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  1. H&Ks own design (as usual). They resemble the old mags of the G36, only larger. Afaik they do not fit other guns and are rather costly. Interesting to see that i could get them cheaper in USA than here in Germany >:( I once had been a firm believer in H&K but that changed :o
  2. If you can get DAG Surplus at a fair price - BUY IT! Fairly clean and reliable ammo. Shot it from my G3 Clone because it was comparatively cheap and accurate. Hast 147grs FMJ bullets. If a i can get some i use it in .308 Garand. Problem: German Government destroys surplus ammo instead of selling it (and we taxpayers have to pay for that). So it gets harder and harder to find that stuff. That was one reason to sell my G3 and get an AR. For the AR i can reload.
  3. IT-Sniper

    New Guy

    Thanks for the warm welcome. About some photos: I will take some photos soon. For now here is the link to the OA-10 section of the Oberland Arms homepage. http://www.oberlandarms.de/index.php?category=Waffen&id=10&page= Mine differs only that it has a black 26'' bull barrel. About G-Mags: Yes it is because of the ITAR Regulations. The G-Mags are something like a licence build of the P-Mag. They have a good look and feel and are reliable. I got three of 'em and they all work fine. About AR market: AR style guns become more and more popular among german shooters. Some older guys don't like because they look to black-ops or miliatry to them and don't try to go hunting in Germany with an AR :o Our hunters think AR Semi Autos are a source of pure evil 8) But more and more competition shooters buy ARs because they are accurate and you do a lot of tuning. Unfortunately it is difficult and (sometimes expensive) to get parts. I needed about 4 months to find dealer who sells the Magpul PRS for my OA-10. The UBR for AR-10 is impossible to get in Germany. Triggers are also a pain to get. I think the german market is was to small to be of real interest to US supliers and therefore often parts only come in small quantities and often with long waiting periods. Then are your export regulations that make things even more worse. Our green party wants to impose a ban on all semiautomatic firearms (or better on all firearms in general) that makes the german market even less atractive. About our law on firearms: Feel free to ask. Cheers Mike
  4. IT-Sniper

    New Guy

    Hallo togheter, My Name is Mike and i am from Germany. I sold my G3 Clone a few months ago ( :-[ )because i reload and brass extracted from a G3 looks like poop. Reloading is a no go. So i bought an Oberland Arms OA-10. One the one hand, ar-15 systems in .308 are rather uncommon in Germany and i already owned a Sabre Dafence XR-15 in a similar configuration. The OA-10 is furthermore in germany the only available gun that resembles the M110 SASS. I like the M110 so i choose the OA over the Remington R-25 or the H&K MR 308. Hope to find good infos here on the AR-10 Platform and maybe some help when i run into any troubles with it. Cheers Mike
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