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  1. Warrant Officer 3 Richard Rawlins ended his fight with Cancer today and took his journey on to a better place.He was 94 He was a Father ,Friend, and Husband and all around just a genuine man who loved life . He fought a unbelievable fight against a enemy that was relentless and in my eyes I have never seen anyone fight harder....he is loved and he will be missed travel well my Brother.......
  2. I will never understand the 6.8 when we have the 6.5 and it has been around forever and there is a plethora of awesome bullets for it just plain stupid if you ask me .... 260 Remington or 6.5 Creed would have been awesome choices and all the development work is already done...
  3. oh that is a good one ,that is how I feel right now been shoveling snow off of roofs and driveway for 3 days 18 inches in one day.....
  4. That looks like a ton of fun..... never been anywhere like that so much sand....
  5. who said they are alive Fuking Zombies that is all they are !
  6. Indeed it is my friend just get that cup of coffee and sit by the fire and warm the bones...
  7. It has been cold here wake up to 5 degrees snowing that fine grain snow but today it is suppose to break, the older I get the more I like the fire in the Morning, just feels good to warm the bones...
  8. thirty some odd years ago I shot the largest bodied white tail deer Buck of my life he had a nice rack a 5 x 5 but his body was huge with the head, legs, hide off just the hanging carcass was 218 lbs now you guys back east may get deer that big when they eat corn and crops but this is a legit mountain white tail and for this country it is the biggest Bodied white tail I have ever seen. So this day it was thanksgiving and we always hunt that morning and this day I wanted to hunt Hoo Doo MTN. a really steep and tough place but had a good population of white tail took my nephew Bill and My dad and we left right before dawn knowing we had to be back around 3 for dinner. We get up the mountain and decide where we are going to hunt Pop is going to hunt the road with a coffee cup ,Bill and I are splitting up and agree to meet back at 1.00 to head home. From the get go I know where I am going as I have hunted this place many times and have seen big tracks here it is November 26 about 18 degrees and snow on the ground and I am bummed because it got warm for a couple days and has now frozen and is crunchy! so lets get to it I hunt for a few hours seeing a few deer running as I am noisy as hell on this frozen snow crunch crunch crunch.. I am pissed off I can not be quiet it is ruining my day crunch crunch crunch on I go I happen to catch a glance of something looking at me from around a big Tamarack tree and there is a big buck at 40 yards staring at me with only his head and part of his neck showing, I am hunting with a Ruger #3 4570 single shot it is a light and very good thick cover rifle. I ease the gun to my shoulder and aim just below his chin on the white patch and BooM! he drops like a rock now I am happy got a big deer on Thanksgiving day.. so I make my way to him he is not moving it is steep about 40 degrees or so and I always carry a rope to drag with and to tie them to a tree so I can stretch them out down hill to gut them this way they don't slide on me. Ok rope attached to his antlers I stretch him out down the hill and take a min. before I get him gutted and figure out which way I am going to drag him. Maybe 3 min. go by and I notice this deer is huge not much smaller than a spike elk on the hoof this deer is around the 300lb mark so i take out my western folding knife and grab the hair by his wanger and am going to make a cut from his balls to his sternum with the knife pointed up and my two fingers guiding the blade so I don't cut into the guts I grab that skin and start to poke the knife through being careful when all of a sudden I am airborne backwards! I throw the knife to get it away from me and hit the ground the wind almost knocked out of me I come to rest 20 yards down the mountain against some brush and am like WTF! The Deer is flopping around but he is tied to a tree by his antlers I get my mind clear and look for my gun it is leaning against the tree the deer is tied too, so I make my way back up the hill the deer is not standing but thrashing against the rope I get behind the tree and snatch my gun up and shoot him again just behind the ear now he is still and done! my heart is racing my adrenaline is pumping and I am flabergasted! WTF just happened to me ,I am staying away from the deer now wary he will zombie back to life but I start calming down and realize he was not dead when I stuck him OH $hit my knife! I start looking it takes me a hour to find it if the snow had not been frozen I would have never found it but I did and got his gutted and now it is like 12:30 and I am a hour at least from the truck. So what happened was I shot that deer under the chin and glanced that 405 grain slug off his spine ,he was out and I believe paralyzed partially enough so that I could get the rope on him and stretch him out but when I stuck that knife just under the skin next to his pecker he drew both hind legs up to his stomach and kicked me right in the chest and away I went like a rag doll I was sore on my sternum for 2 weeks it could have been much worse with the knife but at least I got rid of it .... Epilogue I could not drag that deer in any direction but down he was to heavy the more I tried the worse it got so know it is almost 2:00 and I leave the deer and head to truck to get help I got back and got my Nephew Bill he is a big kid and we went back and got the deer it took us another 2 and a half hours to drag him to the truck it is now 6.30 we make it back to a nest of angry women with Thanksgiving dinner waiting for us after our severe verbal abuse everyone sat down to eat... What I learned that day was I was never going to shoot anything in the neck again and I don't I shoot everything just behind the shoulder and half way down the body with a pill through the lungs they die every time! and I carry two knives! This could have been a tragic thing I was lucky deer and elk and all animals that live in the wild are stronger than you can believe.... always respect them and be careful .
  9. wool is a amazing material even wet you are warm it truly can save your life I still marvel at what Native people did with what they had 30 below zero and they are snug in their Buffalo robes and tipi....they figured out what Nature offered and used it to the best of their abilities and they did with much much less then we modern humans did they kept it simple because that is all they had...
  10. Congrats I hope you can fill your time with fun things to do , don't get bored and want to go back to work.... enjoy you earned it...
  11. Merry Christmas to all you warriors, I truly hope your holidays are blessed with Family and friends good food and good drink, for these thing are what makes us who we are, the ones surrounding us and Brothers this is a sad time of year for me my real Dad passed 12 26 1995, 30 year aviation Boatswain mate Navy Through and Through and now my Mom,s Husband of 46 years warrant 3 Army Radar Tech 30 years lies with Cancer taking him just 30 feet from where I am writing. So be blessed to have time with all your relatives and remember them when they are gone . You my Brothers have really helped me with this Journey and for that I will forever be Grateful ....
  12. I like your thinking a ton of uses and little weight
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