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    On the Rez
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    Fishing Hunting Fishing did I mention Hunting?

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  1. Magwa

    Bolt Action AR uppers

    Ok so does the upper bolt action have a barrel? will it fire with said barrel on ...NO because it has no trigger is this correct? the lower has the trigger? i thought the trigger was the firearm ie....sig P320?i need to see this thing..... just took a look ...i call BS on this one you can,t have it both ways
  2. Magwa

    Sig P320 Upgrade video

    got it back in two weeks still has a rocking trigger
  3. Magwa

    New Member

    Welcome from the Rez..... Idaho... love 260 rem I am shooting 6.5 CR.
  4. Magwa

    End of Watch: Gone but never forgotten

    The world has gone mad...people are disconnected, people do not live in reality anymore, there are very few of us left that can still see the world the way it is....... If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit, since whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Chief Seattle, 1855
  5. Magwa

    Weekend at DNPs Property

    awesome scenery looks like a party for the ages...... I love my one man Biv sack......
  6. I hope everyone stays safe and spends some time with family digest well my brothers...... 😜
  7. I find it amusing that to do this the ATF will classify a piece of plastic as a machine gun.... yeah right.....
  8. What a load of $hit.... but I guess typical of the direction the country is going...
  9. Ok guys lets look at this from the he could have point of view...yes the death of the moose could have been avoided but is that reasonable,it is like asking why do most people carry a gun with one NOT in the pipe. OK yes he crowded the moose when first seen he should have turned off the snow cat and just waited for the moose to wander off but he didn,t AND both of them were in a snow cat trail hard packed where the machine could go and the moose could walk. BUT also the machine going up the trail would scare off most moose BUT this one was not having any of it ...I snow cat a lot I would have done it different BUT it could still go either way the guy allowed two charges then fired on the third i still say it was a clean shoot because I was not there and it is plain to see if you know anything about big game he was going to get stomped,,,, to many buts & ands sometime you just have to do what you feel you have to.....
  10. That is a clean shoot they will stomp your ass in the snow and kill you she was coming back for the 3rd time the second time she wacked at him with her front hooves she meant business
  11. Magwa

    You will not be missed

    without pictures it is just words and never happened!......😁
  12. Magwa

    Full30 Forum Invite

    It is so awesome to wake up and just drink that first cup of coffee and know you are surrounded by other degenerates such as your self it just makes the coffee go down that much easier......😁
  13. Magwa

    Full30 Forum Invite

    Done same name , started off just right put my first post in the wrong spot!!!!! now lets dance!
  14. Magwa

    Some good reviews and information

    he lives just a bit north of me .......
  15. Magwa

    The rest of my trip

    Oh Yeah.................