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  1. I know you would and thank you for the link off to get me another Olight
  2. love my Olight now you know I have to ask was wolf girl there representing any booth I figure in her line of work she must be involved somehow....... lol looks like you had a great time
  3. I like it too.... I wish they would ll pack...
  4. ok someone of you enabling bastards link me to this side charging upper with BCG,,, I have a lower waiting,,,,,
  5. You mean you guys drink at these shoots? say it ain't so ..... rolls eyes
  6. OH my that is good.. well done.....
  7. Damn that is sweet... I like it well done now go do it again I love your stories because they do not cost me anything to read..... LOL
  8. Magwa

    Pic Of The Day 2

    put a sac over her face and take one for the team!
  9. here is the story from the man who saved lives
  10. Magwa

    Pic Of The Day 2

    you have to cut em up first....... 😁
  11. yep lube it like you want to be in there
  12. are you just planing on hunting deer? the 308 will kill everything in NA i take elk bear deer moose all with 308 DPMS
  13. I remember 19 cent Gasoline, nickel cokes and candy bars, the first color TV around 1955, have gun will travel, the bounty hunter, hand cranked Ice Cream and butchering hogs for a piece of the meat no work no meat.... we are lazy now and we have forgot how it used to be simple ..... now everything is complicated and technical .
  14. I would love to get in on this but I am tapped.. but Sketch you are a good man my friend....
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