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  1. If it comes to this. As ab249 says. We would surrender our bullet button guns with just the stripped lower. Right? Not that the parts would do us any good. WE can use the parts on our ar-bow
  2. Got the scope mount today. Does anyone know anything about AB249. It was shot down last Thursday. The Leland Yee bill. It would have all of us bullet gun owners surrender our guns. Without compensation . Enjoy them while you can because they well get them eventually. Im still a buyer.
  3. I haven't figured out how to post the photos. I was going to put them on Facebook but I don't trust the people I know to know what I own. I don't know you guy and have no problem telling or showing you guys. My latest venture is a American Defense desert tan scope mount (ordered) with a Trijicon 1-4x24mm Accupoint # 4 german. I going to have my flash suppressor rivot to barrel because is a bit short. I think I'm done with it. I have learned a lot building this ar308. I am collecting part now to build a ar15. Gas 16"
  4. Good news, Luis got me a 9.2" Samson hand guard and I gave him my new 13" . Cut 2'' Off the barrel. Got my ar308 just how I want it. I'm getting a scope next and I'm done. I'm very happy with it . Thanks guy for all your help. Maybe a trigger down the line. By the way my car 10 makes no difference in performance.
  5. Only the best for my ar-15 and ar308. Nofail do you know anything about triggers ? I didn't notice a big difference with the car-10 but my son did. I like the way you have worked slow and smart on your build. I have been a bit to hasty in my build. My Samson came back with the little piece of medal that keeps the rail from turning, broken. So I tighten the crap out of it and it slipped forward a bit. So tonight I tighten it again even tighter.
  6. Nofail and Edgecrusher, Thank for the suggestions. This site has been very helpful. For now I am going to take my ar308 with a new Car-10 buffer and spring. When Fred handed the Car-10 my thought as was his, not much for 120.00. Compared to the old buffer its quite heffty. I am going to have a AR-15 and a AR-10 with all the best parts. Its may take some time because of resources (MONEY). Quality not quanity
  7. Yes I do have a 2-1/8" Vltor suppressor. My barrel is @ 18". I would like a true 16" with a 10" to 11" quad rail. Daniel Defense and Samson Makes a 9.2" with a hp gas block makes it about 11". Just like I wanted but listen to someone else. My fault. As to the bigger buttstock. I love my Lewis Machine and Tool. Its tight, simple and looks good. There is just too much weight out front and too much rail. I might not use a high profile gas block. I can use the low pro thats already there Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
  8. With the suppressor its over 18". The suppressor is 2-1/8" If its permanently welded and pinned it well be a true 16". I don't like how out of balanced it is. Once again back to the drawing board.
  9. Shoot alot of different ammo through the ar308 and it worked great. The gun is not balanced. The quad rail is to long. I thought of cutting a couple inches off the rail. That would look like crap. Im back at the drawing board. Going back to a 9" quad rail with a high raise gas block. Also I am cutting off 2" the barrel. That should lighten up the front. 2" off barrel and quad rail. Anyone out there interested in a Samson 13" quad rail ?
  10. UPS is dropping off my Samson handrail tomorrow. Cant wait to shoot some .308 @ the range . Samson received the rail on Friday fixed it and shipped it out on Monday. Idont know if they replaced it or fixed it. I dont know if I can sleep tonight. Its like Xmas.
  11. I have learned alot and there is more to go. I bought a Lewis Machine & Tool SopMod buttstock so I have big bucks in my buttstock, I think its complete. It started buying a Vltor buttstock, tube, spring & buffer. I was told it was the right one for a ar308. Tried to make it work and could have had bad things happen. Hope I didn't damage the gun. Once I got the right buffer & spring it works great. Someone recommended that I should have a gunsmith check it out. (Suggestions anyone?) I have got a Car-10 & spring also. 1. Vltor buttstock (complete) 2. Replace Buffer & Spring 3. Replace (again) Buffer & Springs 4. Replace Buttstock with Lewis Machine & Tool SopMod I hope that its right. That alone was been a costly section of the stick.
  12. Samson has had my quad rail for a week now. I would like to get it back so I can try the new Car-10 buffer and spring. Im thinking of the LMT buttstock but its a little pricey. Hasn't stopped me before. Friends that saw what I went through building my ar308 are nervous about building one. I would love to build a .223 and a ar308. I think I have all the bugs out . I think the problems I went through helped me understand the gun better.
  13. cbvanb, Good job. I know the feeling when things work out. I feel I know more about 308 than my local gun shop. I was at the gun shop yesterday checking out their 308's. I pulled the charge handle back and I noticed that the bolt that was all the way back did not clear the ejection port. Just because someone spends 3000.00 doesn't mean that they don't have the same problems we are going though. Its the same store that sold me a Vltor butt stock kit (tube, spring, buffer & butt) that was not made to work in a 308. Im now sure that if I get a Car-10 buffer & spring that my ejections well be @ 3:00 to 4:30. Im @ 1:30 to 3:00 Bob
  14. cbvanb, Today is the big day. Hope it was successful. Let us know how you did. Bob
  15. Martin Rettins has a load of these ta648. They are 1300.00 the last I saw . Great glass but to heavy. Talked to two guys from the army and they use these on their machine guns .
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