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  1. Range Day, 14 Jan.

    Damn!!!!!!!! short sleeves sunny, Damn I envy you down there ,here it is snow rain cold gray skies and work work work... what a awesome day of shooting ,well spring is coming some day here .... nice pictures..... thanks for sharing...
  2. Santa shot Rudolf!

    good job and great shot....It is good to see more and more folks harvesting game with their built rifles they are the next generation of hunting guns...
  3. PA-10 brings home the venison

    Great job and good shot you will eat good this winter, congrats
  4. EDC Flashlights?, by Brother Jacob

    Damn good subject , I need to get my A$$ in gear on this... thanks
  5. Savage Muzzle loader Kbooms

    The new ignition system inline with shotgun primers I am sure it is a improvement over a hammer and copper cap or a flintlock but!!! what is the point of a muzzle loader hunt? it is supposed to be a primitive hunt it is supposed to be hard and the guns are supposed to have a limited range instead we find inlines, copper sabots and fake powder all designed to make the gun more reliable that is bull$hit the guns originally were very reliable if you did the work,a cowskin elbow over the Hammer and cap or flintlock waxing the cap they all made it reliable, but lazy Americans now want scopes on muzzle loaders, inlines etc what a joke muzzle loader hunts should be open fixed sights, round ball real powder period if you can not make it shoot learn your craft better instead of sitting in the back of a pickup reading a manual of some new modern muzzle loader because you have been to lazy to learn the gun ......... now if you really want to know how i feel........ LOL
  6. Oops my wallet is empty. First .308AR build.

    yep go threaded so then you can put a AAC brakeout on the end that will allow you to access your credit card since your wallet is empty so you can buy a AAC SDN 7.62-6 surppressor....... just trying to be helpful....... welcome to the addiction
  7. Savage Muzzle loader Kbooms

    There are a ton of reasons this could happen, as far as muzzle loaders go I consider myself a expert if there is any such thing but for years I fired over 30 lbs of powder in competition..... and have seen just about everything that can go wrong, double charge of powder,double loaded projectile, double loaded<<<<< this one is a barrel buster.... but the biggest thing for me is all the new synthetic powders, pellets, sabots and inline configurations it is all a recipe for failure, muzzle loaders loaded and used the way they were intended are pretty freeking safe we built them and double charged them for proofing the barrels never saw a failure with a patched round ball or a cupped mini ball, but have seen many with solid bullets and copper bullets over loaded... so the gun may have failed but i would be there was some human problem associated with it...
  8. 98 says "Take one in the grape"= coffee on monitor not I don't care who you are that is some funny $hit right there !
  9. Which Handgun Caliber is better ?

    It is like sword play stick em with the pointy end... shoot em with what you carry I really believe it is 90% mind set that you are willing to fight instead of surrender in the situation keep the mindset that you are in the right and for good reason keep em on the target, caliber is indeed moot..... but a 45 will never be smaller than 45...... :) just sayin.....
  10. Which Handgun Caliber is better ?

    A 9mm may expand but a 45ACP will never shrink....... :)
  11. Cali Compliance, neutered AR!

    move the hell out of that comi state... we can find you work in Idaho what the hell possesses someone to live there and give up their freedoms? don't say money it is not worth it ......
  12. Who cares somebody is on top and that means it is getting done.....
  13. You Mothers are some fukin funny people now I have seen some weird Chit on the rez but this chicken thread with the Shakira giff takes first prize....