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  1. You give an “unbreakable” object to soldier or a cop, and we are going to make a liar out of the manufacturer before we return it. I know a grunt who was locked in an empty room, buck naked, with only two large, steel, ball-bearings. When they recovered him 12 hours later they discovered that he broke one and lost the other. “This is not mission difficult, Mr. Hunt, it's mission impossible. Difficult should be a walk in the park for you.” -Mission Commander Swanbeck
  2. I have a PROOF barrel. The CF wrapped barrels are NOT lightweight barrels. If you want a LW barrel, check out the Faxon Gunner barrels. CF barrels are lighter than a steel barrel of the same profile, but they are still heavy. If I had it to do over, I would NOT get the CF barrel. It was a waste of money for my shooting.
  3. I totally forgot about these. I think I have about 100 left in my shop. I will throw them on my website this afternoon.
  4. Robocop1051


    It was further identified as an SKS, which falls outside the CA definition of an assault weapon.
  5. Faxon released that barrel at SHOT. I almost got myself one of the prototypes. I’m maaaaay have suggested they give the ARAK-21 the same barrel option.
  6. The 500Blk 185gr Aluminum round is only projected to travel around 4200 fps.... Lol, only??? That's still over 7200 ft lbs of energy!! There's not much that comes close to that kind of power. The weight + material + velocity + shape/diameter = a short range dispersion of massive energy The hollow aluminum will fragment on impact and have very low penetration, BUT..... The energy will likely travel MUCH further, causing hydro-static shock possibly 10x the distance of the penetration. This would literally be an explosion of flesh, or similar materials.
  7. My wife liked my 1911, so I bought her the Sig P938 Scorpion. It is based off the old Colt Mustang model. She recently asked for a Glock G43... so that is happening.
  8. I tried ordering one. I don’t think they are released yet
  9. You found the link, but forgot how to post pics? 🤪
  10. I just saw their website has a new stock listed. The Battlelink Extreme Duty Minimalist Stock.
  11. I talked to MFT at SHOT and they say they ditched the project. I’ve been using the MFT Battlelink Utility stocks, just so I can use the cheek riser. The weight difference is not too far off.
  12. Sounds like an AR-10 buffer tube with an LR-308 buffer, or did I read that wrong?
  13. I have four of the Olight Warriors. I use one for duty, so does my wife. I have another at the bedside, and the fourth one is still in the box, unused. It’s a really good light. Good output, easy to recharge, comes with everything needed to play. Super rugged, all metal design. Still, there’s room for it to be “better”. The buttons are metal, and mold into the dimensions of the light. It’s sometimes difficult to find the buttons, especially when wearing gloves. Other than that, the light is perfect.
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