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  1. Very good article with well defined points wow we have 1/2 the guns in the world..... think about that for a moment ...
  2. Magwa

    Hunting with the 300BLK

    Ok a little briefing is in order here as 98 said AK's have killed people for a long time and so will a 300 BL. it is where you hit em not what you hit em with NO animal will live shot through both lungs with a 243... it is impossible once both lungs have a hole in them (any sized hole) with out surgery and a trauma team that animal is dead he will suffocate on his own blood , I have killed every animal in North America except a speed goat and with just about any weapon you can think of and each and every time it comes to bullet placement. I would not hesitate to shoot a deer with a 300Bl. with a 200 sub as long as i had the right shot because a hole is a hole and I know holes leak!
  3. Magwa

    Sicario 2

    total bad ass movie looking forward to number two...
  4. Magwa

    First .308 Build PROBLEM

    He has come to the right place ... if he reposts the issue I am sure some one here will have the answer..
  5. well the good guy got the bad guy I like stories like this well done ...🤞
  6. Magwa

    "Tactical" Shorts

    5.11 Tactical taclite pro shorts from Galls they wear like iron and are very comfortable great selection of colors and lots of pockets and 20% sale going on now I love them https://www.galls.com/5-11-tactical-taclite-11-pro-shorts
  7. Magwa

    Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread

    Damn that is a sexy beast.........
  8. Idaho Stands Proud on that map we believe in the 2nd as written and we will not be stripped of our rights.....
  9. Wow that scope is something else.....
  10. It is all a lie ..... enabling I tell you now it is a Jedi mind Fuk! you get to this site and start reading and you are like ....... man i have to spend money on guns and gun $hit, and Gun Related $hit.....then you wake up one day and go WTF am I doing? ahh to hell with it I am started now I will just keep the ball rolling whats next .... Hmmmmmmm Night Vision...... ....
  11. Magwa

    LED reverse lights

  12. This $hit is a disease and I got a dose myself,when they asked me to go back to work last fall I said Ok , what was I thinking? so I up and Buy a Ruger Precision rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor and a Vortex Viper 4 to 24 with 50mm objective, just cause i am working right ? I have a little spending money, so then I start getting the itch to shoot long range but I don't have a long range ,range finder so we drive over to see Jay, and he says no worries try this .. a Sig Kilo 2400 ABS Fuk it is awesome and again I am broke and have to work MORE! so I get home and the little lady informs me she has the same disease she says we are getting a new Loaded wrangler 4 door Sahara and it will be blue.... Is this something that is subliminal from reading the pages on this site? or all you Fukers Jedi Mind tricking us?........ Rsquared , congrats on your new toys, ain't life Grand......... but from now on just wine about your local pusher NO Pictures, makes me want to go spend money with Jay.......
  13. Magwa

    U of U "Cry Closet"

    no wonder the fuker can't drive he has gone blind
  14. Magwa

    Ballistic, velocity of MK316 Mod 0

    Ok better late than never but I got off my lazy A$$ and did some chrono work today and got the 316 Mod 0 done it is pretty interesting stuff shot 1 2500 FPS shot 2 2500 FPS shot 3 2489 FPS Average 2496 with a deviation of 6.3 FPS!!!!!!! this stuff rings steel really loud!!!! Magnetospeed L3 chrono was used... all rounds suppressed and out of 16 inch barrel
  15. Magwa

    "My 4 day visit to everything PSA "

    we need a Gun friendly website dedicated to the gun people of this country kinda like call it Guntube ....... awesome info on PSA I have been a limited customer for a long time went through growing pains with them but they always came through...