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  1. Especially since we were looking at that PRI site recently.
  2. That's the God's honest Truth right there. These sell for $150 new, and even then they are still hard to come by.I still have that stash of old Colt barrels that need a home. I think this needs a 16" HBAR???
  3. I’ll grab that third one. No fucking clue what I’ll do with it, but I’ve always wanted one.
  4. @Czgunner, those pins are about $15. You won’t be missing any meals if it doesn’t work... in fact, I want to see one up close. If you buy it, and it doesn’t fit, I’ll buy it off you. There you have it. A risk free trial.
  5. Our guy here is asking if a POF can pin will work with his PWS rifle. Greg is the only other PWS I can think of off the top of my head, that also owns a standard rifle. The POF roller cam was designed to replace a standard cam pin. If Greg can compare his PWS against his Larue, then he will be able to say whether or not they are the same.
  6. @edgecrusher is the only active member I know that owns a standard 308AR and a PWS. He’s the best person to ask about comparing cam pins.
  7. It was designed to replace a standard Cam pin. If you have a standard pin, it is compatible.
  8. Robocop1051

    The Glock 47

    It’s amazing what $85 million will buy you.
  9. Robocop1051

    The Glock 47

    It’s all about inventory stock numbers.
  10. The GP is only a 6 shooter. I already have at least 12 of those. I want an 8-shot revolver. My addiction to the .45 is the only reason I’m considering another six shooter. Truth be told, I am heavily leaning towards the 357. I doubt I’ll buy another 45 anytime soon. I would say at least half my arsenal is chambered in a 45 caliber cartridge… 45 LC, 45 ACP, 45–70, 45-90 (had a 45-120 for a short minute, but it’s gone)... I even owned a 45 GAP at one point.
  11. Everything is doable... there’s a tool designed for every project... and not all CF is created equal. my best advice it to call PRI and talk to someone. I have been a regular shopper with them for years. I will attests to the extremely high quality of their parts. Some here may consider me a bit of an elitist or a gun snob. PRI makes legitimate battle proven parts. I will put my reputation on the line in support of their product.
  12. I have been shopping for an eight shot 357. Currently I’m leaning 60:40 on S & W over a Ruger Redhawk. The 627/327 is sexy AF, but the Red hawk is built like a tank. I’m almost positive I want to four-inch, and I am absolutely positive that I do not want a Taurus. What do you guys think? What do you guys know? I don’t want this gun for anything important. I’m not focused on CCW, or competition, or even target shooting. Mostly just looking for something to open carry around a camp or around the ranch, that will give me some versatility with different loads. I also like to pack my Browning .357 lever action around... and that whole thing about same round for your long gun and pistol argument. I primarily like the 357 for the eight round capacity and the ability to shoot 357, 38, and 9mm. After seeing the “thunder ranch“ model, I’m kind of tempted to go the .45 route, and shoot Long colt and ACPs. It’s only a six shot versus the eight shot… But it’s a 45!
  13. PSA forged receiver = $39ea While as impractical as it looks, I’ve wasted a lot more money on very similar endeavors. Lol
  14. https://www.precisionreflex.com/Products.aspx?CAT=4820 https://www.precisionreflex.com/Products.aspx?CAT=4822
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