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  1. Sorry I was away for so long. I’ve been nursing a sick family back to health. We’re all good now. that was one hell of a night. We racked up a $3k bill at the bar that night. I love you guys!!
  2. Shouldn’t you be selling your guns to build more baby furniture??
  3. Definitely see one of these in my near future. I’m in the market for a new subcompact.
  4. I’m one of the furtherest from being a “Glock Boi” but the harder I resist, the harder the system shows me it’s worth. The Glock G43X... By itself, meh. I can do better... but... add a Streamlight TLR-6 light/laser combo... ok, getting better. Add a Shield Arms S15 (15 round magazine) and +5 magazine extension https://shieldarms.com/glock-43x-48-edc-kit I think I’m just trying to spend more of Tom’s money. A subcompact pistol that holds 15+1, with 20 round reloads, and a huge aftermarket following... rumor has it that there is a “new” European version coming soon, with a Glock rail, that’ll allow the better TLR-8 or XC2 light/laser combo systems.
  5. Lehigh is making a 75gr .357 Sig Xtreme
  6. Robocop1051

    Sr762 uppers

    I need to make my receiver DPMS compatible. Right now I’m proprietary.
  7. I’m going to have something very different for you to T&E soon. Just hold your britches. I just need to find an extra $1000 to complete it.... plus send you all this 500Blk stuff!! and your shockwave. lol
  8. It must’ve been one hell of a rifle... lol. reading more on this company and I can see why they failed. to be honest, there’s only two semiautomatic .338LM rifles that are worth a damn. Bill Alexander makes one, and some dumb cop makes the other.
  9. Gen2’s are going to be hard to find “new”. They stopped making them about 4 or 5 years ago. The AR10 version is going to be even more rare. i might have a few Gen2’s in my R&D room. I’ll take a look the next time I’m at my shop.
  10. Having @mrraley here is the most invaluable resource in the world.
  11. https://www.foldar.com/frequently-asked-questions#qa13 Looks like FoldAR is the original designer of some of their products. It also looks like they got busted for being very naughty. I found this on FoldAR’s frequently asked questions... Q13: Is the FoldAR platform the same as the F&D Defense XAR Invicta? A: Yes and No! While FoldAR did invent, design, and manufacture F&D's XAR Invicta (FoldAR's Gen-1 product), many upgrades and design enhancements throughout the FoldAR platform have been incorporated since, making the FoldAR (Gen-2 product) a much higher quality and robust system than the XAR Invicta. At the same time we have brought the costs down substantially from the XAR Invicta production line. We are the original inventors and patent holders for this amazing technology (US Patent Number 9,995,556). However, in late 2017, F&D was provided conditional licensing rights (by FoldAR's parent company) to the technology but F&D failed to meet its basic contractual obligations. This resulted in termination of the license. As a result of this experience, we realized that the only company who could bring this product to market correctly would be us, which led to the birth of the FoldAR brand. Coincidentally, the FoldAR parent company has been in the business of designing and manufacturing high-end AR’s for over a decade, so this venture is no new territory on the manufacturing side. FoldAR maintains exclusive ownership to all manufacturing equipment, processes, and intellectual property rights to produce the folding firearm products. As of January 15, 2018 F&D no longer had any rights to manufacture or sell the folding firearm whatsoever. Any continued sales by F&D beyond Jnauary 15, 2018 constituted patent infringement by F&D. With all rights and capabilities being in control of FoldAR, we are able to bring a higher level product to the market for a much lower price. And this will be our continuing objective and commitment to the consumer. On December 10, 2019 litigation relating to the folding AR between FoldAR and F&D concluded. F&D has been ordered -along with a substantial monetary award- to cease all its activities relating to the folding AR and to return a substantial amount of tooling, parts, and technical data to FoldAR. Coincidentally, F&D has permanently lost its Federal Firearms License as a result of seprate (but related) illegal activity with regards to the manufacture of firearms and is no longer allowed to manufacture or sell firearms.
  12. A troll on Facebook brought them up yesterday. I can’t seem to find anything on them in the last few years. Anyone know anything about them?
  13. Robocop1051


    I’ve used a 14” shotgun on duty for nearly 20 years. To me, this is the perfect length. When paired with the appropriate load, it’s an absolute deviator! I only wish they had the option for removable chokes. I’ve shot clay pigeons with an unmodified Shockwave. They are plenty effective and efficient. They just require a bit of practice then I did this...
  14. Soooo..... I'm at SHOT 2020, hanging out with AB Arms, talking about their "Urban Sniper Stock" for my line of rifles. Being a longtime M1A/M14 fan, I spied a Delta 14 Chassis on his wall. This instantly got me thinking of a new project. So naturally I go online to search more about this product, only to find THIS THREAD!!! @survivalshop, Did you ever get this?? I'm leaning VERY heard at a lightweight SOCOM16 project, and this would be the sh!t!!! I'm reading like a scholar right now. Trying to get any info I can on it.
  15. You don’t “have” to use a specific buffer tube, but you do have to have the correct buffer and buffer tube combo. Armalite uses a specific setup, and DPMS uses a specific setup. Both/either are fine, but you can’t mix parts from different families. The Armalite AR-10 buffer tube is also the Vltor A5 buffer tube. DPMS uses a standard AR-15 buffer tube.
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