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  1. Ps. I once contemplated a 10mm AR. I spoke in depth to Ron Williams about it, and he was dead set that it should be built in a DI and not a blow back. My plan was to launch 155gr at 1500-1600 FPS. That would knock the crap outta anything within 200 yards.
  2. Due to the performance of this thread, it was suggested that we start a “Pistol Caliber” area. This thread has since been moved to its new home in the “PCC’s and PDW’s” section of the forum. Based on the popularity of the trend, it’s sure to be the first of many threads and posts. Thank you all for participating and assisting us grow in the community. Except for Tom. Nobody is thanking you for crap!
  3. That’s a classic of our generation! I always loved it. Probably the seed that began my love for big combat knives.
  4. Proof that any problem you experience, we have already troubleshot, and can be referenced in our archives.
  5. I don’t think anybody’s posted anything recently… But I’m sure a web search will come out with a blueprint somewhere. Borrowing somebody else’s, and just comparing the two, might be your best resource… Hell just take your carrier into the LCG and asked to compare against one on the wall
  6. I think your carrier is out of spec. The carrier is contacting the charging handle just enough to keep the CH in line with it while cycling. This could be from upward pressure, or out of spec area around the circumference of the carrier. Try a borrowed BCG, or at least a carrier. Also try single loading one round, and firing with no magazine in the rifle. Both of these are rare, but we need to eliminate everything.
  7. This... Spend the money on the correct parts from the beginning. Get yourself a pistol receiver, with a pistol brace. Buy your matching upper and enjoy the freedom of a pistol.
  8. I’ve shot this 13.7” and @Rsquared‘s 12.5” AR10. Shot the shit outta both of them. For a sub 300 yard battle rifle, it’s the perfect length.
  9. They make a 4 Buck load. It’s going to be a nasty load!! They are running about $0.45 per round.
  10. Do you want another son? I’m available
  11. Now I want to re-stain my handle. It’s just not dark enough.
  12. I had a talk with one our new rookies today. We were talking about having to make the hard decision to do the right thing, no matter what. I explained, “75 years ago, today, 150,000 18,19, 20, 21 year old boys were told they were going to jump from boats and planes, directly into enemy gunfire. They knew they were going to die, and 4,414 of them were right. Yet every one of them made the decision to do the right thing.”
  13. It’s best just to keep me focused, and pointed in the right direction.
  14. I have no down time! but every once in a while I find myself waiting on shipments, or waiting for parts to finish in a machine... You know what they say about “idle hands”... i don’t know if this will turn into a regular product, but I expect to make at least a few to play with. The measurements are still slightly off, but I’ll make it work. this is a rough cut, mainly to see how close I could get. Again... this might be nothing?? It might be something??? for now this is just my MLOK mounted, meat-tenderizing, hand protecting, picatinny rail. I originally made this to mate to a Magpul MOE shotgun forend. I though, “how much more badass can I make a Shockwave?” then I realized I wasn’t stuck to just the shotgun, and I could fit this on any MLOK!? its kind of a hand stop? Kind of a barricade stop? Kind of a forehead-smashing meat tenderizer??? My original thought was to replicate the cheap nylon strap on the Shockwave with something more “substantial”. It morphed into this concept as it grew and grew. Not a lot else to talk about. Just sharing my thoughts as I wait on machines.
  15. Uberti Maverick .357mag currently loaded with CCI “Big 4” shot shells. Lol
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