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  1. Thought I Was Done

    THAT'S more like what R2 is looking to spend! Get on it R2!
  2. Yes. When I mount a QD scope/scope mount, it always goes in the same slots, pressure applied downward and firmly against the fixed side of the mount, pushed forward against the slot lugs. Thumb screws aren't exactly precision either. Depending on ring/mount maker, they will specify a torque setting in in/lbs. That makes it consistent.
  3. Shopping for night vision: http://www.pulsarnv.com/cat=393&cid=52&TrailFamily This is beyond badassery!
  4. LR-308 Lower Build Tool?

    No thanks Trump-hands. I'll use the box.
  5. With an AR! http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/03/27/homeowners-son-shoots-kills-three-would-be-burglars.html
  6. New .308 AR guy from CO

    Welcome from Arizona!
  7. Joke of the day

    I stopped on the 2nd floor too.
  8. Idiotic Warning Shots

    You can also get "legal insurance," Armed Citizens Defense Network, Pre-Paid Legal, and the NRA offers something like that now.
  9. FNG from Florida

    Welcome from Arizona!
  10. conglomeration of parts

    Looks good rc!
  11. Pic Of The Day 2

    Worth the whole 1:39
  12. Scout & AR In Same Caliber

    Don't do it mods! We can never have enough posts leading to empty wallets new purchases!
  13. Hello from central Florida...

    Welcome from Arizona!
  14. My wallet hates me

    Welcome from Arizona!
  15. What better combo?! Now, who was building that .450 Bushmaster? http://ruger.com/products/gunsiteScoutRifle/specSheets/6837.html