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    Brenham, Texas
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    Guns (military mostly, Ho model railroading, and old cars/hot rods

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  1.  Well , what you got available ?


    1. texas30cal


      There has been a development, sorry about the delay. There's a local kid, a kiss ass pos, who works at radical firearms and is dating the owners niece,  he found out some of us bought them from the scrapyard so RF was raising hell threatening everyone with lawsuits, spreading rumors of illegal weapons manufacture. 

    2. survivalshop


        That means he is an idiot , because a scrapped hand guard has nothing to do with manufacturing a firearm. Scrap is scrap . If its an issue , I can live with out a new project or two , no problem .

       I'm going to get a Sampson Evo EX 9 ,HG for the Superlative Piston system I have coming .

  2. Anyone who expressed or has interest in this please pm me, thanks!
  3. Hey sorry I've been absent, work here at the shop has been crazy, now we had all this flooding. Well over 30" of rain in 24 hrs. About half the house got flooded, when I was waiting for water to go down so I could get into my house a guy tried going trough water over his hood about 150 yds from my house, got washed away. Two days later I was driving a ranger down there for body recovery:((. I promise I'll get pics and a list up when things calm down.
  4. EXACTLY!! I was told that they get this almost weekly, I never worked in a machine shop that would tolerate that kind of scrap rate.
  5. How about these wash? The guy that works that area says they get a load like this almost weekly!!!! Idk how they are making money with that kind of scrap
  6. I did get more today, even found a couple of barrel nuts to use as patterns. I'ii get more pics tomorrow so you can pic what you like, most of the uppers have a small offset where the drills met when the drilled the main hole thru, some are near the front, some near the back. ill try to get a pic of that but I really doubt it is enough to be a issue. I will put a barrel in the worst one and see how the bcg works and how the bolt closes.
  7. I thought about that, figured it was deactivated enough to go to scrap. If they want it that bad they can come get it lol, I'm not attached to it
  8. UGHHHHH! 3 position lowers!!! I figured it out, I must have taken the pics on the "live" setting on my iphone
  9. I forgot about you blue, thanks for help with pics, the uppers are all very minor issues, most have a little too much machined off the rear lug that holds the ejection port cover pin . The lug is thin front to back, not sure if the whole port is a little too far back or what, placing a parts order soon so I'll get a ej port cover/pin to check them with
  10. I think so, I'm going back in the am to get all I can lol. The ones pictured are a slim design smaller than most. Yes the one is ergo grip you can prob get dimensions off their site. These will not have barrel nuts like I said, a project. The barrel nuts will be some time in the future.
  11. I'll get pics of exactly what I have if anyone wants one as a project, I pick out the ones with minor imperfections, they only cost $1/lb, I got 29 guards and 8 uppers for $23!!!
  12. Thanks!! I have to reverse engineer the barrel nuts, will run them on cnc. They came in to the local scrapyard, there are also many black rain hand guards and lots of upper receivers with minor blems too!!!
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