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  1. And Nazi Germany is no greater example of everything you're talking about. It IS true though that it can't be avoided. You've heard the famous saying, "as long as there is man, there will be war."? That is the reason behind it. History has proven that all societies eventually break down to this. Nothing the USA has done is anything new. A careful look in to world history lays out exactly where we are going and how. But a careful look at human nature tells the same tale. A libertarian society can't survive long for the same reason stuff like what Nazi Germany did is inevitable. There IS no way around it apart from the extinction of our race (and there's a whole school of thought who is bent on extincting mankind for that very reason). All there realistically is, is means of moral values and practices in which rare individuals may use to gather and ride out the wave as best they can. That is to say, if you're humble and careful enough, and think with your head rather then your ego, you MAY be able to stay out of it. Bottom line, what Germany did was really just human beings being their usual selves. All the Germans did is made an engine out of the usual human behavior that you and 99% of all people participate in. And THAT is why I am convinced we are going to lose the fight for civil rights. Civil rights are based on respecting ALL liberties, whether you like them or not. Get caught up in group thinking and you'll eventually abuse those of others. Once that happens, the precedent is then in place that will inevitably destroy ALL liberties. That train is inevitable and at this time it's far beyond stopping. Again, you're right that it's perfectly normal human behavior. That's why I am willing to bet on the eventual destruction of our civil rights.
  2. Those are just foam board fittings used for mapping and to hold stuff in place. A cheap way to experiment.
  3. The dark truth is the arms industry is just as cut throat and wicked as any other. In greed we trust.
  4. Really? That's what you got out of this? I'll give you the hard to read part. I hear that 2-3 time a week FTF. If you are trying to socially appeal for the sake of acceptance or gang up out of convenience or to side with the people you are friends with you will do wrong to others every single time. FTF I have never failed to find proof of it one way or another. This is also why I have a very difficult time trusting addicts, whether smokers, drinkers or any other substances. Thought experiment: see if you can figure out the connection between the two. Although possible, it's very difficult to have prejudices without being at high risk of harming the innocent. All of these factors are interwoven and are the chief fuel the average person contributes to the great evils of the world. If it weren't true about our society we wouldn't have a corrupt government. And in our society, it is not limited from any political school of thought. I predicted during Obama been bobbin's 1st term that he would win his 2nd by a landslide DUE, more then anything to the division caused by the conservatives and their conflicting prejudices and group thinking. And history proved me right. This is also the reason why I am convinced we are going to lose the gun control battle. Things may be swinging in our favor now but eventually the energy will die off and start swinging the other way. As long as we live by how strongly we; as groups feel about things, we will always be divided and in so will eventually be conquered. Since human beings in general live this way by default and require allot of deliberate training of one's mind to think and act free of the social order of their peers and personal prejudice, change for the better requires getting everyone to understand it, acknowledge it and willfully endure the discomfort of overcoming it and there's no way our people as a whole are going to do even one of the above, let alone all 3. I spread info like the above out of modest hope for few individuals and fools hope for society as a whole.
  5. No, it's just a film that explains the 99% of our society for what it is.
  6. Here's a very good movie to watch. It's a true story, less then an hour long and was made for educational purposes. It's about the dangers of jumping in to social frenzies, something that easily 99.3% of Americans seam to do, at least from my experience. This is a problem with human culture that I have been aware of since early adolescence and have regularly had issues with most of my peers for not diving in to. The speech at the end spells it out quite well. We are all morally responsible for our behavior and group thinking, pride and social stimulation are not excuses for this behavior but admissions of guilt. One of the most important features of this movie is that it demonstrates how quickly behavior most people in our culture as perfectly normal and acceptable can and does lead to some of the worst human beings ever have and ever will commit. It's actually well known in the scientific and psychology world that acting on group stimulation and seeking of acceptance leads to behaviors as a group that we would never consider on our own. Ironically, it is extremely common to hear people go on about how bad it is only to turn around and do it literally 5 minutes alter. Hell, the person who originally shared the video with me later gave in to it herself. The only people I've seen NOT fall in to this are the ones paying attention. If you're not thinking about it, you're probably doing it in one way, shape or form. Again, this is ACTIVELY considered perfectly normal and acceptable behavior in our society and is what brings out the worst in humanity. Most people looking at it from the outside in scream about how messed up it is yet from the inside out fail to notice they themselves are doing it.
  7. COOL!! If I ever come up with the $ and facilities to do it, I may some day try my hand at building my own super car by combining a good mix of existing parts and a few of my own ideas tossed in, I figured that if I ever do, an old VW beetle frame with a nice fairly modern but proven V8 might be a good place to start. It seams that you'd affordably have very good power to weight right off the bat. I personally would go for a more "Lamborghini/Arrinera Venocara look but that's just me. Those beetles supposedly have some excellent aerodynamics to them despite there appearance. Sounds like your friend knows what he's doing. Looks interesting. Lamborghini makes around 3,000 cars a year and Ferrari a little more then twice that and those things of any year or model are rare as hell. If there's only 300 of those VWs in the USA, wouldn't that be pretty hard AND expensive to get your hands on? Well, in any case, I wish you good luck, Dreams only come true when you pursue them and the main ingredient to success is not giving up.
  8. Nope. I was alone when it took off. I stopped and started searching the road for it for that very reason (I knew I wasn't going to get it back in 1 piece but my cousin had just crashed her car trying to avoid something in the middle of the road and I didn't want to be the cause of something like that. A couple state troopers stopped to see what was going on and helped me find it. It took them less then 5 minutes to find it off the side of the road in a ditch. For some reason I thought there was a frame in between the glass and the rubber lining. There isn't! LOL
  9. The car was too messed up to tell. That in conjunction with the angle of the photo.
  10. Camaros are no joke. They're like AR15s. People who've only heard about them have horror stories to tell but people who have them love them. There's a reason for that.
  11. A golden rule in life is that; what goes around comes around. It's difficult to see unless you're really paying attention, and then you'll find it amazingly reliable if you do. All our actions, individually and as groups, good and bad create precedents that lead to similar or the same actions being taken against ourselves. I've found that; on an individual basis with every day behavior your actions get back to you within 2 weeks more then 90% of the time. The scale goes up from there. If you're willing to take your pride to your grave it will probably lead you there. Bottom line, if we keep screwing around like this with other countries, it's eventually going to get back to us. It's one thing to hunt terrorists. It's quite another to take over a nation, seize it's industry and install puppet regimes.
  12. I have no substance addictions or practices. I guess I won't be reading the book. gnough......
  13. When it comes to blades, machines still cannot beat the performance given by skilled human hands. If the maker knows what he's doing, hand crafted blades will always perform better then anything factory made and usually by no small margin. Always go for hand made blades by a skilled and reputable maker whenever possible. BTW. His trappers hatchet looks like the first correctly built hatchet I've seen in a long time.
  14. lol. Those already exist but require chopping the vehicle. Call me immature but I like big jet intakes, something that thing doesn't have. Looks wise I'm going to fit mine in with the 7 figure supercars, more out of convenience then anything else. LOL
  15. Nothing strips you of arrogance and macho BS like living as close to death as he did.
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