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  1. Happy Father's day to all my brothers here!
  2. I can either have one of those or go to the Fall Shoot. I'm going to miss you guys come Fall....
  3. That was the point. The downfall of the shark is that he's no good in freshwater. Beaver just holds his breath and doesn't care either way.
  4. Nothing scarier than being pursued by a reanimated beaver, that's for sure.... How do you kill it when it's already died?
  5. That's my thinking as well... He'll win the fight either way, all while holding his breath.
  6. Drills ALWAYS drill a thou or two oversized. Should be fine.
  7. I believe it's a worthy topic. So maybe the saline environment is the preferable environment? Is it arguable within reason that the beaver will be impeded by the increased buoyancy in saline water? If so, is it sufficient in degree to skew the outcome?
  8. ^^^ Wide open to begin with, as stated above. Who is your GB manufacturer just out of curiousity?
  9. It's true, I did not. Sometimes I think if I didn't learn the hard way, I'd never learn anything at all...
  10. I for one have become a studious disciple of all things pertaining to the mighty beaver. I've become acquainted with their inherent smell, the taste, what they sound like... and believe me, all that research doesn't come cheap. I'd be rich if I had all the money I've ever spent on diapers as a consequence!
  11. No coincidence. Beavers are hardcore and masters of the long game. They possess unparalleled resolve and will stop at nothing. What behavioral scientists fail to understand about beavers at their own peril, is that beavers only attack trees as a matter of practice. They continually hone their skills in preparation for the takeover of the top of the food chain. Sharks should consider themselves lucky that they are protected from beavers by their inability to inhabit non-saline water.
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