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  1. Collapsible stocks are good if you have Body Armor on or other large outer clothing/gear , not to mention fitment of stock for shorter arm people .
  2. Radar , Bridge watch , Deck watch & a very big Ship coming at you , even the Radar would have given an proximity audible alarm , well if any one was awake . Maybe the Chinese or Russians have a way of stealth for the Container Ship & the Deck watch or Bridge watch didn't see them , ya , thats it !
  3. WTF is going on with these ship collisions ? There is something not right with operations , I can't believe they are all asleep ! http://www.breitbart.com/news/u-s-navy-warship-collides-with-oil-tanker-near-singapore-10-sailors-missing/
  4. I agree , watch your six !
  5. Photo's ?
  6. Ya ,Damn thing looks good with the black grips ! Here is an explanation with drawing/pictures of upgrades http://www.gunsandammo.com/news/sig-sauer-p320-public-service-announcement/ Looking at how they are upgrading , it seems to me , this is not an overnight ,quick fix . I'll be willing to bet this has already been tested , most likely in R&D while designing the P320 FCU & was deemed not needed by the bean counters , which sometimes comes back to haunt most manufacturers at some point . I'll be happy that they will make my P320 safer Shooting review coming to a Thread near you
  7. Lancer may be expensive , but worth every penny , they just work .
  8. You can Put any stock on you want, on any length Barreled AR Rifle , as long as you use the Proper Components along with it .
  9. I bought it in FDE
  10. Yep , send it back , Faxon will take care of you . Thats a good idea to use your Arrow Saw When I hear of an issue like yours , I try to document it , so it can be used later , if needed . Nothing about the Barrel maker , just if it comes up again . I have a very early FF Hand Guard ( 70's ) made by Olympic Arms , its one of those early ones that are the Barrel Nut all in one , this one happens to be made of Steel & no matter how many times you mount the HG , its off when you look down the front , Barrel not centered , has to be in the Threads or the Threaded Barrel Nut was not welded correctly & is off .
  11. Proprietary , not unusual with 308ARs .
  12. Now that should be Pined somewhere , good one I saved it .
  13. Do you have a Photo of the Faxon Barrel with the straight edge on it ? Also a Photo of the Upper Receiver where the Gas tube enters it . What are your measurement aligning points , meaning , are you using the Upper Receiver alignment Pin on the Barrel Extension & referencing the Gas Port on the Barrel ? The reason I asked about the Muzzle Device is , depending on how the Barrel was secured to install it , there have been many cases of moving the Barrel with in the Barrels Extension , by not securing the Barrel with Vice Blocks. Using a Upper Receiver Block is not the Proper tool for Muzzle device removal or install , nor is the tool to hold the Barrel Extension locking lugs . The reason I ask all these question is, to make sure its the Barrel & not something else before you send in .
  14. Ya , we have a manufacturer that doesn't have a Rifle in production yet in that section , why not one that does . Sorry Rob I couldn't help myself .
  15. Got my Instrument Panel yesterday , everything works , sure is nice to have A/C , but , I have the Air Bag light lit now , whats funny is , I was getting a chime once in a while that usually sounds when I get low enough on fuel to put the low fuel light on , but wasn't low on fuel , so I'm thinking its one of two things , , since I had an audible ,but no light , I think I have an issue with something in the Air Bag system or somethings not right with the new board or work done to the Instrument panel . Since they tested the instrument panel, I would think if there was something shorted out to light that light , I believe its an issue with the Air Bag sensor system . I did some psoliminary testing form items that should be checked , by looking around the net & I think it may be my Impact Sensor in front of the Radiator , everything else looks Ok & that front crash sensor is known to go bad & may be why I have that audio alarm & maybe the Panel didn't show it before it was repaired . I can't find a way to test that from impact sensor , but most say when that light lights with out any code , its one of two things , that front sensor or the light is out for the passenger Air Bag. The Passenger light is working properly , so with out a way to test that front crash sensor , I have to replace it . At 145K , it probably won't hurt to replace it any way @ $100 , for a part that probably only costs ten bucks to make