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  1. Magwa

    Canning time

    yes a very rewarding endeavor, we can every year, tomato's,beans lots of beans squash, fish elk and deer meat and of course jelly's and pears and peaches we have a pantry full of food that we can always look forward to canning each year...kinda sad but seems like the older we get the less we can and garden still do it all but much less than before... a great hobby to get into...
  2. awesome ... you can never have enough training and if you are like me it is fun as hell to challenge yourself to get better great job, that pistol is a awesome weapon
  3. Thanks I will check them out and get them on their way.....
  4. yeah I do love SBR's and pistols but this one will be for long range....
  5. I would love to have the brakeout if that works for you just let me know what you want for it and I will do my best... also will be looking for a .940 gas block i do not care what it looks like or what kind it is ... and I will have to get a rifle length gas tube not sure what length since I have a dpms lower and BCG but now changing barrel first time for me my cherry is popping ...
  6. rgr that I will trade you or buy what ever you like...
  7. OMG this barrel is .940 at the gas port it will be rock solid for steel killing if I can find a gas port... lol
  8. why would i want to do that? ok you have me intrigued......spit it out
  9. Ok this project is on I now own barrel Hand gaurd barrel nut and billet upper receiver I need a gas block and a rifle length gas tube for LR308 and a ACC brakeout .... so if any of you guys want to trade stuff for any of this let me know ...I need to measure the barrel at gas port but I believe it is .850
  10. you can not ignore 65b and post here.......and I could care less about a finish blem...... the elk i kill with it won't care either...
  11. thank you one and all and yes 98 it is fine to post in a 6.5 CR, thread and shoot a 260 rem, that is another fine cartridge.. I shoot my RPR in 6.5 with a 26 inch barrel plus can my load is a 140 eld with 43grains of H4350 at 2810 at the muzzle it shoots one hole groups so I am intrigued to shoot my trusted LR308 with the same load....ok I am on the parts hunt will get that barrel it is a Areo Precision good bad ? I am working on getting a other bolt gun in 6.5 PRC......
  12. I have not built anything in awhile time to step up so I am thinking a upper in 6.5 for my LR308 so my local GS has a blimished 22 inch stainless barrel I can get a great deal on so how much velocity am I going to loose or should I just look for a 24>?
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