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  1. <laughs> <lmao> Do I need to say it
  2. So how many picks we going to see today
  3. Oh my another one <nutkick>
  4. Seconded already C:-) Looks like we have a game
  5. No sisters bro <laughs> Maybe I should read a few post before I post pics <munch>
  6. Lets see now Been having some fun with this. Can't wait to get out with this
  7. All I got to say is wow. Always some controversy in the playoffs
  8. Any lever lovers out there ? <thumbsup> I haven't tried the FTX bullet yet in my Winchester 94ae so I thought I would develop a load for it and see how it shoots in my rifle. I decided to start off by buying a box of Hornady's Lever Evolution ammo and de-milling it to see what the factory loading for this cartridge is. so lets get started shall we. :banana: I started by weighing all the cartridges and the weight was pretty uniform for this box of 20 with a variance of only 2.3 gr and an avg. weight of 329.0 gr. Length: (base to ogive) 2.091" with only 2 cartridges not measuring the same and they were 2.093" and 2.089" ( COL ) : 2.533" - 2.545" varied quite a bit because of the soft tips. It was hard not to compress the tip a little while measuring. Runout : worst : .0025" best: .0001 Crimp : .006" Powder : 33.25 gr. The powder in the factory ammo looks just like the LeverEvolution powder you buy over the counter. Case fill is the same and volume, grain structure and density all seem to be the same. (left canister, right factory) I know people want to believe that bulk powder for the factory is different than the canister powder we buy and is probably true in some or most cases I just don't think so with this loading. I would suspect some LOT differences but that would be it. Bullet : Hornady FTX 160gr .30-30 Weight variation : .8 gr Length : .6825 (base to ogive ) Primer : (left pulled primers right WLR primers) I'm going to swag it and say there using Winchester large Rifle. <dontknow> Case: Hornady Weight : 130.5 gr Variance : 2.1 gr. Trim: 2.029" So there you have it fellas this how Hornady loads there FTX .30-30 cartridges. Now I need some good weather to go and try them out and see my gun likes them and if not can they be tuned for my rifle so stay tuned more to come. On a side note I was at the gun show a few weeks ago looking for some FTX bullets for the .30-30 and was sold the .308 Marlin Express bullet instead so I plan on trying to load them for my .30-30 but the ogive is totally different but I think it can be done and I'll start another thread when I do.
  9. extortion money and these companies don't have the balls to just say no.
  10. What about the G2 from DPMS its lighter than the regular offerings from other manufactures but thats all I know about it. Reliability and accuracy I have no clue on how thats working for DPMS on this model since its fairly new.
  11. Well I'm glad its Christmas time because that means lots of overtime (UPS) and no football for a little while. <thumbsup> See ya later fellers off to work again. Just thought I'd stop and say hi :fawkdance:
  12. :ifly: For some reason I can't remember that far back <dontknow>
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