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  1. what he said above and get a magpul magazine and try it as well I have the exact same gun it runs flawlessly
  2. I have seen so many guys have issues like this only to ask and see their gun and find out the bolt and inside of upper is dry as the Sahara desert after a 1000 year drought is this you ? is so get yourself some Mobile one synthetic oil 30 or 40 wt and soak your BCG in it for a couple of weeks when you are not shooting stick it in there this oil adheres to the metal and your bcg will become slick and easy to clean main question is yours dry? it should be pretty wet like almost dripping until all the parts can marry up and be happy....
  3. Politics anywhere is all the same it is a bunch of crooks and ego maniacs pushing their own agenda the problem is their agenda has no fuking merit for anyone but the turf pushing it the greedy bastards!
  4. yes all the best brother the libtards are like a turd that won't flush!
  5. Indeed it is unless their is a elk at the end of it
  6. Boom .................Thunk Boom....................Thunk ahh yes vapor trails Booms and ding thunks makes a great day....
  7. Welcome from the Rez April please do not feed the bears... 🙂
  8. In 6.5 CM H4350 is about like peanut butter is to jelly it is the bomb I have always shot the Hornady 140 ELD for steel matches but now in 6.5 x284 Norma I shoot berger Hybrids and IMO they are a better bullet the whole deal with expanding mandrels is to get consistent bullet release I use them in bolt guns because I have no Crimp but in a gas gun I am not sure it would work the same ,someone with more know how than me would have to answer that . But loading for a gas gun and a bolt gun are two different animals unless you are loading one at a time and then what have you gained might as well have a bolt gun... I anneal my brass after every two firings do Gas gun shooters anneal? I do not know as I do not try to be a surgeon with mine out past 600 that is my self imposed limit for my 308 but with a 16 inch barrel and factory barnes 168 TTSX no critter wants me shooting at them... Here is a question for anyone who knows do you think a gas gun can be MOA at 1000 if so what or how would you load for it ?
  9. Magwa

    Fire Fire Fire

    that is a good system as long as you have power I have a 10 K gen, and it will keep the well running and all the freezers as well as the kitchen lights we have a gas stove I have friends that put in a 3000 gallon cistern that they fill from rain water during the winter they add copper sulfate to it at the rate of 1 223 case full per 300 gallons that keeps all algae down and it is clear water but only for fire and watering trees etc it is uphill from them they have a solar pump that goes from their catch barrels to the cistern with a float valve works slick and in a emergency they just let gravity work the sprinklers...
  10. Magwa

    Fire Fire Fire

    Thanks everyone for the kind words we have fires going again near here so I may have to use it yet this year...I am building a pallet that I can mount the whole thing on so I can use the forks on my tractor to lift it into the pick up if we had to fight our way out of here or make a stand in a open field I could use all the water around us still figuring out ways to use it all my neighbors are getting IBC tanks and filling them at the heads of their driveways that way with it on a pickup you can fill from the extra tanks..I live on a one way in ,one way out road so could be easy to get trapped in here in a high wind event...
  11. Wow sounds like a blast,no pun intended so i assume everyone is running gas guns in the smaller calibers? this steel thing out here is all bolt guns from 200 to 1300 with a bonus mile shot. You are right zero is the key to it all and if you do anything to the gun re check zero... I once took my action and barrel out of the Magpul stock to see what trigger I had it was a rifle basic, i have replaced it with a Elfman 700 and it is a amazing trigger anyway I put the action back in and tightened it up and then went and shot I was 2 Moa high just from different tension on screws so yeah you have to have zero... I like the Idea about no bag but damn when i get out past 800 I have to have it still to see my vapor trail and impact but i might have to start improvising with clothing etc. So our matches are broken down in two different phases big game and small game ,longest shot in small game is like 700 but small game starts with a set like your phase one, 4 targets first is 2 inch at 200 yards you have to hit it to move on 4 shots total at 2 inch 4 inch triangle 4 inch round and 6 inch square then the yardages start going out as well as uphill across canyon etc. Big game is the same but bigger targets and longer distances but that first 4 targets on the same hanger is where you win or lose and both are times fastest with best score wins
  12. Magwa

    Fire Fire Fire

    Thanks Brother I was raised to think if you don't have it build it sometimes it works out this time it worked out great...
  13. Magwa

    Fire Fire Fire

    I had that idea as well and just said fuk it and built a water wagon out of a IBC tank 275 gallons 5 hp pump and put a recirculater on it to get more pressure and keep the pump cool when not flowing water I can intake from either a pond or hose... and now it is cooled down must have scared the fires.. lol
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