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  1. Robocop1051

    Hunting with the 300BLK

    I usually stay just outside of Cancun, at the Moon Palace Resort. We spend one day in Cozumel/Playa Del Carmen (Playacar) and one day at Isla Mujeres. We generally pick one day to go to XpuHa or Telum while there. I always try to get a day at Xcaret Park too! I spend very little time in the actual city of Cancun... It's basically just like southern California now... Except more people speak English in Cancun!
  2. Robocop1051

    Hunting with the 300BLK

    I have a time share in Cancun. I love that place.
  3. Robocop1051

    Sling fastening on DPMS

  4. Robocop1051

    Hunting with the 300BLK

    A About $400, lol with all th AR bans, all the “legal” rifles skyrocketed in price.
  5. Robocop1051

    Sling fastening on DPMS

    https://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/slings-sling-swivels/sling-swivel-studs/ar-15-quick-release-sling-swivels-prod13797.aspx https://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/slings-sling-swivels/tactical-sling-mounts/10-2-quick-detach-swivel-mount-prod41393.aspx https://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/slings-sling-swivels/tactical-sling-mounts/low-profile-sling-mount-prod40778.aspx https://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/slings-sling-swivels/tactical-sling-mounts/rsa-quick-detach-sling-attachment-prod57086.aspx https://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/slings-sling-swivels/tactical-sling-mounts/keymod-quick-detachable-sling-mount-prod68580.aspx https://www.brownells.com/shooting-accessories/slings-sling-swivels/tactical-sling-mounts/rsa-rail-sling-attachment-prod41201.aspx
  6. Robocop1051

    Army Sub-Gun Contracting

    Really??!? CMM-Fucking-G?!?? How many of our guys are going to get killed over shitty equipment?? in their VERY MILD defense, their complete firearms have a decent reputation. My greatest gripe with them is their shitty bulk parts amatuers buy for cheap on their builds. Experienced builders have a bit more success as they tend to understand tolerance stacking better, and can hand fit the parts. Their complete firearms would get more credit from me if they didn’t look like total crap.
  7. Robocop1051

    Hunting with the 300BLK

    Norinco M305A it has to have the “A” at the end. The regular M305 is a standard M1A knock-off in .308cal. It looks to be a 1:1 scale with a standard M1A, so there’s a possibility for a shit ton of parts available already.
  8. Robocop1051

    Hunting with the 300BLK

    I recently saw a Chinese Norinco M1A, only available in Canada, that was chambered in 7.62X39 and ran on AK mags. Stupid import laws won’t allow it in the US. One way or another I will find this.
  9. Robocop1051

    Hunting with the 300BLK

    I had a national match that I let go. I even had a converted M14 pass through my hands. I passed up a great deal on a SOCOM, before they were popular, in hopes of getting a scout. I never ended up getting the scout and now I’m too cheap to spend $2000 on a California SOCOM.
  10. Robocop1051

    Sling fastening on DPMS

    Those handguards can accept a QD swivel cup, or even a standard sling mount stud. The parts are generally about $10-$25. If you want simpler, since you’re not using that front rail, you can attach a Magpul RSA sling ring.
  11. Robocop1051

    14.5" 308 Ar

    Ar15Barrels.com can set you up. $40 chops/threads your barrel. Then $60 reprofiles your entire barrel. He will pin/weld a muzzle device while he has it too! You would have the only 14.5” Gii
  12. Robocop1051


    I locked this, just in case.... PS. If your build/buy a .416 Barrett, I'll make something to kill it.... I may have a .510 caliber barrel blank sitting on my bench looking for a home. My buddy resizes the 20mm Vulcan down to a 1700gr 12.7mm projectile. He turns his own projectile for it.... That's a LOT of copper!
  13. Robocop1051

    Steampunk AR15 - for blue109

    The gears were an awesome addition. It makes me want to do an art piece.
  14. Robocop1051

    Missed it, can't go...

    That Grendel would be great on a pup!