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  1. survivalshop

    Hunting with the 300BLK

  2. survivalshop

    So many things, so little time.

    You can PM me a price list also , I have a good supply now , but I always need more down here in Storm country .
  3. survivalshop

    My SOCOM 16

    Did a second reinforcement on the sides to help stiffen up the flex at the tip of the Stock & it helped , but still have a little flex , enough to lose the Draw pressure that M14 Actions need on the front Ferrule , so now I see the Ejection molded Plastic , even with the CF is too thin to to eliminate it with out a few more layers of CF , because its gets better with each application , but I'm running out of room in some places that will effect stiffness & have weak points which are counter productive to my goal . So phase 3 is to add stiffening rods of CF at the front & behind the Op Rod Guide to stiffen as mach as I can . The Op Rod Guide is where I have no room , I'm thinking of encapsulating the CF rods in more CF , using the same Vacuum Method I have been using & is working great . I have almost no Twisting of the Stock now & using a Sling feels much better . Before Was twisting the front of the Stock by using sling pressure , so there is progress . I did find shooting yesterday that my groups were being split up , two or three shots were like 1/2 MOA , but the other two or three were a couple inches away , but still 1/2 MOA & I found that after the last layer of CF that my Op Rod Guide is resting on the Stock now & that may be the Culprit , I went to pains for that not to touch ,but it is now , easy fix , Dremel tool & drum sander , two min. job , but will wait till I encapsulate the Rods. Actually the CF Rod are cut in half Bolts from my Cross Bow , the insert was pulled out so I couldn't use it to shoot any more , Photo's will follow .
  4. survivalshop

    I sense a recall coming

    I dont even want a 365 , too many issues of all sorts . Thats a Socialist car fire , its how they roll , now this dumb a$$ customer has to buy a new one .
  5. survivalshop

    Hunting with the 300BLK

    Ya , but he could not re-use the Brass afterward ðŸ˜ģ I still am in contact with him , he's into M14's big time . Has something to do with the Commie State he lives in, they canceled the Matches he was planing to get into ,that evil AR is a No No there now .
  6. survivalshop

    I sense a recall coming

    We don't need no stinking Safety ! ðŸĪŠ Man , let that dead dog lie 😘, I carry me P320C every day & not afraid of dropping it .😎
  7. survivalshop

    Bolt Catch Parts Source

    I think the Armalite "A" series is based on the DPMS /SR25 , to be able to use DPMS/SR25 type Mags ,( I think its been said the AR10 "A" , Bolt Stop has a little higher ramp ). If anything you have it backwards , the standard 308AR is now DPMS/SR25 based .Armalite has the Proprietary components ,different Barrel Nut threads with corresponding Upper Receiver Threads , Different BCG & Buffer System . I say this only because there are so many more DPMS/SR 25 based Rifles out there then AR 10 based Rifles , Armalite is the little guy on the block & different . No offense to all the die hard AR 10 owners .😍
  8. survivalshop

    Bolt Catch Parts Source

    Maybe your Mag Catch needs adjusting . If anything , the Bolt Stop should have pressure on it from the Mag spring & Follower . Maybe the mag is being interfered with , with the Bolt Stop . Make sure the Back of the Mag is not rubbing against the Bolt Stop itself & not just that tab on the Stop . Also , there is Factory DPMS Components & Components that are made like them , doesn't mean they are correctly made toDPMS's spec's . & fitment can be an issue .
  9. survivalshop

    My SOCOM 16

    Two part Epoxy My notes on where & how much CF can be used Out of the Bag & just a little trimming & a small amount of fitment for Op Rod Clearance . I will be bagging it a little different for the added reinforcement , I will be using the inside of the Stock as a Mold & only have to seal it off . & of course , remove the tape .
  10. survivalshop

    My SOCOM 16

    Most hard core M14'ers don't care for the SOCOM , they say they won't shoot very good . thing is there are a couple of us that have gotten together & finding tuning tricks that are mostly not new to the M14 Platform , & some are , because of the SOCOM"s 16.5" bbl. . I decided to keep the Factory stock & reinforce it with Carbon Fiber , using the Vacuum Bagging method & before I could grab the bare Stock ( Injected Molded Plastic ) & twist the front & it would flex . After reinforcing it , no more flex , but still has a little give when pushing up on it , I will take care of that in the morning with adding more CB to the Sides of the Stock . Its about the only place I can put more at , I have two layer's & side to side reinforcing rib's where there was room , make three layers of CB . Its pretty much fun to do something for the first time & it freaking works 😁 Template for CF Cutting CF Using modeling clay to determine how much & where CF can be built up . The Op Rod & Spring ride right in the Middle , so only about 0.020" to play with & the CF CF applied & Bagged with a Vacuum on it
  11. survivalshop

    My SOCOM 16

    Already had a Vortex red dot on the Scout rail , shoot pretty good , but who in there right mind clamps a Rail directly on the Barrel & not think it won't effect Barrel Harmonic's .Rail is gone for now .
  12. survivalshop

    My SOCOM 16

    Well it wasn't exactly hanging out , I needed info & only well enough to visit one Forum at a time , but now I'm feeling much better , with a Valve job & new Cam ðŸĪĢ & out of the Hospital .
  13. survivalshop

    My SOCOM 16

    I had to take a breather with shooting my SOCOM 16 , because some Dr. ( Friend ) made me do a Valve job on my Heart , been over at M14 forum reading my brains out , well whats left of them any way , but I just got back shooting to this Rifle . I have her torn down now to reinforce the Factory Injected mold Stock , I will be using Epoxy/Carbon Fiber & Vacuum Bagging system. This is the first of the Tuning I will be doing , the Rifle shows to be shooting 2-4 MOA & with my 155 gr. SMK , 43.4 gr. of Tac , is shooting much better , 1 1/2 -2" MOA . The Gas Cylinder is touching the Stock up front , which is a no no & this Stock reinforcing is taking care of that & reinforcing it ( if it works ) will also stiffen up the contact with the Stock Ferrule & the ability to use the Sling properly I have already Shimmed up the Front Band to tighten it up , then on to the Gas system. I think I can get 1 MOA out of it with the scope thats on at this time , temporarily for my testing .You can laugh at my jury rigged Cheek rest , it works though . I also have a new build M14 clone in the works & have this coming & have the USGI Winchester Trigger Group for a beginning .
  14. The DPMS LR 308 & GII 308 Bolts are not compatable , the GII is Proprietary . Where is Dave Wilson when you need him , I miss his Parts & prices ?
  15. survivalshop

    Help? Twist Stability Calculators

    What rifle & Caliber also .