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    Fishing Hunting Fishing did I mention Hunting?
  1. well mine I sighted in with and zeroed at 100 yards very tight groups then take it off it widens a bit but it is 3 inches high at 100...
  2. I have a friend I fish with he has a airboat he uses it for duck and goose hunting on ice it is a freeking blast and each person has his or her own headsets it is loud!
  3. A Man with out a hawk is a man worse than a man with no balls you just got to have a good knife and a hawk...
  4. would like to have one in my hands to see how the ergos are but I am very happy with my 1911
  5. sexy, no grip safety?
  6. I get a 3 inch POI change with my 6.5 creedmoor with the SDN it is spot on without it is 3 inches high but with it ,it shoots 1 hole groups and without just a little wider....
  7. zero is the number no more, 98 said it right quit blaming everyone who did NOT do it and concentrate on the sick SOBs who did !
  8. 1911 in the winter XDS in the summer if it ain't broke don't fix it...... enjoy your new toy
  9. sounded more like a AK to me and the rate of fire was to slow it seemed for full auto M16, probably bump fire or some such contraption who knows to early to tell.
  10. You Fookers are a riot when I need a good laugh I just pick any thread Tom is in and read till I find the riot starting LOL...
  11. That was a great time when Bubba Visited.....
  12. Had to work today but I recorded it and will watch tomorrow....
  13. 1776 the first brexit, Thanks to all that have served to give us the rights we have , to all the warriors remember only 3 % fought and look what they did... have a safe and Happy 4th...
  14. That Bubba I tell you good people knows whats up and the direction he is pointing, But i tell ya drinking wine from a beer can somehow that just ain't right , we had a good time went out on the lake for dinner had some elk and some alcohol ....whats not to like... :)