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  1. Thiis was a FUQ'd up night. Yes, it was just down the street from my beat. Luckily I'm an OG and work day shift now. The sucks part... I know the family of the two shooters. The Martin family has been in this neighborhood for decades, some good and some bad. This was NOT an active shooter. This was 100% a Gang Shootout. Crips vs Bloods, just like the old days. The full auto is rumored to be a modified Glock. I know at least one gun was recovered at the scene.... It was previously reported stolen
  2. I’m always nearby…. The Rule has been in existence since the beginning of time. That and “Rule 64b” are the only rules we enforce (like how we should be censoring your potty mouths). The rule cost me $75 for the luxury to own a basic bolt catch made out of stainless steel. That’s $75 for a $20 bolt catch!!!! The company only made one because couldn’t find two idiots to buy them.
  3. I couldn’t help myself. I had an opportunity to get a steal of a deal on this blade. Y’all know Tom and I can’t own something without the other one buying it soon after. I saw @98Z5Vput this knife on his bag and I knew I’d eventually have to get one too
  4. @sketchpatched me up with superglue once.
  5. When the markings on the side of the engine say “stay behind the line” it’s probably best that you read that as a warning. Have you ever wondered how much power one of these engines has? apparently… It has this much power… Additionally… That is just enough power to spread your ass around like fertilizer, across an entire football field
  6. He was the miracle dog. I hate animals, aside from those smothered in salt and pepper. I was adamantly against having a dog. God gave me Marshall because he knew I’d shoot anything else. He deserved a better owner than me. That’s for sure.
  7. Not sure how many of you knew about my dog Marshall. He’s an almost 15 year old German Shepherd with lots of health issues. Last week Marshall had an episode that made us very concerned for him. Jennifer and I took Marshall to the vet Thursday morning to get an assessment on his condition. The vet advised he was very worried about Marshall’s health. Marshall was suffering from a neurological issue that paralyzed his legs. He had almost no pain reaction left. The damage was irreversible and the doc felt there were additional underlying issues that were present and undiagnosed. Marshall’s quality of life was the main priority for us, and we love him too much to let him suffer any more. I heard once that a dog should never leave this world without knowing the pleasure of chocolate, so in true Mexican fashion I smuggled a Twix bar into the exam room. Marshall gobbled it up and licked my fingers clean. He even took a nip at my finger, which was funny to me because he bit me the day we rescued him for the dog pound. A bite on day one , and a goodbye nip on the last day. I got to rock my dog to sleep in my lap one last time. Jen rubbed his head and ears till he fell asleep and we rocked him and held him till his last breath. He left knowing how much he was loved and how much he was going to be missed. He was calm and peaceful through the entire process. He knew how much we were hurting, and he made sure to make it as easy on us as we were trying to do for him. The vet allowed Jen and I lots of time with him, before, during and after. On 2/10/2022, at 12:00pm, my buddy, Marshall stopped hurting. He’s finally at rest.
  8. Every. Single. Time. I. Go. To. A. Big. Box. Sporting. Goods. Store.
  9. right or wrong… Can we acknowledge the performance of the Ruger PC Carbine? I own 5 or 6 of those sonsabitches! That little 9mm folded dude up like laundry right out the dryer. ***I already checked, and dude is NOT one of my customers.
  10. I pick no sides on this. it looks like a bully finally got what was coming to him… and a douche bag attorney finally bit off more than he could chew. in either case, a boy now grows up without a father. Shame on both of them for creating this life for him.
  11. I was using the 🥃 as an excuse for my crude comment. I definitely was not refuting how hot it is for gals to smoke cigars.
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