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  1. Welcome from the Rez, that sounds like a really good build for shooting distance...
  2. 7 mm PRC should be the perfect long range gun without going up to the big boys ... Eric Cortina just won the South African national championship in Fclass with a 284 wheeler which is a 284 Winchester with a special throat so he can shoot 180 grain class bullets.. yeah 7PRC is going to be a beast...
  3. I use the Brian Litz custom drag model on my 6.5x284 with 140 Berger Hybrid projectiles and it is more accurate than either G1 or G7 but then the hybrids are really neither one of those so I guess it makes sense...
  4. Thanks 98Z5V And that is what you call a mater class in this deep space $hit called long range shooting now one thing no one talked about is your dope for your gun NOT his gun or their gun but YOUR gun finding true zero!!!!!!!!! not almost, not good enough but true zero then finding the load for your rifle and loading that load the same each and every time that will give you the chance to have a cold bore 1 mile hit without awesome ammo you have 1 chance and that is in hell of cold bore 1 mile shot. in long range it is the little things pay attention to them do not skip them ... I at this time can only do long range because of electronics I hope to learn how to range and then hit a target at 1250 yards or whatever with no batteries....
  5. There is no milspec in the AR10, LR308. Kak ect. that is the problem with the big platform so when these guys grill ya for information they are just trying to get you the best info possible...
  6. what 98Z5V is saying is correct that a accurate gun is a accurate gun velocity just means there is less gravity in effect on the bullet flight path it helps you reach out there with more energy yes but at 0 to 1500 yards and at steel it really does not matter as the important part is accuracy. I hunt with a LR308 DPMS with 168 Barnes TTSX bullets and a 16 inch barrel yes a carbine barrel the 7 or 8 elk I have killed over 300 yards up to almost 500 yards could not tell you if it was a long barrel or a short one..... but it is deadly accurate, most people do not understand what long range reloading is all about they just reload to save bucks and that is fine but when you have a load zeroed at 100 yards it does NOT mean it will shoot at 1000 or 1760 yards you have to verify at 400 and 800 to know you have a solid bullet flight path and whatever velocity you have is what you have example... buffalo hunters killing buffalo at 1000 yards and longer with a 4570 at 1000 yards it is probably only going 1000FPS if that but it is accurate use a 338 Lapua it is probably going around 2000FPS and the same result dead buffalo... don't get hung up on speed get hung up on accuracy it only takes 300 FT.LBS to pierce the human body get the bullet to the target..... 6mm Creed you have to have enough dial up in your scope to reach out and once you get to around 1350 or so you are going to need a lot of dial up so if that is your plan , well get ready to spend another 2500 on a scope capable of that and capable of tracking and consistently getting you there this long range game rabbit hole runs deep but to have fun out to 1k just relax and enjoy and don't worry about the small stuff worry about accuracy that is the key. and just so you know wind on those light bullets will also be a killer I know when I shot the mile I was holding 12 MOA just for wind and that was a 140 grain bullet remember a 1moa gun shoots a group of 10 inches at 1000 yards a sub 1/2 inch gun shoots a group of 3 inches i do not really care how fast either is going I will take the 3 inch gun all day..... when I am building a load if it will not shoot a group where all rounds are touching at 100 yards I will pull the barrel because it will not be accurate enough to hit a 6 inch target at 1k consistently...
  7. Eff the 7mm o8 If you want to build the ultimate 7mm just built a 284 Winchester it was a factory round for over 60 years brass is easy to get and it works in a short action but case capacity is much greater thn 308 case and it is the most popular cartridge in F class open which is where all the records are made for 1000 yards . Now I may be wrong but I am not sure you can use any of the 175 through 180 grain projectiles in a short action it would be a really compressed load to get it to what? 2.80 length...hence the 284 wheeler, 7mm PRC, 7Mag, anyway the 284 wheeler which is just a long throated version of a 284 made just for 180 grain Berger hybrids is a easy shooting round and not so much a barrel burner like the version I shoot 6.5x284N.... 284 Win used to be made in the Winchester 100 semi auto rifle and the Winchester 88 lever action and the savage 99 another lever action and basically a 270 in a lever gun and I am positive if it was made in a lever gun it could be done in a semi auto AR style gun what a ass kicker that would be ...... check out the new berger New 6.5 mm 153.5 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target bullets Berger’s 6.5mm 153.5 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target™ is the latest projectile offering in the highly anticipated Long Range Hybrid Target™ (LRHT™) product line. The 6.5mm 153.5 Grain LRHT boasts a high BC, G1 0.694 G7 0.356 jump-tolerant hybrid ogive profile that is Doppler Radar verified with less than 1% BC variation. A high Ballistic Coefficient is important for competitive shooting, but shot-to-shot consistency is the most critical aspect when engaging targets out to 1,000 yards and beyond. from a article on best 7mm bullet BC,s Ballistic coefficient makes a tremendous difference in downrange ballistics. Hunters who choose a 195 Berger EOL hunting bullet compared to a 140gr Nosler Accubond–even if both bullets are shot at 2,800fps– would see 6″ less drop and 8″ less wind drift at 500 yards. I’ve put together a convenient table of the highest BC bullets on the market. I’m sure I didn’t get everything, but these are some of the most popular options. The highest-BC 7mm match bullet is the 190gr Hornady A-Tip Match, and the highest-BC 7mm hunting bullet is the 195gr Berger EOL Elite Hunter. The 7mm caliber offers some of the highest BC bullets on the market. Bullet G1 BC Purpose 190gr Hornady A-Tip Match 0.838 Match 180gr Hornady ELD-Match 0.796 Match 197gr Sierra MatchKing HPBT 0.78 Match 195gr Berger Extreme Outer Limits (EOL) Elite Hunter 0.755 Hunting 190gr Berger Long Range Hybrid Target 0.751 Match 185gr Nosler RDF 0.719 Match 183gr Sierra MatchKing 0.713 Match 184gr Berger F-Open Hybrid Target 0.695 Match 175gr Hornady ELD-X 0.689 Hunting 180gr Berger Very Low Drag (VLD) Target 0.683 Match 180gr Berger Hybrid Target 0.68 Match 180gr Berger Very Low Drag (VLD) Hunting 0.673 Hunting 162gr Hornady ELD-Match 0.67 Match 180gr Sierra MatchKing 0.66 Match 180gr Lapua Scenar-L 0.66 Match 175gr Berger Elite Hunter 0.656 Hunting 175gr Nosler Accubond 0.648 Hunting 171gr Barnes Match Burner 0.645 Match 166gr Hornady A-Tip Match 0.644 Match 162gr Hornady ELD-X 0.63 Hunting 168gr Berger Very Low Drag (VLD) Target 0.628 Match 168gr Berger Very Low Drag (VLD) Hunting 0.618 Hunting 168gr Nosler Accubond Long Range 0.616 Hunting 165gr Sierra GameChanger 0.61 Hunting 175gr Sierra MatchKing 0.608 Match 160gr Sierra Tipped MatchKing 0.6 Match 155gr Federal Terminal Ascent 0.586 Hunting 150gr Hornady ELD-X 0.574 Hunting 168gr Berger Classic Hunter 0.566 Hunting 168gr Barnes LRX BT 0.55 Hunting 162gr Hornady SST 0.55 Hunting 150gr Nosler Accubond Long Range 0.546 Hunting 150gr Sierra GameChanger 0.545 Hunting 175gr Federal Fusion 0.537 Hunting 175gr Sierra GameKing 0.533 Hunting 160gr Nosler Ballistic Tip 0.531 Hunting 160gr Nosler Accubond 0.531 Hunting 154gr Hornady InterBond 0.525 Hunting 154gr Hornady SST 0.525 Hunting 168gr Nosler HPBT Custom Competition 0.52 Match 160gr Federal Trophy Bonded Tip 0.52 Hunting 160gr Speer Boat-Tail 0.519 Hunting 175gr Nosler Partition 0.519 Hunting 150gr Swift Scirocco 2 0.515 Hunting 162 Hornady InterLock 0.514 Hunting 140gr Berger Very Low Drag (VLD) Hunting 0.51 Hunting 150gr Berger Classic Hunter 0.505 Hunting 160gr Speer Hot-Cor 0.504 Hunting 150gr Nosler Expansion Tip 0.498 Copper Hunting 150gr Nosler Accubond 0.493 Hunting 150gr Nosler Ballistic Silver TIp 0.493 Hunting 150gr Nosler Ballistic Tip 0.493 Hunting 175gr Swift A-Frame 0.493 Hunting 140gr Nosler Expansion Tip 0.489 Copper Hunting 168gr Sierra MatchKing 0.488 Match 145gr Barnes LRX BT 0.486 Hunting 139gr Hornady InterBond 0.486 Hunting 139gr Hornady SST 0.486 Hunting 140gr Nosler Ballistic Silver Tip 0.485 Hunting 140gr Nosler Ballistic Tip 0.485 Hunting 140gr Nosler Accubond 0.485 Hunting 160gr Nosler Partition 0.475 Hunting 145gr Speer Boat-Tail 0.472 Hunting 139gr Barnes LRX BT 0.47 Hunting 175gr Hornady InterLock 0.462 Hunting 150gr Nosler Partition 0.456 Hunting 150gr Hornady CX 0.455 Hunting 160gr Sierra GameKing 0.455 Hunting 160gr Federal Fusion 0.455 Hunting 139gr Hornady InterLock BTSP 0.453 Hunting 150gr Barnes TTSX BT 0.45 Hunting 160gr Swift A-Frame 0.45 Hunting 175gr Speer Grand Slam 0.436 Hunting 140gr Nosler Partition 0.434 Hunting 154gr Hornady InterLock 0.433 Hunting 140gr Federal Trophy Bonded Tip 0.430 Hunting 139gr Hornady CX 0.429 Hunting 150gr Sierra MatchKing 0.429 Match 175gr Barnes TSX FB 0.417 Hunting 120gr Nosler Ballistic Tip 0.417 Hunting 145gr Speer Hot-Cor 0.416 Hunting 140gr Sierra GameKing SPBT 0.416 Hunting 140gr Federal Fusion .416 Hunting 140gr Barnes TTSX BT 0.412 Hunting 150gr Barnes TSX BT 0.408 Hunting 140gr Barnes TSX BT 0.394 Hunting 160gr Barnes TSX FB 0.392 Hunting 139gr Hornady InterLock SP 0.392 Hunting 160gr Speer Grand Slam 0.389 Hunting 110gr Speer TNT Jacketed Hollow Point 0.384 Varmint 110gr Speer TNT Hollow Point 0.384 Varmint 130gr Speer Boat-Tail 0.384 Hunting 160gr Sierra GameKing 0.384 Hunting 120gr Barnes TTSX BT 0.373 Hunting 130gr Speer Hot-Cor 0.368 Hunting 120gr Hornady V-Max 0.365 Hunting 145gr Speer Grand Slam 0.353 Hunting 120gr Barnes TSX BT 0.349 Hunting 120gr Sierra Pro-Hunter 0.328 Hunting 120gr Hornady FTX 0.32 Hunting 110gr Barnes TTSX BT 0.319 Hunting 100gr Sierra Varminter 0.209 Varmint
  8. Ok Glad to see you again..... I am a very serious steel shooter and as for a trigger my choice is Elfman Triggers they make many that would work for you and they are simply brilliant. as for Proof research they are my favorite barrel maker and I use one on my 6.5x284 Norma and I have shot as far as a mile with 140 grain Berger Hybrids..... this gun you are building is going to be a beast and it will be heavy a carbon Fiber barrel would be nice but cost you a grand.... your call, recoil will not be a problem if you are not going to run a suppressor then I suggest a Eric Cortina tuner brake with that you will be able to watch all your traces to the target and be able to tune to other bullets when components are hard to find like NOW! If you have the bucks we can show you how to spend it it is just how far down the rabbit hole you want to go....... I just finished my 6.5 Creedmoor LR gas gun and I used a aero precision Barrel 22 inches long and a toolcraft BCG and I am thrilled with the results it shoots less than 1/2 inch at a 100 with factory loads going to be a fun gun good luck P.S. look at Luth stocks they will save you weight and they work awesome.......
  9. Oh my!!!! how this thread has taken a dive ......Ok all you instigating Fukers I will take my chances with Matt cause we have a understanding.... it is a well A...A we see things different than most folks Hey besides if you don't get up and run with the big dogs the scenery never changes.........you degenerates ! 🙂😁
  10. Ok I have to sell my LT111 to get my 745 mount or trade anyone interested?
  11. Rgr that, same here firefox with quack quack go...... lol
  12. Ok I have finished my Creedmoor upper and it shoots outstanding less than 1/2 inch at 100 yards and I put on it the Vortex HST 5 to 25 that I had on the Ruger precision rifle But the Ruger had a 20 MOA rail so my Larue 111 mount has no MOA built in so with the new 6.5 upper it is also flat I only have 25 MOA left for dial up that will NOT work need more so any suggestions? on the best way to do it ?
  13. Hey I am just a couple pf hours away if you have extra time come for a visit I will feed you a salmon dinner/...
  14. TRy to find Berger 140 Hybrids NOT VLD's they will make the mile easy for you the best bullet I have ever shot!
  15. Damn that is one sweet looking Rifle I love the chassis
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