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    On the Rez
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    Fishing Hunting Fishing did I mention Hunting?

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  1. Magwa

    DPMS G2...... should I?

    look above this post and read that post ....... yep that!
  2. I am trying to learn how to take it easy..... I am not good at it never learned how.....
  3. Well this was a interesting year Salmon run was way down and the limit was one a day so not as many fish in the freezer but still I stayed for two weeks so I got plenty. One day I had a hit and when I set the hook I was like Oh! $hit!... whitey...(sturgeon so I thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing a few pics he was 8 and 1/2 to 10m feet long and weighed approx . 350 lbs I whooped hi to the boat in 20 min on salmon gear..not bad for a old fart recovering from Hernia surgery lol. The last picture is a picture of the white bluff area near Hanford where they made the made the bomb in world war 2 cool place .... enjoy
  4. Magwa

    Get ready for next generation...

    I can not imagine a world where a young boy or girl does not grow up in the outdoors I know for me I have hunted and fished since I was in single digits age wise and it has most likley save my life, taught me to be resilient ,prepared me for failures in life and taught me respect for all things not just man but everything. The world is a sad place today compared to when i grew up, and I do not know the answer... these kids are our future something has to change there grows fewer and fewer of us left to teach.
  5. Magwa

    End of Watch: Gone but never forgotten

    Damn this is tragic, what the hell has become of this country?to all who have been lost thank you for trying to make peace in this world thank you for your protection, walk well, we are all brothers....
  6. Magwa

    Subsonic 300BLK kill-200 grain Maker bullet

    I like it ..... good job
  7. AAC should have never let him leave his designs are the best the 762-SDN-6 in what I have seen is the best and it just flat out works
  8. Magwa

    A senseless tragedy

    Water knows no forgiveness we can not breath under it give it all your respect and then some..... truly sad....
  9. Magwa

    Sicario 2

    yeah me too but was a bit let down still good flick...
  10. Magwa

    anyone have the new sig 320?

    Thanks for the links... 🙂
  11. Magwa

    Some meat for the freezer

    the south Island sounds like a place i would love lots of space to move around in and good hunting... congrats on the Meat....
  12. to heavy yes for hunting etc but not to much scope my man that 6.5 CM will shoot way further than you think that upper looks great for ringing long distance steel....
  13. Great scope I have the same one on my 6.5 Creedmore...that 338 kills on both ends....lol have fun nice setup
  14. Magwa

    Sig P320 Upgrade video

    no got it brand new for a steal it is a gen one with no upgrades so I will send it in.....no problemo... thanks
  15. Magwa

    Sig P320 Upgrade video

    to send in or not that is the question just got a new 320 compact for the wife and it is a gen 1 so no upgrades so anyone with a upgraded 320 how do you like the changes?