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  1. That is true where the 1% started , but not so much anymore . Put a 1% patch on your jacket & go to a Angles meet & see how that goes & yes there are some clubs with a special patch for it or the 1% is a different color or just part of it or has another little insignia , why , because law enforcement thinks it knows all about it , so if your not in a "Club " , you really don't know.
  2. How do you figure its theory when he is having feeding issues & Bullet deformation , how is that theory ? Trouble shooting an issue with a Firearm you can't see or get your hands on , is a lot of theory , no choice . I 'm going to repeat myself again , because you are have a hearing issue , I never once said anything about the performance of said Cartridges or their performance in the Barrel or out of it . Thats for you & him to puff out your chests about . You go ahead & quote all you want , if you don't think a 10 deg. in Shoulder angle isn't a big difference & doesn't effect feeding of a Cartridge , you need to read more or go back to school . As I have said again , the problem is with this particular Rife & not 8K others . What you build a few AR's & now you're an expert on all things Firearms related , Ok professor , maybe you should start designing them , I'm sure you will make a fortune . & yes I can say this because I am a Gunsmith & have worked on hundreds of different types of Firearms for over forty years & repaired them ! You seem to belittle just about anyone that has an issue if it doesn't fall into a cut & dry fix or that doesn't agree with your said fix . Good luck
  3. Have you ever been a GunShop owner or FFL Dealer ?
  4. You have to KILL someone, for the club ( Gang ) to get the 1 % er patch ! I also was around a lot of "clubs " in my 40 + years of Riding Harleys , seemed every one of them wanted me & my riding buddies ( brothers , so to speak ) to join up , but with me & my crazy fellow HD riders , (yes I rode with a wild bunch in my day) , always wanted to stay independent .Didn't stop these groups from asking for use to ride with them on runs & such . Was just not our thing to be controlled by "club " rules & dedication to said " club " . To keep on subject , I just read they are trying to add more laws to take your guns away . People say it will never happen here in the good old USA , well , I wouldn't bet my life on it , but then again , I may need to .
  5. Here is a good view of a Case that needed nearly 100% Base truing , compared to one that has not been trued . This is extreme , I normally only see a partial trim mark on the Case .
  6. Every once in a while I get a Burr inside the Extractor grove the Base of the Case , I keep a three sided, fine, rat tail File to dress it up , but don't see it too often , this also gives a hard time inserting Case into the Shell Holder . The Sinclair /LE Wilson I have is probably the most accurate Trimmer I have every used , once its adj. & locked down , its dead on every time . Its not cheap , but you can get them on sale with or with out the Micrometer , just have to keep an eye out .
  7. I also am not a fan , I had a guy at Hunt Camp a couple years ago ask me if I wanted to use his after a day in the field to wipe my Barrel , one look at it , it looked like he had been cleaning his chimney with it . I looked at him & said , I like to put clean Patches through my Barrel & don't need anyone else's crud put down mine . Even when guys clean theirs , they still look dirty , who knows what is not removed from that Snake ! Otis !
  8. LE Wilson Case Trimmer , mine happens to have the Micrometer adj. for timing adj.. The way the Trimmer is made & how the Case holders hold the Case , around the Case & no Piolt, all I do is Trim the Case mouth first , then flip the Case with the Holder around & trim the Base True . Since the Case Holder grips around the case & is centered on the Base of the Trimmer , it will be true to the Base , no matter which way its pointing . The only issue I have had , is with Commercial Brass small base sized , it seems to sit deeper into the Case Holder & sometimes you cant trim the Base because some are recessed & the Cutter can't cut on them , FL Sized or MilSpec Brass has no issues , FL Sized Commercial is OK also . This is the one I have . If you look close , you can see where the trimmer took some material off part of the Base . I have some that trim 360 deg. of the Base . I believe the Extractor leave some deformation the the Extractor Rim of the Case Base , even though you can't see it & this is what I believe sometimes make the Case have a hard time inserting into the Shell Holder or sit uneven in the Shell Holder & may effect Sizing . I noticed a big difference in Concentricity of the Cases when Bases trued .
  9. Completely normal . Of course if its taking off Brass material off the Base , that may be an issue . I trim the Base's on all my brass to true them up for reloading .
  10. There are big differences in the two , 20 deg. compared to a 30 deg. Case Shoulder angle , I call that a big difference , when we are talking about a feeding issue . Its nice other's Rifles are shooting fine , but this one isn't , as said different manufacturers parts have a good potential to have tolerance stacking between said parts or components , just because one rifle shoots fine , doesn't mean another like it will . We are talking about large frame 308AR's . As said , I'm not talking about Cartridge performance down range or right out of the Barrel or anything with Bullet comparisons .
  11. As a Gun Shop Owner , you will clean a lot of Firearms , period . You get paid for it , just like anything else .It you don't , as a business owner , you will be losing easy profits , not to mention making more $ from worn/ broken parts or components you find when cleaning . 22's are the worse , most think you can just feed them ammo & they will work forever .🙄
  12. So , your going to be POW's , beaten & starved ,that have just had their A$$'s handed to them after months of bloody fighting & watch anyone lagging behind Bayoneted & left for dead on the side of the road , should be interesting march . Of course I'm being sarcastic ! Have fun . I think you will find that its just not about , use it or lose it , when you get really old. What are you , in your fifties 98 ? I'm closing in on 70 & I can tell you its a different world , you will lose something , no choice . Actually its something to look forward to .
  13. There ARE big differences in the two cartridges & no matter how close the two are they are different & I'm not talking about Performance out of the Barrel, since this thread is about damaging Bullets & pierced Primers . All of you should know by now , you really can't compare two different Cartridges or their mechanical feeding performance in a auto fed Firearm . The difference in the Shoulder angle & its length can cause issues , not to mention the tolerance stacking from one manufacture to another in the AR world , as this should be taken into account . Two issues & they are separate issues , one is pierced Primers , we can write it off & say its a bad batch of ammo or dirty chamber or Cartridge HS issue , yes even with factory ammo , it happens in mass produced Ammo, thats as long as it doesn't in the same Chamber with different Ammo . I have seen Bolt face FP Passages wear out with high pressure loads in very short order , it only takes a couple of Primer blow outs to gas cut a Bolt Face & FP Passage , not to mention the FP face itself .I could go on with tolerance stacking in this area also . The second issue is damaging Bullets & Bullet Tips , this is where you can't compare two different Cartridges , especially these two , their configuration are a lot different & their feeding characteristics will be different also , of course we can get into Bullet types & how that will effect feeding performance , this can also be where tolerance stacking can effect one Firearm manufacturer to another. I never look at cut & dry problem solving , I always over think an issue , it may be a waste of time or it could help with the solution.
  14. If you could get an extended Flexible shaft with the small head for tight work would be nice . Its why I don't mind Electric vs Battery , with the Flexible extension with its small head , I'm about 3 feet from the actual Motor that drives the Extension . Mine came in a Kit with a whole bunch of Attachments & you can hang the Dremel & use the Flex Shaft just like the Freedom models . https://www.dremel.com/en_US/products/-/show-product/tools/225-01-flex-shaft-attachment I use my Dremel a lot , I used to cut all my Brass to make 300BLK cases when I first stared shooting an AR in 300BLK . I use more reinforced Cut Off Wheels , then any other tooling with it . I'm just not sold on Battery operated in this case, of course in the field is different .
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