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  1. yep Crazy you may be but you can have your bang stick canned or uncanned and it will run just fine , you may have to tweek it a bit but no biggie...
  2. never to late to learn if you like doing 50 miles in less than 3 hours and you have a tough horse Arabians rule this type of endeavor but I had a really tough Appy gelding that was always up for the challenge he could do 50 miles and just stop and start grazing never phased him a great mountain horse all the real steep stuff I would dismount grab his tail and up the hill we went get to the top jump on and run the downhills . We had mandatory vet checks where they checked heart rate and breathing he was never there long and away we went some great times with that horse...
  3. Oh you forgot one, Endurance racers that is where i got into Horses Oh they drink beer party and have no issues..... 🙂
  4. Magwa


    I do not know the answer to your question as I am only familiar with the DPMS patter but just a heads up ONLY Armalite is a AR10 a DPMS is a LR308 and and so on each different weapon is a different name that is how we keep track of all of this since the larger weapons are NOT Milspec... but i know those far smarter than me will be along to help you in the meantime how about a introduction in that section welcome...
  5. Did someone mention Pie? I am all in on that I love me some pie apple, banana Cream I am not picky and I do not care is it is square or round...
  6. Awwwww 2 strokes I used to make my living on the end of a chainsaw I fell timber for 25 years I still have one of my old falling saws I fired it up last year could not believe it still runs anyway it is ported and polished Husquvarna and will turn almost 12000 RPMs and was the best limbing saw I ever had... 2 strokes are crazy....
  7. yep indeed a great comeback...... I enjoyed that ..
  8. Exactly!!!! I mean WTF over that is a alien!
  9. looking for two or three lbs of powder or any one of them reloader 26, Retumbo, or H1000, if you have a extra lb that you can spare let me know and thanks..
  10. Magwa

    Pic Of The Day 2

    wow that would be cool i can bring ammo.... very cool thanks...
  11. WEll so far it is a happy year got step dad back from hospital cancer was removed from his arm they did not have to take his arm (thank God) and got the report the margins are clean so no radiation treatments which means i do not have to drive him 100 miles a day to treatment for 6 weeks .He is 93 installed a be-day cause he can not do anything with his left hand life is looking good I am happy for him say he wants to live to 100 or die trying he is seeing 10 doctors man is tougher than Rhino Hide 30 year Army warrant 10 So yes Happy New Year to all you degenerates.....
  12. Magwa

    Pic Of The Day 2

    My Bucket list gun of all times damn who's is it?
  13. Damn it is a alien........
  14. that is some epic shooting that many hits on the mile outstanding.....the fire was a poor effort lol... CliffR all the best to your brother in law a good friend of mine of over 35 years spent 11 days in a induced coma with ventilator and pulled through i hope your brother in law does the same....
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