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  1. Ok for those that do not know night force is made here in Idaho just down the street from me they bought Horus reticle and their company so what did they do well Night force is now making scopes with the reticle and they have a new package the **NEW** HoVR™ 5-20 x 50 with TREMOR5, Laser Range Finder & Weather Meter Bundle for $1599.00 you get the scope range finder and weather meter bundle and it works off a app on your phone check it out.. here https://shop.horusvision.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=71
  2. new sniping mat coming Monday... got the midway version simply because it is waterproof on the bottom laying in the snow or wet grass in the spring ...
  3. Magwa

    My last Elk

    I am resisting , but barely...... and I thought you were my friend........
  4. Magwa

    My last Elk

    Damn she rides horses too.......
  5. Magwa

    My last Elk

    Now who would have thunk it that Wolf Girl would end up in My Last Elk and let us know she likes foot longs.......this world never ceases to amaze me.....!
  6. whats a cactus? can you eat em..... LOL
  7. Magwa

    My last Elk

    boing! trap snapped yes she is always welcome that could be some fun conversation next to a fire with some Kraken and coke yes?
  8. Need something not to heavy as i tie it to my backpack but want something that maybe has a few amenities like a stop up front for bi pod feet and will repel water on bottom any ideas?
  9. Magwa

    My last Elk

    Any one reading this post and understanding what it is all about, will always have a place at my camp fire and will always be welcome here ...
  10. yep pretty cool and some damn fine eating...
  11. So what is to become of Barnes bullets? I am scared to think I might not be able to get that ammo and or bullets... oh the pile of bones I have created through the years with that copper... your mind would explode....
  12. It seems to me that anything that is controversial with ATF will at some point in time be made Illegal so I SBR ed my shorty from the get go and yes NFA is wrong in every sense of the word it needs to be repealed and Machine guns need to be re opened to the public if you can own one there has to be some motivation to be a law abiding citizen other wise it is all chaos...
  13. and Fun both the wife and I are Generals we run the local nets here from time to time we have a good local club and do a lot with search and rescue and also help with boat races as the mountains here are killer and distance.. we both have Baofengs and Yaesu FT 60,s we also transmit on 2 mm band on a Yaesu FT 2900 which is a 75 watt radio it gets out really well and I am building a DX station on a I-com 735 it is a older radio but works quite well my plan is to have a Yagi style antenna on the flat side to use as my distance station...
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