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  1. What did do today on your loading bench !

    Its all about the Bling ! I loaded 44 mag. & 45 Colt last night , now on to 25-45 Sharps & 9MM & then my reloading bench will be free of prepped brass for a couple of days .
  2. Women are afraid men will kill them

    The " Me Too" movement is having an effect on a lot of women . I say grow a set & take control of your life . The women I have known , have never had that " I'm a Victim " mentality , she has issues & should seek help .
  3. The Wall

  4. Cartridge Case Head Space

    I agree , the LE Wilson Case HS Gages work fine . I went for so long without using any a Case gage , its a wonder my ammo worked , it wasn't till the last year or so , I started to use them , I'm glad they talked me into using them here . I have them for all the Bottle neck Cases I reload for now .
  5. DPMS Oracle Accurizing

    Looks like a Carbine Gas System , get an adj. Gas Block & a 12" + Hand Guard with full top Rail . Also looks like a 0.750" Gas Block . Adj . the Gas Block per instructions & it will be a softer shooter , leave the Stock system alone if you like it . Put some BUIS on . Might need a Strap wrench to remove stock HG , not sure of the newer ones , someone else here will know . Plenty of Railed HG's out there for a LR DPMS . A 2016 built LR DPMS will be the low Rail Upper Receiver .
  6. The Wall

    I dont drink much any more , but ammo would be nice .
  7. Vegas Shooting

    I read now he had hundreds of child porn photo's on one of the four Lap Tops in his room .One of his brothers was arrested for the same thing , not long after the shooting . By shooting at that storage tank , he wanted to do whole sale damage , who knows what that would have done . Lots of buildings close , not to mention people fleeing that way from the shooting . Ya know sooner or later , there will be a highly trained shooter ( terrorist ) that will not screw things up with a plan , that will be real bad .
  8. Cartridge Case Head Space

    My LE Wilson Case gages instructions read that the Case is to SAAMI specs if its between the two levels , not above or below , so its easy to test ( without a measuring device ) or set the Case shoulder set back between the two or , like I set mine , just above the lower shelf , just above the minimum spec's . I know I don't know the precise measurement reading , but I can surely adj. the Shoulder set back adj. & as one reviewer posted , not sure if it helps accuracy in an Semi Auto Rifle like the M1A or 308AR , maybe a Bolt Action, not really sure ,never experimented , have to take the article's word on it . Have you seen a difference ?
  9. The Wall

    I believe I read that the BP said that the multiple fence system was working real good , I also think they plan on another chain link fence after the wall , on our side . I really don't believe those wall sections really kept the SF from scaling it . They were probably limited towhead methods would be used & if they did , thats a mistake . I also think ( & they won't say much about it ) is that the wall will also have electronic measures with in it , for tunneling under it & breaching it . This what I want to see .
  10. AI Mini Drones now Reality, Good or NOT

    I remember that episode .
  11. New FN SCAR

    Name dropper
  12. New FN SCAR

    All you have to think about is where our gun rights would be with out them , since 1871 ! Don't join if you don't believe they are accomplishing anything & if your not a member & support them , why are you or anyone else complaining about them . Its like you want the lottery winnings even though you never played !
  13. Muzzle Brake Options

    I had PRI turn one of their Brakes to my Barrel Diameter , I for get the exact measurement , but it looks like part of the Barrel installed . Let me find a photo . I thought I had one with a closer look , but you can see how it blends in with the Barrel . Gas block is a 0.936 " dia. . 20" , Kreiger Criterion HB . Give PRI a call , the price was a little more then one off the shelf .
  14. New FN SCAR

    Maybe you should get more people to vote , who don't . because the elected people in Congress , Senate & lastly the POTUS are the ones that make the laws , vote on them for you & others to blame the NRA for it . Again, the NRA does not make or vote for these laws , how you think these same Politicians are going to listen to the NRA , any more then they listen to the People that they were elected to represent & follow the Constitution which they are sworn to protect . You might as well blame the NRA for the global warming .
  15. New FN SCAR

    Whats the NRA have to do with it ?