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  1. HA! mine is actually like this as well. AND just to set the record straight fella's... My wife does not bat an eye at my "gun stuff" Matter of fact as an FYI about me (which I have reserved thus far); I own a company that for the last 10 years has taught all manner of tactical operations and firearms education for civilians, LE, Private Security and Military, called Pathfinder Operations. I did not disclose that since I did not come here as a vendor or to be seen as using the board. I am also the Tactical Medic on my city's SRT I confess this only to clear up the misconception I have fostered about my wife by suggesting I had to trick her somehow. Trust me, after 10 years of my antics with my company and everything from a no doubt crazy cast of characters who I employ and or train, my out of control gun safe and or pallets of ammo showing up and tactical gear out the wazoo; she is in no way fazed by my buying guns. That's not to say she doesn't think I'm crazy though. LOL Anyway, THANKS for the welcome. Like I said this seems like a decent crowd.
  2. Hey all. Posted a little in the Intro section etc and wanted to throw a couple images up on here. This is a what I bought NIB for $800 (read the intro). And I had a Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T sitting around so I put it on for now. It's only a 1X - 4X but truth is right now I'm not sure I'm gonna get into anything serious long D with this rig so for my anticipated hunting/ tactical needs I expect it will be more than sufficient. I ran that optic for several years on my RRA 5.56 and really liked it so It's a familiar/ good choice for now. Enjoy!
  3. Yes it'slooking like the bolt onoption is where I am headed. Especially after reading Jgun's reply. (Thank you Jgun for your input). I actually like FF tube that is on there as well. I just dont like not having an option to mount a light at a minimum. I can live without the 2 options I wanted to add. But im not bashful about the drill and bolt option. Hmmm
  4. Hmm... I'm not liking that idea. Not being a gunsmith. I do not have those tools or any experience on the skill. Is this tricky? I mean I don't mind getting tools (of course), but how deep a hole am I digging my self? For example... How do I get the FSP off? The muzzel device is pinned and welded (this is New Yorkistan). I'm starting to think I may have to find a plan B here.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. edgecrusher... where in w.Mass? I'm west of Albany. I have moved this conversation to the DPMS section since this is mostly for intro's here. I have attached a pic (finally) and I now have some more questions about the tube removal. Like I have a fixed front site post on this rifle. How would I get the one piece tube off the gun even if I could unthread it. Anyway... Thanks and I'll see ya out there in the other threads.
  6. Hey all, I just made my intro in the appropriate section and it resulted in come discussion about my new rifle. I figured the topic was best moved out of there to here since that's an intro section only. Ok so my new DPMS LR308 has a fixed FSP and I am interested in taking the plain Jane smooth free floated fore end off. I am told it unscrews and can be taken down with a strap type wrench. However the tube comes almost to (just short of touching) the front site post. How do I unscrew it and get it clear of the FSP? The goal being I want to mount a light and Bi-pod so I would need a rail fore end. I'm no mechanic/ gunsmith so I am not exactly seeing how this works. The current tube is one piece. Am I looking at having to drill that tube and bolting a picatinney rail to it? Pic attached.
  7. Hi all, My name is Ed and I live behind enemy lines in New Yorkistan (upstate in the mountains). How I end up here is this. A few days ago a guy I know (not well, more of a guy I know through a guy) calls and says; "Hey you know that 308 AR that I have, well I gotta sell it. Some sch!t came up and I gotta generate some cash ASAP." So I asked him some details on it and what he was asking. Long story short, he tells me its a DPMS LR308. It is unfired in original box and he has the papers to show he only bought it 2 months ago. All he is asking is $800 BOOM!!! Anyway I hadn't ever really considered buying one. I have always wanted one but I wasn't ever inclined or able to try and scratch the full price together for one so I sort of just put it off to my list of "someday" guns. Well needless to say I am now $800 poorer but richer in the toy box. My wife is less impressed initially, but when I likened it to her seeing something at Talbot's on sale for significantly less than she saw it at Macy's suddenly it made a bit more sense... HA! Anyway I'm attaching some pics and am happy to start the learning. I am familiar with 308 as I shoot a Savage Tactical bolt gun competitively and my plan for this is 3 fold. 1- I want to hunt with it. Big game (deer and Bear) in Northeast. I already hunt with a Henry Big Boy in 44mag but I'm thinking this DPMS gives me some flexibility at distances. 2- The obvious and important "tactical" purposes. 3- Target competitive shoots. Maybe switch it up with my bolt gun for the weekend shoots I participate in. I tried to attach some pics but can't seem to. I get an error report saying the max allowance is 700 mb. The few pics I have tried to lad were well below that sooooo.... I'm gonna try and figure that out cuz there are somethings I want to ask about that pics will help with. anyway, I have taken the standard detachable sight off and put a Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T that I had sitting around. It's a damn nice piece of glass but only max of 4X which will be fine for the hunting and tactical applications but not so much for the target work so I'm gonna give that some thinking. My biggest question/ wonder is the fore-end. I like the free float concept but will want to mount a bi-pod and light so that smooth tube has to go. My question is how do I get it off of there? I see from some surfing on this site that I need a special wrench. Is this an easy fix? I'm not a gunsmith. I can't seem to find any info or vids on how to actually remove this and replace it with a railed fore-end. Advice? Anyway, thanks for what seems like a friendly site. I hope to learn and even contribute as much as I can.
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