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  1. I know that the British army is using the acog ta 648 as the scope for this rifle. I have never actually seen one, but i have found that they can be bought used for around $1300.00. I have seen and held the ta 55 and they can be bought new for around $1300.00. I have never used either of these scopes and was wondering what others thought of them.
  2. I just ordered an LMT MWS 308. I can't wait!
  3. I have just ordered an lmt mws 308. Does anyone have an opinion on the acog ta 648 as the optic for this rifle? What about the acog ta 55?
  4. Has anyone tried the ACOG TA 55 308 on a rifle? If so, what do think?
  5. this may sound like a stupid question, but I don.t know enough yet about this. I do know that there is a difference between the 308 and the 7.62. So will the OBR 7.62 fire a 308 round?
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