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    Fishing Hunting Fishing did I mention Hunting?

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    Fat is what has kept every group of people alive since the dawn of time without it we would be extinct, the Eskimo's live on it and if you take out all the chemicals from feed and ,steroids and meds they give animals today it is still good for you ... Pemmican is ground up dried buffalo or any meat mixed with whatever berries or nuts you could find and held together in a cake for by Fat! it is what kept the plains indians alive as well as Lewis and Clark etc. remember chewing the chicken leg knuckles off as a kid that stuff is good for you .....
  2. this bolt did have two separate pins one per ejector I had to make a punch for them they are tiny once I had a punch it was easy I drilled a small piece of hardwood to except the gas end of the bolt then i cut a base off a creedmoor brass and used that in a vice not super tight but just a little off tight and they came right out yes it is a PITA but done now I ordered a no go gauge last night so I will have it soon and be done with this and get to load development...
  3. Ok got everything taken apart and used the go gauge and the bolt goes in and locks, so I tried to make a no go gauge from the go gauge with the tape method but the only tape I had was really thin and it closed on it as well after a little pressure so am I ok to go?
  4. you want a cal. that is fun to shoot low recoil the big Magnums are only fun to shoot for ten rounds then you are like ok I am good.. not fun so look at 7mm saum, 284 winchester with 180 grain bullets is what 90 % of all F class shooters shoot, maybe a 6.5 284 Norma like mine or a 300 win mag with a good brake or suppressor or even a 6.5 PRC then in a few years rebarrel to 7 PRC 300 PRC is a thumper burns a lot of powder...
  5. Kick starting a Harley is the proper way to start one my last one was a 1948ULH flathead 80 wish I had it now and as for shingles Fuk them I have had them and it ain;t no fun you take care brother I will see you in the spring......
  6. Magwa


    Welcome from Idaho...
  7. Thank you I have not yet got it done still looking for a punch but the wood Idea is great again thanks...
  8. Ok so maybe there is a new model as mine has two pins one for each ejector I am going to use the 45 acp method but have to buy a drift pin that will fit going to town today....
  9. Thank you sounds like a good plan....
  10. Yeah I got lucky and found one on sale at "arm or ally" for 129.00 fast shipping too....... Thanks everyone I will surround the sucker with a tarp to catch little parts lol
  11. Just got my new BCG from Toolcraft it is double ejector and made for 6.5 CM I have to take the ejectors out to head space my upper has anyone taken one apart? any tricks or advice....... thanks in advance
  12. I use one and own one it works great and loads a mag very fast loading the box is no big deal at least for me ..
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