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    Fishing Hunting Fishing did I mention Hunting?

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  1. Awesome thread, Happy Independence Day!
  2. Welcome from the Rez, Idaho now where is this gun you are talking about? LOL
  3. 2daughters, 3 grandsons and not one day in jail or even a call from the principal I will take that as a win ..... Happy Fathers day to you all.
  4. I will take number one for a thousand.....
  5. Happy Birthday... you young whipper snapper....
  6. Larue... hands down... I used the LaRue Tactical OBR QD Scope Mount, LT111 on my Ruger precision rifle in 6.5 CM and it flat out rocks..
  7. I am by no means well off and I have my share of stamps thanks to the enabling Fuks on this channel....... 🙂
  8. no woman is that good looking or badass to make me want to buy a glock..... LOL
  9. Wow she is a badass for sure and smokin hot that pic of her on the hood of the car with the pistol is like OH Yeah...... the hot pic pictures did not come through or are you just teasing a old man? lol I bet she would be a hoot to have a few beers with... thanks Man... P.S. you let her know if she comes to the fall shoot I will knapp her a point right there ....
  10. Ok I give up who is she ? she is stunning for sure, not my type, but for sure stunning in all truth Wolf girl is not my type to much city in her but oh what eye candy, I would love to see this girl... but then at my age I love seeing them all thanks Tom 🙂
  11. OK you got me curious but I am going to say right from the get go she has big hands, so I am looking through snake eyes till more is revealed, I feel the coyote is playing .......
  12. welcome to the club that can is my most versatile 308,243,6.5 CM 5.56 it works great on them all
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