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  1. I always wanted a Mernickle “Wild Bunch” holster, and I drug my feet too long.
  2. Just saw this... new owners?? I’ve known Bob for years. Who’s he sell to??
  3. Will do. Our CAN website is www.ArmourersChoice.com No. I was originally only going to make a right handed version. Two people very close to me are left handed... so I caved in to their request
  4. Just got off the phone with my CAN contact. It looks like we are really close to beginning production in Ottawa. No need to import/export if we can finalize this arrangement.
  5. Best part of this is the perfect 1/3 cowitness.
  6. I will always try to keep my first releases here. You may or may not be familiar with the Ruger PC Carbine and the work I’ve done for it so far. My first phase of parts came out a while ago... now my latest creations are finished and ready for release... The ZhuCROM “Minimalist” handguard and... The ZhuCROM “Scout” Handguard
  7. I was in a guys shop last week. He had a 70 Nova, completely gutted, getting outfitted with a complete AWD Tesla kit. It’s gonna be BAD.
  8. Buy a Chinese airsoft rifle, gut it out, repurpose it to be a lamp.
  9. Because it’s .22LR cleaning could be a major issue. Personally, I would’ve been more impressed if they had made it compatible with the CP33 mags, Or simply developed a new quad stack magazine.
  10. I’m at a 1/4 mil miles on it though. It doesn’t run like it used to.
  11. No no no. The 97 drives till it dies. That’s the rule.
  12. The 87 is finally getting sold. I’ve owned it 25 years. The 97 is my regular driver, but it’s getting tired too.
  13. I’m calling it the.... .30 Caliber Club and I already designed my neon sign for the front window...
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