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  1. survivalshop

    Almost time?

    There is nothing to keep anyone from leaving that Commie State , only thing I can see is a sick , really sick ,family member & even then i would find a way to move away from any State that infringes from my constitutional Rights . I just hate Politicians that are Communists . The thing is , these Commie's are swamping States that were havens for gun owners , we dodged a Bullet here in Fla. this election .
  2. survivalshop

    300 black accuracy

    My 16" Wilson Combat Match ,light weight barrel with a Carbine gas system & shooting just about anything from 150-110 gr. is extremely accurate . no subs here , I like the 110 Hornady's or the Nosler Varmageddons & I would have to look up my notes on Chrono results , but they should be here somewhere . I have been shooting since the round came out also . All the experimenting with different powders & bullets , I been using H110 for quite a while & now have a good stash of Remington BLK Brass .Not that i minded making them from 5.56 Brass , but like to see on the bottom of the Case what it is . Now if I would only break down & get some 25-45 Sharpes Brass .
  3. survivalshop

    RTS Trigger shield

    Ok what ever ND AD , I think you get the idea , geez
  4. survivalshop

    Out of stock ??

    Order a Armalite AR 10 Forward assist & hope your Bolt Carrier has the Serrations .
  5. survivalshop

    Concealed Carry

    The Shield sure does conceal easy , just not enough ammo .
  6. survivalshop

    Gas switch for Suppressor

    Have you seen this ,
  7. survivalshop

    Out of stock ??

    I think any Forward assist will work , unless PA has a proprietary one . I'm sure I have a std DPMS LR 308 Charging handle laying around you can have , if you really need one.
  8. survivalshop

    Concealed Carry

    Sig P320C , Kydex IWB .
  9. survivalshop

    The Army’s new 6.8 mm round.

    Maybe they are talking about another 6.8 they tried & this new one is a better performer .? I'm betting on SIG ! 😋
  10. survivalshop

    GWLA M14 build

    Thanks , this project has been a pleasure until this Op Rod BS , but it's not going to stop me . this building of an M14 is sure a change from building AR's which I have don since the late seventies , so the momentary change up has been refreshing . I was never issued an M14 in the service , I did use an M1 Garand & qualified with it & the 1911 from the fantail of a DLG .
  11. survivalshop

    GWLA M14 build

    Damn , the Op Rod I purchased from a guy on the PX in the other forum is bent & is in no way going to work & he is saying he will not give me a refund because i worked on it , I guess trying to see if it will fit your rifle , is altering a Part , WTF Now I have to go a few rounds with this MF. So I have a $ 185 paper weight . Talk about pissed ! I ordered another one from Windy City , because I want to shoot this rifle .
  12. Ya know , maybe we are looking at this the wrong way , they want to take our firearms away & denying our Second Amendment Rights by doing so & since the Second Amendment is for the People to keep & bare Arms to protect us from adversaries both foreign & domestic , they by doing so, are committing a Treasonous act or one that is denying our constitutional rights , especially an elected official who takes an oath tho protect the Constitution .
  13. It would not deter them .
  14. Wonder why they think its a Hunter & not another Highway Shooter ?