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  1. Thanks , been too busy lately . Some other shooter at the range & I were talking about a longer Gas Tube for a Longer 6.5 CM Barrel he was building & for the life of me I couldn't remember who it was that made them . Searching didn't help , so thanks , I knew I read it here somewhere .
  2. I can't seem to find the company who makes custom Gas Tubes for AR's .Tried searching here & else where & I thought I read on them here , just can't find the thread . Thanks in advance .
  3. Oh , now I see this has an ongoing thread about this & it snot mentioned in this one ? geez !?
  4. Exactly , many out of spec components being made , be it for the Armalite system (copies ) or the 308 AR systems using out of spec AR 15 Receiver Extensions , you need the correct components for the system to work . Has the OP tried the system with out the spacer Quarters ? Was the BC hitting the Lower Receiver ? I didn't read that ins post . There are too many factors involved to say what happened in one Rifle to another , we are talking about 308AR's . I also want to see a photo of the Receiver Extension in the Lower Receiver, does it have the anti tilt type Receiver Extension , measurement could be a little different . 3/4 " is a lot though. Thats also a DPMS type Buffer length & I don't believe that Buffer will ever hit the end of the Extension Tube , with a Tubb"s FW Spring in there , with or with out the Spacer quarters, the Tubb's spring is about a 1/4" longer when completely compressed , so the spring would be the stop , not the bottom of the Receiver Extension . The BC may hit the Threaded area of the Lower Receiver , but thats not because the Spring is not stoping the Buffer , it's because the Receiver Extension is too deep or an odd fitment Or the Lower Receiver is not made correctly , we have seen that before .
  5. Quarters should never be needed in a properly set up AR Buffer system . the Tubb's 308 Flat Wire Spring will not need them in any length Buffer system .The Spring will work as designed in a Rifle or Carbine system , be it Ar 10 or DPMS . From his sight . High Performance Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Spring for AR-10, SR-25 Rifles & Carbines. This Tubb Precision AR-10, SR-25 Flatwire Buffer Spring fits both carbine and standard length stocks. Why should you use Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Springs? -Extended life at optimum performance! Many conventional buffer springs are constructed from music wire or non post winding processed stainless steel. Their performance becomes suspect in as little as 500 rounds and can cause rifle performance to degrade to the point that rifle function will change. We fielded many questions from people complaining about "mystery malfunctions" when their rifles get past that round count , and we've found installation of a Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Spring cures nearly all of them, and it cures them for good. -Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Springs are unique in the fact that their load and compression rates fluctuate significantly less than a standard buffer spring. Standard buffer spring load Bolt in battery: 7.2 lbs Bolt locked open: 16.5 lbs Standard buffer spring variation: 7.5 lbs Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Spring Bolt in battery: 11.1 lbs Bolt locked open: 15.0 lbs Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Spring variation: 3.9 lbs The Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Spring provides a more positive lock up when the bolt is in battery while providing the user with a linear pull when locking the bolt back instead of the clunky progressive feel of a standard mil spec buffer spring This is the last Buffer Spring you'll ever need for your 308 AR! Tubb Precision springs are duty rated for 500,000 compression cycles at maximum performance. Enhanced rifle performance - Due to the superior nature of its material, Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Springs have the same power as conventionally constructed "extra power" springs, yet provide that extra energy using a lighter spring weight. Correct timing and resistance on the recoil stroke and a controlled rebound ensures reliable feeding with consistent forward thrust. The result is that the rifle functions flawlessly and stays on target better. With the Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Spring, the bolt will remain locked a little longer, allowing pressures more time to subside. This means getting those heavy bullets to needed velocities can be more readily accomplished. Tubb Precision Springs cure spring induced malfunctions for the life of the rifle. Unaffected by temperature - Music wire and carbon steel springs are adversely affected by temperatures as low as only 175° F. TubbSprings perform flawlessly in excess of 700° F. Performance and function will not change during rapid fire conditions. Perfect consistency - Tubb Precision Flatwire Buffer Springs are made to Stringent 9002 Quality Control Standards. Certified materials use, and our exclusive post-winding processing guarantees true, consistent performance. Conventional AR-10, SR-25 buffer springs are notorious for exhibiting wide variances in installed load height, compression and rebound performance, and even length. Unless you're using Tubb Precision springs in your rifle, not only are you frequently replacing springs, but rifle performance may be continually changing with each replacement. MADE IN THE USA
  6. I have to say , this is a first for 308AR .com.
  7. Looks like an early DPMS slick side Barreled Upper , the Chamber probably is 7.62x51 Nato & not 308 , which as said , doesn't matter all that much . Probably had A2 Hand Guards from the Factory & someone slipped in a MOE Hand Guard .
  8. I don't think any of those rounds will penetrate that Armor , its level IV ,made to stop Armor piercing 30'06 , which is a very powerful round to stop ,
  9. The Gas Tube flops around with the Barrel when shooting , so it is a good idea to have the Carrier Key & end of the Gas Tube chamfers/tapered . Good guidance of reciprocating components .
  10. Tubb's Flat Wire Spring will work in both systems , yes Carbine or Rifle , DPMS or AR 10 , just an option if you can't find one . You would be surprised on how well they work .
  11. Not the same , but my 1-10 likes 52 gr. SMK's But its also 24" HB
  12. Yes , I should have made my self clearer , but I think in your old age your getting hard of hearing ? But it looks to me he has a AR 15 Carbine Spring , AR 15 Buffer " H " Buffer & a AR 10 Receiver Extension & its seems like its working , more confusion from PSA. He is going to a Rifle system , so as long as he gets the correct Components , he should be good to go ,
  13. I agree with all the above , be it the type or brand of ammo , the fact that PSA used 180 gr. Bullet loads for testing is for the extra recoil of the heavy Bullet , most don't use that heavy of a Load . As said, what 7.62 Nato ammo are you using , even some Brass cased fodder is a crap shoot & the Steel cased stuff can leave a Chamber fouled with just firing one round . If PSA fired 20 rd's & had not issues & if you believe them , it seems to be an ammo issue , with what you are using . I would scrub the Chamber with solvent & a bore brush & inspect it . When Lubricating , try not get any Lubricant in the Chamber , Lubricant in the Chamber can lock it up, also very lightly lube the Bolt Face , I normally use a very small dab of Grease on the Bolt Lugs of a new Build & I'm talking about a very small swipe on the leading edge of the Lugs , this may also help in unlocking , Mil Spec Grease if you have it , any Synthetic will work . Might also be a good idea to check the Chamber Head Space of the Rifle . Just so you know its good , also use a Case Head Space Gage for the Ammo you are Shooting , you would be surprised at how much ammo surplus or Nato ammo out there is out of spec for SAAMI specs for a 308 chamber & I'm pretty sure that PSA doesn't use an Nato Chamber on their Barrels .
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