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  1. Welcome from the Rez In Idaho
  2. Awesome, well when this lock down stuff is over I am going to make me some cash and get one .
  3. Ha I know I can get a 16 inch 6.5 CM barrel from them but I wonder if it will fit DPMS ?
  4. yes I have been here I think going on 7 years this sight is a treasure for people wanting to build and if you hand around you will be enabled ...... LOL
  5. Look all you Fukers lol the most likley way to catch this crap is from the air to close proximity to someone who coughs or sneezes, yes you can get it from touchso washing hands is good disinfecting hands better spray surfaces if they have been contacted by someone you are not sure of stay away from people 6 ft rule leaves time to draw etc... 🙂 if you buy stuff at store spray metal with brake cleaner other stuff alcohol.. just be smart you will be Aok! but YES it passes through the air!!!!!! you just have to trust me on this I am privy to a good source of info... now go get laid load ammo get drunk stare at side boob Saturday...
  6. Welcome from the Rez, look forward to this build using a mid or rifle length system interesting..
  7. You know what rap is right? the last 3 letters of CRAP.........so said Gregg Allman..... lol
  8. You live in good country My Friend does not take long to disappear just like here 👍
  9. Hmmmm good question the open face on the left is about 1400 the one on the right and further back is about 1 and 1/2 miles lots of in between places to put targets as well
  10. I'll hit that Live and in person!
  11. I am with you all the way on that one I am about to get rid of the whole internet thing.....
  12. WATCH THE VIDEO with Joe Rogan and the dude from Minnesota(page 4 of this topic) it is full of good info this thing is just getting started and will be with us for 4 to 6 months it is only a death sentence to mostly the elderly and people with health problems ie Obseity,COPD, etc... it will kill at about 3 percent your pets can be carriers so if you are infected isolate your pets we will get through this but it will be a rough ride till all the logistics are worked out and we need more FUKING testing... you all know how the doubling effect works 10,000 cases then 20, the 40, then 80 well that is where we are at so hang in there and be smart..
  13. Idaho is holding the line...
  14. Magwa


    Love brindle dogs very cool
  15. THIS! and this Something to consider in light of all the recent media hysteria Influenza vs Coronavirus Influenza in the USA Coronavirus Worldwide Cases 40,000,000 82,000 (78,000 in China alone, 61 in USA) Hospitalizations 500,000 <10,000 Deaths 20,000 3,000
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