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  1. The next Black Rifle Build. .45 ACP

    Has Shepp done a pistol yet??? We built him the ultimate truck gun... but what about when he’s not in the truck!!!
  2. Lake erie

    That video is old AF... and if you were in high school around that time, you are even older AF.
  3. Now, if this was a truckload of MGD...

    That’s my hometown. My parents still live there. When I saw the title I thought for sure it was going to be one of my old friends in that picture.
  4. Newest Project -- "Building" (Converting) A Workbench

    I have a Wilton vice. It’s a beast!!! I still need to make some deltin/polymer plates so I don’t mar up my work.
  5. Almost there

    That’s one of the new Centurion Arms handguards. Colt started using them on their rifles too. They appear to be pretty damn solid.
  6. What sounds better...

    Did you get my text?
  7. What sounds better...

    What sounds better than a magazine dump from your favorite AR? When it’s from a CR-7 rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum!! Damned for not videoing this. It was pretty spectacular. $50 per magazine hurts though. Won’t be shooting like that much more often.
  8. Kak 7.62x39 8" barrel bolt and D&H mag $250

    You already have my contact info. Hit me up homie! Ps. When do we find out if it’s XX or XY?? I want to make sure “Rob Jr” makes it on the list.
  9. Armalite 2-Stage National Match Trigger set

    My $0.02 the ALG ACT far exceeds it’s quality for the price.
  10. Kak 7.62x39 8" barrel bolt and D&H mag $250

    Damn damn damn damn..... you know... if I do this... I’m going to make you throw in a Beachin water bottle holder, with an HK clip, so I can dangle it from my gear bag. Maybe in black and grey? Kryptek Typhon if you still have some? I don’t even need this stuff... I just want that DH mag (I was with you when you got it at SHOT, lol).
  11. extractor spring upgrade

    what's the hang-up on using an o-ring? I use a plug/spring/oring in all my rifles. I don't reload and I shoot a lot of steel ammo
  12. Blue builds OG

    Now let’s be mad at Blue for not snagging more for the rest of us.
  13. A-TACS AU , it's not black........

    That barrel, delta ring, FSGB and charging handle need some FDE lovin'
  14. A-TACS AU , it's not black........

    FWIW... Endor’s rebel troops approve of your camp pattern.
  15. A-TACS AU , it's not black........

    I know Jacob has a bunch of Kryptek Highlander and Nomad. I think he has ATAC as well. I know he’s a fan of ATAC.