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  1. OK! After months of trying to find answers to this reticle online and employing the help of Bushnell on this reticle (to minimal avail); I decided to figure it out myself. According to Bushnell, there are too many variables with each gun to give a rough estimate as to the "mil-hash, or milrad" values, so basically I downloaded an app on my phone, entered in my information and here's what I came up with. I downloaded the app "strelok pro" and it helped immensely. This info is pretty unique to my gun, but if you have this same scope, message me and i'll walk you through it. Once you realize it's a MilRad scope it sure helps. Nowhere did I see this info in my manual, but I need to double check. This info is for a black rain 308 with a 1:10 twist rate shooting a 168 gr sighted in at 200 yards, with the scope height being roughly 2 7/8" above the bore. I hope this helps someone! I could have used it 6 months ago!
  2. Do you guys recommend "breaking in the barrel"? I know there's been a lot of conversation about best practices for a new rifle, but i was just wondering the general rule of thumb. Thanks for the input!
  3. Here's the finished product. I went with the Bushnelll Elite 1-6.5 scope and a burris PEPR mount. Also debating on a magpul angled grip or the standard vertical foregrip. Hope you guys like it!
  4. Well, despite being on the waiting list, the place I ordered the BCG from (firearms4less) actually got 2 Black Rain bolt carriers in stock but put them on gunbroker to auction them off... Are you ready for this... I made him an offer over the phone and bought one for $1,000. Good Lord. It turned out to be a good decision, even though it hurt.. because after watching the auction for the second BCG, it went for nearly $1,400... These prices are outrageous. The good news is that i'm almost done with the build and it looks like (from watching the news) Obama's hammer will drop sometime this week on us... MOLON LABE!!!!!!!
  5. I'm in desparate need of one as well! let me know and i'll be more than happy to buy!
  6. Well, It looks like my project is indefinitely put on hold due to the Bolt Carrier Group availability. I was told (before the Newtown tradgedy) i was on the waiting list for a black rain 308 BCG that it would be shipped out around Christmas. I emailed the website (firearms4less) and it looks like all parts are backordered until further notice. I went ahead and purchased a JP enterprises BCG as a backup until the BRO shipped, but i was just emailed by JP and these are on backorder with no estimated ETA as well. UGH! It looks like i'll never get this project done.... Any thoughts?
  7. i like that trigger. I decided to go with the troy rail after i saw it on your post. should be here tuesday. What is the deal with the safety? i like the looks of it, is it magpul?
  8. Nice! Did you run into any problems with the whole "high profile/low profile" alignment of the top rail? I'm anxious to see this rail on the gun. I'd like a Daniel defense 7.62 lite rail but I'm waiting to hear back on whether it'll fit the black rain upper. Keep us posted with pics!
  9. Nice! Thanks for the help. I like the DD rails so I hope it'll work!
  10. I realize that. I ordered the part via email from Brennan at firearms4less, that he said was a BRO 308 quad rail. I received the evolution rail. They do make a 308 quad rail but I've never seen one other than on their website.
  11. It may be me being misinformed. Black Rain says that the receiver sets are DPMS style, so i assumed that they had different profile (old "high profile" and newer "low profile") top rails. I measured the area above the charging handle (1/8th inch) which, according to the article i read, makes this a low profile receiver. Hopefully I am just reading this wrong or reading too much into it, but this has proven difficult in ordering a handguard that lines up with the upper receiver. To answer your questions: I have a black rain ordnance fallout 10 receiver set. I ordered what i thought was a black rain quadrail handguard for the .308- http://www.marksarmory.com/Black_Rain_Ordnance_BRO_Quad_Rail_p/bro-ffr-m-blk.htm I received an "evolution rail" http://www.marksarmory.com/Black_Rain_Ordnance_BRO_Evolution_Rail_Midlength_p/bro-sam-m-blk-223.htm I'm not crazy about this rail and i would, ideally, like a Daniel Defense 7.62 lite rail. But when i read a review, it said that it would not align with a new style DPMS receiver height. Hopefully i'm just reading too far into this and i can send back the evolution rail and install a DD rail. Any suggestions are appreciated. thanks.
  12. True. I'd love to have one of their quad rails for the .308, but it looks like they're non-existent (other than on their website). I emailed BRO to ask if the ar-15 quad rail would work (they're pretty easy to find) but the question wasn't answered and i was referred to Brennan at Firearms4less.com (who has been really helpful). Unfortunately though, it looks like Black Rain is severely "light" on their .308 line of parts and i'm stuck compromising on a $3,000 rifle. I could have my ideal rifle, but only in a .223 (and for $1,300 less)... But hey, hopefully the buyers remorse will go away once i get to shoot it! Also, it looks like the shipment of BRO bolt carrier groups will be coming in within the next few weeks, so i should be able to head out to the range (weather permitting) sometime around Christmas/New Years. :)
  13. are you still getting the troy handguard? I'm anxious to see how it looks. I'm going through handguard anxiety haha... i'd love a full quad rail but it looks easier said than done...
  14. Hey guys, I got the 9" black rain ff hand guard in the mail today and it wasn't what I thought. It was supposed to be the quad rail, but it turns out it's the different model, which is basically like an aluminum tube with a top rail and rail inserts that can be added along the bottom/side slots (made by Samson). I was wanting something like a Daniel Defense 7.62 lite rail, but it looks like after some digging that there are two different "profiles" of receiver. I have the low profile and it looks like the options are pretty limited as to quad rails. Does anyone have any suggestions? I appreciate it!
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