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    Fishing Hunting Fishing did I mention Hunting?

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    you fishing nooks on the great lakes? or are you on the big water nice boat!
  2. Another tip looking at your pictures your rifle is dry as a bone in the desert, lube that thing like you own the lube company dripping wet and get a container and soak your BCG in Mobile 1 synthetic oil for at least two weeks , take it out to shoot but put it back in when you return home after the two weeks she will be slick and easy to clean... lube the upper and lower where the BCG rides marry those surfaces....
  3. this was my Fathers watch got it while serving 30 year aviation Boatsan mate chief he had it in the early 60,s still runs perfect but you do have to wind it lol tougher than bricks for sure. Wittnauer Geneva
  4. it is creative and it does make you wonder whom it is......
  5. I love Fuking around with beavers they are even more fun when you hold em down and shave em they really get rowdy then no holds barred....anything that can just chew a tree down will and can fuk you up!
  6. David Bowie..AKA Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars Moonage Daydream wow what a band the late Great Mick Ronson on Guitar they were killer live....
  7. one more paycheck maybe two and the Trijicon is mine......... the river just broke a record it reached 100,000 CFS and this is the wettest spring I have ever seen in my life June and still no garden planted just mud but the fish are biting and I got the Comms unit installed in the side by side just need the Trijicon and I will be a happy boy.....
  8. a great laugh a great way to start the day... thanks
  9. I like it great read.... We do this for FUN.....
  10. a onboard comms system and 1 inch wheel spacers for my side by side...
  11. Damn! I think she is Hot! to clear my heads < I would first hit that hard for a hour or so till she knew I was thinking of her, then with a clear head I can get to the business of solving my,her, Car problem !
  12. Deterrence, evade, run when you can, those are my major goals But be prepared to fight and kill like a Tasmanian devil! and when you end up in it you are in it to win it!
  13. I am to old to run and gun and all that ammo nope i will grab my 6.5x 284 Norma a box of 100 and dig in on some hill or cliff somewhere and one of them other guns will be by my side but not on my back...
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