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  1. survivalshop

    criterion hybrid profile 308 and headspace

    I have used DPMS , Fulton & D. Wilson Bolts in Criterion 308 Barrels , the only one I had an issue with was D.Wilsons & all it took was to change the Extractor to a DPMS one & the Bolt worked fine & all Head Spaced fine .
  2. survivalshop

    Extractor scaring under side of casing rims

    https://www.ammoland.com/2016/05/first-new-technology-ammunition-cases-decades-shell-shock-technologies-llc/#axzz5UKpxzNCn Up to 40 reloads , no Rifle, that I could see though .
  3. survivalshop

    Extractor scaring under side of casing rims

    I see nothing to worry about with those case Rims , looks normal , even below normal marks . You have to realize is Brass has never been meant to be reloaded & its not the Brass its Firearms , they are made to function reliably with factory loaded Ammo . Its only us reloads who want to extend & give a service life to fired Brass .You can polish parts to lesson the imprint of Extractors or Ejectors , but there is still going to be pressure from a Steel component on a softer brass Case , its going to leave a mark .
  4. survivalshop

    Magazine specs

    Thats great .
  5. survivalshop

    PA10 Part 1

    LC Brass , Starline , IMI , there are many with heavy Base Webs . I use once fired LC Brass for my 308AR's& M1A SOCOM , some reloaders don't like once fired Military Brass because it was shot out a a Machine Gun , proper inspection & Brass prep for me it has worked fine for so many years , I lost count .No Brass , even the expensive stuff is really not meant to be reloaded & its not the Brass make up , some are better at repetitive reloading , but with semi auto Rifles , they abuse Brass , Annealing is necessary to keep proper neck tension & even then 5-10 reloading's are normal ( & with the M14/M1A , maybe less ), which is not bad . To me its better then paying for loaded ammo & not reloading . That ring at the top of the Base Web is from pressure from a weak Case because of its stretching from repeated firing/loading /trimming cycles , when you process your brass , after a light cleaning , any showing that ring , should be retired from service . From lots shot from my SOCOM , I had a lot that had four out of fifty that had the rings , then another lot had four loading & had none , so its a crap shoot . I use a Full Length Bushing Die the last couple of years & got away from my Small Base Die ( over thirty years in service , so it was time ) , with a FL Die , I have to Trim less off the Case , about half what the initial SB would & to me that has proven to permit the Case life to be extended with most cases .The loaded ammo works fine in all my 308's , so the FL Sizing is not a factor .
  6. survivalshop

    Sig .338 Norma Magnum LWMG

    I think from a Belt fed , the 7.62x51 works pretty good for what its used for & if you need bigger better , the M2 is always available . I too ,don't see a change from whats already working .
  7. survivalshop

    Sig .338 Norma Magnum LWMG

    To get back on topic , I would have though Sig would have chambered the Belt fed in a 6MM something . Going to have to look into this 338 Norma Magnum Cartridge they chose , but see they have a 7.62x51 version & will test a 6.8 ,interesting .
  8. And to think he actually got some answers to his questions & it only took him to come out of the closet & show his true self .😳
  9. survivalshop

    Sig .338 Norma Magnum LWMG

    Your an idiot ! Troll !
  10. From Someone who has evidently not read a single thread here & then gets up with upset with members here , we get all kinds . Oh & an Armalite owner , who would have guessed ! 🤫 Sorry Bro's I couldn't resist 😍
  11. survivalshop

    Gas tubes, and barrel gas ports

    98 ,You about sum it up as far as manufacturing spec's on 308AR's . I guess we could just purchase an complete factory Armalite AR 10 or DPMS LR 308's & only use the factory components & parts & stick with one or the other platforms, but still some builders would still mix match parts & make them not function correctly . It is that there is no manufacturing constancy for the various 308AR platforms, mostly the DPMS version , Armalite & DPMS are the only ones that have a standardized platforms , its all the others that have made their own versions of these two that have muddied the waters, so to speak , with the retailers/Manufacturers calling everything AR 10 & it doesn't help & just confuses builders or those just plain acquiring replacement parts or components for an existing Rifle . The gas impulse needed for timing of a DI operated Action in the AR should follow the two Manufacturers mentioned above , one or the other , these manufacturers have spent a great deal of time & $$ in R&D to come up with a properly functioning system ( well the original Armalite did , the present company just bought the rights to someones else's work & design, which is OK ) The Gas Tube length(s) are pretty much set in stone & then we have some that are made short or too long which only makes it worse to find the correct one , then the Barrel Manufacturers seem to have their own proprietary designs on where the Gas Port should be , as was posted by 98 , Then we have too small & too large Port sizes also to go with all the other BBL.issues . I have a 20" Krieger/Criterion HB & its Gas Tube protrusion into the Upper Receiver is a little short , but the rifle has functioned flawlessly from day one & is a tac driver , it could be the Gas Port size matches the gas impulse needed to make the system balance the way it was designed by DPMS , Rifle has DPMS Upper & Lower Receivers & DPMS BCG , AR 15 Rifle length Gas Tube . I say this because I no longer believe Gas Tube protrusions into Upper Receivers are a sure thing the set up will not work or work , as I used to believe . Its probably more of a combination of Gas Tube protrusion & the Barrels Gas Port size . Of course we are not talking about extreme lack of protrusion into the Receiver or for that matter too far of protrusion into the Upper Receiver. I have seen a DPMS Carbine gas system LR 308's that the GT Protrusion into the Upper was scary short & they have worked just fine , not how this may effect service life or performance , is another matter .
  12. survivalshop

    GWLA M14 build

    Purchased a Criterion Barrel today , an Med. wt., 18.5" , 1-10 , was going to go 22" , but couldn't pass up this deal . Already Chambered & Nitrated & I even got a good deal installing it & that means i don't have to barrow anyones tools , since I would need a couple of expensive tools I don't have or have to buy or do a thing , except ship it to him , purchased from a well known M14 Builder , barrel was Chambered then shot with fifty rounds & removed . Middle Barrel ,
  13. Did the Barrel come with that A2 type Flash Hider ? , Because it looks rusted , Just because its Stainless doesn't mean it will not rust , but I agree , bad finish & or prep .
  14. survivalshop

    Magazine specs

    Midway has them in stock https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1003326948/dpms-buffer-lr-308-carbine & so does Brownells .
  15. survivalshop

    First AR10 Build. Help me choose a handguard

    The Barrels linked description reads DPMS style & DPMS Chambered , so use a DPMS style BCG . As far as the Gas Tube , I would wait till you got the Barrel in a Upper Receiver & it would be easy to determine the correct Gas Tube length .