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  1. Georgia Sheriff Mike Jolley

    My kind of sheriff.....
  2. great video I am a cheap customer because I am poor not dirt poor but Middle class in the USA is above my pay grade, I have bought stuff from PSA and always had quick service and so far never a issue with anything from them , now that this Bunch of lunatics that reside here have taught me how to build and maintain the AR platform I do not buy from them much except for ammo and a few things but I love their attitude... and their prices are very very good.....
  3. Idaho # 3.......since there is only a little over 1 million people in Idaho and if you pounded it out flat it is bigger than texas that sounds about right .....seems like everyone here carries...
  4. Castle nut

    My morning coffee at 4.10AM is now on my PC and table well good morning to all ,yall out there in gun world ain't it grand LMAO...you guys kill me!
  5. Light weight parts

  6. Kimber? ahhhh yes that full size custom Tactical 2 that resides by my bed by night and on my hip by day....yep they are the shizzzzzzz
  7. Noticed something

    I think he means Malaysian ? OK hunting lesson #1 never hunt anything except predators with FMJ ammo #2 always buy 1st class hunting ammo their is a huge difference between cheap hunting ammo and top tier ammo like Barnes TTSX for 308 get the 168 it kills animals quick and it never comes apart like cheap white tail ammo that contains a lead mix, #3 once you find the ammo for your gun stick with it buy enough at the same time to hunt for 5 or 6 years or the components to load that ammo .
  8. If I sing you will be sorry and your ears will suffer I will speak loud....
  9. eff em in the NECK! another state to NOT visit!
  10. having frankenstien's name in their made it allllllllllmost believable..... lol
  11. Ballistic, velocity of MK316 Mod 0

    wow great info Brothers, I will try and borrow a chronograph and get some info on this round from my DPMS based rifle 16 inch barrel both suppressed and unsuppressed .....i want to add this round and shoot it long range 400 to 750 or at least try I am loving the competition at long range this is fun stuff but man you have to have all the correct dope or you ain't cutting the mustard... P.S. Washguy that 319 sounds like awesome stuff I have never seen it,,,
  12. looking for any info on MK316 Mod 0 velocity out of a 16 inch AR 308 type rifle......
  13. as always you guys rock a JP capture spring , a tunable gas block and a smig off the ejector spring have made it very very sweetnow I am having fun again...going to shoot long range (my first) tomorrow with 6.5 Creedmore I am sure i will get my ass handed to me but I am a fast learner....carry on and thanks again brothers
  14. 6.8x45mm SPC