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  1. if you see scratchings up on the side of a tree like 4 ft or so that my friend is bear, that is his way of marking his territory no worries they are more afraid of you than you think now if it is cougar 90% of the time they scratch on a log that is down, not a upright tree and they cover there poo with sticks and dirt bears leave it for you to step in.....look around water holes this time of year in the evening and morning, then they will bed in thick cover for shade on the north side of hills, rocks, etc it will stay shady there longer... I will bet there are some monster bucks in there .....
  2. More hocus pocus, BS it is just common sense to see the roll of a suppressor hearing protection I wish every gun in this country was sold with one and it was taught in school to protect your hearing and all the available ways to do so this country is so backwards in so many ways and then it thinks it is so progressive in others.... european country's sell suppressors with the sale of guns why is this even arguable?
  3. Did you see any deer ? old rubs etc that is some awesome looking mule deer country.... any snakes? those cats won't bother you .....they are just quiet neighbors.......:)
  4. He will love it I know I love mine... great pistol
  5. Bring that bitch to Idaho and we can stretch her legs wow would love to have it but then I could not afford to shoot it awesome gun....
  6. This for me is not about hunting long range other than wolves coyotes, it is a way for me to have something to do as other options start to fade due to age health, etc etc I simply love shooting steel long range the challenge is where the payoff is for me and not I have the passion back to build more guns (thanks to the folks on this website) enabling bastards! I have to keep moving or I am afraid I will just rust up and stop....... so now I am looking at building a upper for my DPMS 308 which has been a elk killing machine I want a 6.5 CM upper for it and I want to build a Bolt gun on a chassis with a smit and bender or Khalis scope in 6.5 x284 Norma that plan will keep me working till I am over 70 which is right around the corner....
  7. back to the mountain range yesterday I shot the long course got all hits including1236my first time over 1200 the shot at 980 had 2 and 1/2 mins of wind right and the shot at 1236 3/4 min of angle right man that stuff is shifty as hell....
  8. welcome from idaho.....
  9. yes it does went out to the mountain range last week I was hitting everything till 800 then started missing wind calls you have a good day but oh no mr. wind says eff you boy.... ended up missing 950 and 1140 and 1236but he still having a effing hoot with the CM and the SDN-6 what a combo.....
  10. yeah wind is my bugaboo right now with the creedmoor after 800 it gets real tough with the wind oh well I will just keep practicing ,looks like you guys have a great place to practice ...
  11. I quit wearing jeans when levi stopped making them in the USA all I wear now are work pants by vertex ,cargo pockets and tough
  12. yeah loaded ammo is expensive you have to buy the dies and make your own and get a loading tube for black powder so all your loads are concistent I have a friend who shoots compitition he shoots both 45100 and 40 bottleneck and he is really good fun stuff to watch...
  13. Magwa

    Memorial Day 2019

    Our warriors are the reason we are here today in this country with all the benefits we have let us always remember them for the sacrifice they gave for us, we too can give what we have to others to help them and out fellow brothers and sisters......pass on Knowledge ,so many on this site are awesome at that it is what has kept me here just help someone and the rest will take care of itself thank you to all who serve .....
  14. yeah sweet rifle no 45 110 for you huh?
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