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  1. OK, Edgecrusher has started the process with the first submission, and he's from a state that doesn't allow suppressor ownership! ;)
  2. Well, there are so many ways to go there and, there are proprietary concepts we'd want to stay away from as well. I'm always open to ideas though, and I know that there are a lot of terrific ideas floating around in "non-industry" peoples' heads too. Tell you what... A contest. Private messages only - send me your designs / thoughts for a muzzle break/QD device, adaptable to different product applications, ie; multi-platform, not copying any existing products, obviously machinable for cost effective mass production, that will satisfy the needs and desires of most average shooters. We can keep track of submissions here and discuss them without posting diagrams, and if an idea merits producing, the winner gets... wait for it... His/Her choice of any can from my site - you only pay for your tax stamp - and the device will be named for the winning designer. If it's a wildly terrific and profitable idea, we'll discuss the winner's further compensation privately. So there's a challenge for you - it's an opportunity for end users to have input in the product design process, it'll be of help to me to have the creativity and feedback of others and if we discover something wonderful, a very possible payoff in the long run. Gentlemen... Start your engines.
  3. Sorry Unforgiven... I didn't receive an e-mail stating there was a new post. I'm pretty sure I hit the "notify me of replies" check box. I really have no plans for a QD break at present. There are some interesting designs out there and, this may change if some incredibly diabolical idea strikes me but, my experience has been that, if you shoot a lot with a quick detach mount, it becomes no longer quickly detachable. ;) I also like the direct thread method for positive lock-up at the barrel's shoulder and less problems with POI shift. Like I said, this may change - we plan on machining our own take on the AR platform at some point as well but, right now I've got my hands full just trying too keep up with what I've already got going. :o
  4. Hello, I'm new to these boards but not to the topic. I love the AR platform and have a 1/2 dozen AR15's but, my current .308's are a Savage mod 10LE that I'm machining an aluminum chassis system for, and a hybrid H&K/Cetme type with a nice 26" Wilson match barrel. My primary business is suppressor manufacturer - Tactical Armz, and Drew was kind enough to give me my own board under "Sponsors". Anytime I can be of help, or answer a question, Please don't hesitate to send up a flare.
  5. Moagm, You had no responses here, did you ever find a can to meet your specifications?
  6. Thank you Russ, I can't imagine you breaking a stainless steel or titanium suppressor but, I'm sure it can be done if one has enough determination and singleness of purpose. <laughs>
  7. Thanks Drew, for all you do around here and your other great sites! <thumbsup> I'm sure more than just a few of this forum's members have cans, and are knowledgeable about them however, anytime I can be of help, answer a question, take an order... ;) I'm here, and will be following the discussions with great interest. Thanks for having me. Bill
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