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  1. @98Z5V is a big buff on these. Tom, @bmoney9 is a personal friend. She’s some Gorilla wisdom.
  2. I built my father in law his 1st AR15. It was mostly Colt and Armalite NM parts. The wood furniture was from Lucid Wood. They made the absolute best stuff on the market. Back then you had the option of an A2 butt plate or a rubber pad. I got the rubber pad, but hindsight I wish I got the A2 plate. im always tempted to do another.
  3. I’m here guys... we actually just got NIJ certified for the level IV. I think the sales are starting up. I’ll get info on that. I believe the level IV is 0.6” thick. I’ll get the exact weight.
  4. It started life as a 16” Carbine. I didn’t touch the gas port. It was already .100” wide. I honestly never shot it. I waited for the owner to shoot it, and he never told me. I honestly forgot about this build. I’ll call him up and get some feedback
  5. I have been wanting to see that delayed blowback in person.
  6. Gawdam Zack was supposed to ship that!! I’ll get it out on Monday
  7. A little dremmel work... and I think that holster will accept a SUPPRESSED pistol. just sayin
  8. Sorry I’m not there to pop her cherry for you.
  9. That CF knife was a prototype. I’m working on a newer design, based off the popular SOC-P style perforator blades. This knife is VERY sturdy. It’s made from the same material I make my ballistic armor from. The “edge” isn’t any sharper than it needs to be to do its job. But due to material, if you really wanted to, you could hone the blade to a near razor edge. The carbon and resin make a glass-like edge. Almost like a carbon Damascus if survival is down to using this item, you have run out of options... but your last option is a good one.
  10. Sorry I was away for so long. I’ve been nursing a sick family back to health. We’re all good now. that was one hell of a night. We racked up a $3k bill at the bar that night. I love you guys!!
  11. Shouldn’t you be selling your guns to build more baby furniture??
  12. Definitely see one of these in my near future. I’m in the market for a new subcompact.
  13. I’m one of the furtherest from being a “Glock Boi” but the harder I resist, the harder the system shows me it’s worth. The Glock G43X... By itself, meh. I can do better... but... add a Streamlight TLR-6 light/laser combo... ok, getting better. Add a Shield Arms S15 (15 round magazine) and +5 magazine extension https://shieldarms.com/glock-43x-48-edc-kit I think I’m just trying to spend more of Tom’s money. A subcompact pistol that holds 15+1, with 20 round reloads, and a huge aftermarket following... rumor has it that there is a “new” European version coming soon, with a Glock rail, that’ll allow the better TLR-8 or XC2 light/laser combo systems.
  14. Lehigh is making a 75gr .357 Sig Xtreme
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