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Everything posted by marcus5819

  1. I have not gotten it, I just saw on another forum and was try to get you guys opinion on this stuff..
  2. Thanks guys I am really looking forward to getting to the range and putting some rounds down range, I read up on making sure the bolt is well lubed. What type lube do you guys use or recommend?? I heard some people are using Mobil 1 oil..
  3. Here is my AP4 finnished, what do you guys think. I hope to get out to the range this weekend..
  4. Well for hunting it will be for deer that we have here in Georgia as far as target shoort aroung 100 to 150 yards not many places around i live that have ranges longer than that.
  5. I will be using it for mostly target shooting and alittle hunting.
  6. This will be my first AR build it is a Fidelis Arms billet lower that i have, I am using a DPMS trigger an AP4 stock and buffer and my DPMS AP4 upper will be here in couple days. Do you guys have any other recommendations...
  7. Hello am from Evans.. names Mark
  8. found your site on Google looking on how to put a 308 lower together
  9. Hi New to the site and new owner of a Ar308 CMMG Lower and DPMS AP4 upper..
  10. Hi I am new to the site and it has alot of info. I found this site looking for info on AR308 stuff..I will soon be acquiring an Ar308 I have put a CMMG Billet lower using the info from the site and my upper from DPMS AP4 will be here soon..Look forward to new posting and conversation with all u guys.
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