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  1. Happy Easter from the Rez....
  2. The Lady can play the blues I am a fan...
  3. Having been a long time Drummer and rock and roll animal I get on kicks from time to time and this week it has been a band called Montrose R.I.P. Ronnie Montrose well just thinking about old times and being on the road I had to hear this song ... Yes Hot Sweet and Sticky
  4. WOW what a great challenge... good luck guys...
  5. well done young man well done....... 🙂
  6. Sheep raised as sheep and taught to act like sheep have no choice but to be sheep, even today over 100 years removed from wars with the U.S. the Native American fighting spirit is still strong it has just changed they now have layers within their Nations and they are very stead fast on protecting their rights . The rest of the country seems to busy buying toys and texting to understand what is slipping away that is sad they have so much that they do not miss the little bits taken away every year soon it will be to late people better get their heads out of their asses and start acting like they care about this country or soon it will be gone.
  7. Magwa

    My class 3 guns

    they are all sweet
  8. ok this forum is poltergeisting WTF over?
  9. Hello from the rez Mid Idaho Lewiston would be the nearest city,
  10. Magwa

    My class 3 guns

    Holy Chit, well at least he does not have my favorite a grease gun...... damn man you are over achieving..... 🙂
  11. Like I said simply awesome..... 🙂
  12. It is awesome to get kids who really want to learn and then do stuff like this way to go Tom....
  13. I have wanted a grease gun for over 40 years and I still can not afford one NFA sucks
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