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  1. OK Ladder test is done at 100 yards take a piece of cardboard over 30 inches tall , take a level or any other straight edge and make a line 30 inches long down the center of the cardboard take a sticky little target like a 1 inch round one and stick it on the bottom of your line then if you are shooting MOA that is my system measure up 30 inches exactly and put the other stick round 1 inch target so that the bull is right on 30 inches. so to make sure everyone understands what you will have is a piece of cardboard with a line in the middle going from top to bottom at each end will be a 1 inch sticky target so between the two bullseyes is exactly 30 inches this is for MOA mils will be a bit more i think but you will have to do the math for mills. So now go to a range and take a level the cardboard MUST be set up right and that line on it must be level, and the bench you shoot from must be level then your scope is level as well as long as it is on the gun correctly. OK target level check gun and scope level check now fire a 3 shot group at the bottom target you should hit dead center on the line and on the target if you are zeroed at 100 then dial up say 10 min. of angle while still aiming at the same target you just shot at 100 the little stick your group should be 10 inches higher and on the line. dial up 20 do the same then if you have it dial up 30 and do the same all of your groups should be on the line and they should be the amount you dialed up so if you dialed 10 then 20 then 30 you should have 3 groups on the line at zero+100 yards group 1 then ten inches above that group for 10 MOA then 20 inches above the first group then finally 30 inches above REMEMBER you are always aiming at the 100 yard group but if your scope is tracking correctly then it should move the group up the line, if the groups are not on the line then your scope is either not setup correctly or it is drifting ..you can repeat this test up down make a square and shoot one corner then say it is 6 inches square dial 6 min left to the next corner then up 6 min then right 6 min all the while AIMING at the FIRST square you shot..... when everything checks out then you are ready to dial up some distance...hope this helps
  2. tip to remember, LOAD that bipod the same each and every time , living room floor is a great place to dry fire, make triple sure your scope is level, do a ladder test and remember to zero your gun and check that zero often ,(making sure your zero stop works properly) make sure whatever program or dope you are using the the info you i=enter on your program is 100 % correct ie scope over bore, twist rate, velocity of ammo, and BC of bullet G1, G7, or custom and don't believe the velocity of your ammo printed on the box it comes in or what the book says chrono that poop.....
  3. I am in as well i have over 500 rounds at steel over 500 yards now with my 6.5 CM it is a learning experience and fun
  4. that is a great ending to what could have been much worse for the home owner and family you go girl.....
  5. Magwa

    Missed you guys!

    So glad he is ok Bike wrecks tend to be one way or the other glad he is on the side of the living.. and getting better... I never had the big one but came real close was just cruising on my 1948 Flathead 80 it was a stock motor on a rigid frame suicide clutch just the way I liked em doing about 65 on a 2 lane back country road when BAM!primary chain busted and wrapped around the trans sprocket and locked it up solid I went into a rear wheel skid and was drifting towards the other lane and oncoming traffic i just leaned and turned the front wheel just a bit and it drifted back into my lane finnally coming to a stop i just let it go over grabbed a smoke and sat down right there on the side of the road the other car might have missed me by 10 ft don't know but it was 213 ft of single skid mark and I just about pooped myself that was a freek thing to happen never heard of it happening to anyone else but I got her fixed and putted on.... get well soon GADAD!....
  6. Ok that was very cool BUT there are like 300 bolts and nuts and wires missing from that one I know I own one......but nice trick for sure
  7. I will bring a go pro I can not wait to see you two get your asses beat!😁
  8. Welcome from the Rez sounds like a good life plan family, Guns, and riding a scooter.....
  9. yes OK well easy access to knockers is always nice ......
  10. very nice whitetail..... good job
  11. Hey Shepp eff them guys they are just jealous......... 🙂
  12. we now return you to our scheduled program One flew over the cuckoo's nest! welcome from Idaho...
  13. WEIGHT...is the culprit if you plan on packing it around....after you get the gun you will spend a lot of money trying to reduce weight .... 16 is all you need and it balances well
  14. I have killed about everything their is to kill elk bear deer coyotes etc all with a 16 inch barrel..... here is the deal, these guns are HEAVY!!!!!! and so the more barrel you add the worse it gets I would not hesitate to shoot a deer or elk at 500 yards and I have killed elk at 376.... one shot kills so don't overload yourself a 16 is all you need, the guys on this forum will tell you I speak with a straight tongue no BS
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