held out longer, but I wasn't trying to be greedy. I'm embarrassed to say it... the $$$ from the entire sale turned into a custom G19 MOS and a custom G41 MOS.
  13. They never fixed mine. I had ten of the 14rd mags and six of the 10rd mags... none ran 100% I eventually redlined the gun and sold it. Fuckin great pistol... when it fired. I had 2-3 FTF (nose dive into the feed ramp) per mag. It only happened with HP rounds though. I read some started using extra power P14 springs.
  14. If she's already a "Mrs" it's too late for her to back out.