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  1. Wasn't sure if this was the place to put this , but its pretty amazing . Trรจs belles chaussures1.mp4
  2. It's not if , because they can determine anything law makers can come up with as unconstitutional & that will make it null & void . They do something like it every year . It is wishful thinking that they do so , but they have the power & final say , it's their job . They are not adding anything , to anything or making/changing a law , just making a judgement call on its constitutionality .
  3. What if they make a decision its unconstitutional ?
  4. I should have explained it better , I was referring to the area , as if the Carrier Key is forcing the CH up against it & yes I know the CH is between the Key & Upper Receiver .
  5. If this is a Armalite factory built Rifle , I would contact them & see if they will look at it under warranty . What I see is , from what I have read , the AR 10 Rifle Buffer Spring has 35 coils & yours seems to have 45 coils , if my counting is correct & Spring seems short according to the spec's I have read . Split cases are not unusual with some of the wildcat cartridges , older ammo may be an issue also .Normally when you are splitting case necks on new ammo , there is a Chamber or ammo issue . Have to start at the basic's , Head Space , Chamber clean & clear of Reamer marks , Barrels gas port size ( drill Bits work well as gages ) It may be the photo , but it looks like there is a good bit of wear on the Upper Receiver where the Carrier Key is riding at the top of the Upper Receivers Channel ?
  6. Ya, it's amazing how the public never hears the facts & if we do we only get what they want us to hear . It's like pulling teeth to get updates. Nor do we know if the Suppressor truly was used . I found that quote about not a" Bearable Arm" to be a bit troubling , but until SCOTUS really gets to a decision on " Shall not be Infringed " we will get lower courts making dumb a$$ statements .
  7. I'm not sure who to feel sorry for !
  8. Read this & also these two quotes are interesting . https://www.news4jax.com/news/politics/supreme-court-rejects-challenges-to-silencer-laws " An appeals court had held that a silencer is not a "bearable" arm protected by the Constitution. " ( Bump Stocks would also fall under this ) " The Trump administration had also urged the court not to take up the issue."
  9. No , take me , I may be old , but will change targets on the stands & like to clean firearms ๐Ÿ˜ณ. I'm taking bets it never makes it to Christmas before he gets it .
  10. Since you are using the same Bolt with two different Barrels , I would be looking at the Extractor & Spring first . You usually won't have a timing issue with a Rifle length ( or more ) Gas system , but an over Gassed system could give issues ( too large of Barrel Gas Port ? ) . Did both Barrels Head Space OK ? Photo's of spent Brass & Bolt components & Buffer system would be nice , including Buffer spring length & Coil count .
  11. Gee , another Barrel that has a Gas Port too small , that's new ๐Ÿ™„ I have had LR PMags since the first one came out & I don't remember a Gen. two , I thought they went right from the first original LR PMag ,right to the Gen 3 . I have so many of them , how do you know it's a Gen. two ? This is also the first I have heard of a Mag issue with the Small Framed 308 AR's . I had plenty of issues with one build with mixed manufactures Upper & Lower Receivers , but it wasn't a lock back issue , it was Tolerance stacking issue ( intermittent FTF ) , rifle also worked with all other Steel Mags & L7 Lancers, but would not work the the Org. LR PMag . The Gen. 3 LR PMag. when it came out ,worked fine in this particular build ( its why you should always use same Manufacturer for Receivers ) , so something did change in the two Gen. LR PMags .. If thats all it takes is to alter the Follower to make it work in your particular SF 308AR , thats an easy fix , but it's probably not the PMag , it is the tolerances of the Rifle, IMO.
  12. Looks like it has a full 11 deg. Crown on it already or did you add it ?
  13. Not sure if this has been brought up here , but its the first test I have seen on it . interesting it is for sure .
  14. You must think I'm new here .๐Ÿ˜Ž
  15. It looks different & has a weight in the BC Body & has a special coating to limit friction . Also notice, one staked Screw for attachment, maybe its dovetailed in or something also . Who's first to buy & test one of these ? https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/bolt-parts/bolt-carrier-groups/m16-optimized-bolt-carrier-group-mpi-black-sku152000263-128171-230452.aspx?trk_msg=SAPET29O4IK497O7BC2PAULFB4&trk_contact=2JJJVUF1UDMRTL1H7DD8FULMM0&trk_module=bna&trk_sid=AJSKRHH1FEU30LK6IOQF7R2A4O&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=CHECK+IT+OUT&utm_campaign=Browse-Abandonment&utm_content=Product-Browse-Message-1
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