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  1. That was a great time when Bubba Visited.....
  2. Had to work today but I recorded it and will watch tomorrow....
  3. 1776 the first brexit, Thanks to all that have served to give us the rights we have , to all the warriors remember only 3 % fought and look what they did... have a safe and Happy 4th...
  4. That Bubba I tell you good people knows whats up and the direction he is pointing, But i tell ya drinking wine from a beer can somehow that just ain't right , we had a good time went out on the lake for dinner had some elk and some alcohol ....whats not to like... :)
  5. That state is so Fuked up I refuse to even go through it a perfect example of what happens when liberal people get a hold on the top spots in the states politics and yes it has been going on since the 60's reality is NOT their mindset...
  6. awesome , someone to stand up for what is right .
  7. Just more stoooooooopid $poop from the left, they just don't get it ....... that is the problem..
  8. Indeed the plethora of parts and their differences are baffling to a 1st time builder these guns are NOT AR15,s as was stated above mixing parts from this manufacturer and that one sometimes is not the best option...but there are people who know all the different parts here on this forum you came to the right place ....good luck...
  9. fornicate!
  10. Every time I reaad $hit like this it reminds me of why I love this place you guys are some sic funny Fookers! LMAO
  11. Indeed the rifle looks awesome , but hands down the Mohawks gets the prize......
  12. yeah but it is people like you who get it that make the difference for others that don't thanks will never be enough but you have mine and my respect as well for telling it like it is ....
  13. Congrats on making it all the way now just enjoy.... splurge have fun....