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  1. Don't forget the 25-45 Sharps , its out of the .22 cal.range ,but its an AR 15 Framed cartridge & the .25 cal. 90 gr. SGK is shooting real nice so far in my tests , Chrono'ed over 2700 FPS out of a 20" bbl. . Know doubt the .223/5.56 can bring down a Deer , but the .22 cal. is , in my book, marginal in Deer hunting , I wouldn't use one unless I had to . I made some Barnes 62 gr. TTSX loads for a friend , for his son's .223 Bolt Gun & he said they worked just fine ,one shot drop . This new Cal. with Match Bullets , not sure how it would perform in a Hunting situation . Looks like a Good long range wild cat round for a Paper target . Seems thats what they had in mind any way .
  2. Some of this is funny till you see the guy holding up his Truck . The power of these storms is still not resected by some . 2017-09-14-VIDEO-00000447.mp4
  3. Starting sound like its the Buffer system & how its set up . Venders are more interested in getting the Frame size clarified then specific Models or Manufacturers . This shouldn't be .
  4. Man, Air Boat --- Sleeper 65 Chevelle SS , tough choice .
  5. I don't own a Key Mod HG . M-lok
  6. That should be at the top of the Main Forum Page . The Brass , is not Ejecting properly , could be a couple of reasons , one we are writing about is Gas Volume , the Brass not releasing from Bolt or the BCG is not traveling rearward far enough for the fired Case to Eject & the fired case is being forced onto the Feed Ramp , the Dent . Buffer spring may have a lot to do with it . The bent unfired Cartridges , show that the rearward of the BCG was short , but far enough for the BC ( not the Bolt ) tried to feed a live round & the non-ejected fired Case was still on the Bolt Face or was just lying in the Chamber area & the two tried to feed together . Disassemble the Bolt & inspect , clean .
  7. I think someone here, had issues with that Gas Block on his 308, made for 5.56 & the like , couldn't move enough Gas or something to that effect. Have you tried one Round loaded in the Mag & see if the BCG locks back with the Bolt Stop , that will tell you in a crude way if your getting enough Gas signature to operate the Action or its a Bolt Component . Is the Buffer Spring you have for a 308AR or is it for a AR 10 ? Running her Wet ?
  8. I'm beginning to think they are not releasing the whole story & if there were two shooters , they were both probably from that same Room ( there were two windows broken out ) , 98 is right , untrained , without experience & in that environment , hard to pin it down.
  9. This thread has been idle for a couple of days , so I thought I would post this infowar's compiled video. https://www.infowars.com/explosive-compilation-las-vegas-survivors-speak-out-multiple-shooters-in-multiple-locations/
  10. Tool Porn !
  11. Sometimes you need that Recoil .
  12. & we want it a fast one
  13. I have Lapped every AR Receiver I have ever assembled . I use a Lapping table & Aluminum Oxide Lapping Compound from Brownells , I have a great deal of experience Lapping components of all sorts , you have to have a lot of experience to do it free hand , compared to a Tool like JT used ( which I will be purchasing ), but you are only Truing up the Receiver Face . Most don't need much , you basically are only taking off any coating or finish on the Receiver face , because it can build up there . As far as saying it made a difference in the accuracy of the Rifle , well, it can't hurt, if done correctly & you would have to lap a lot to alter the Head Space . The Loctite Reaining Compound is a good idea & as 98 put it , it really hasn't been tested by us here to any degree , but I trust Criterion Barrels with this procedure , its where I got it from & it was this year that I started to do it , so can't say what or if it helps , but its a sound procedure . I have my 25-45 Sharps Rifle that I changed Receivers on & used this procedure on & I have Targets from before & as soon as the weather gets to a point I can sight the Ammo in , we can compare the group sizes , before & after . As far as the Retaining Compound squeezing out , I'm sure some stays where its needed .I have used it in Pumps ,Bearings & Wearing Rings , among other Components & it makes a difference in their operation , less Vibration is one of the benefits . Any time you remove & reassemble a Barrel , you should check Head Space .
  14. Ends tonight. *While supplies last. Prices & availability subject to change without notice. Some Restrictions Apply. All federal, state, and local laws and ordinances apply. This offer may not be available in all localities. See complete terms and conditions.