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  1. Really, somebody pissed in your Cheerios or something? Yeah you speculated, no big deal, we all do it. Getting pissy about getting called on it doesn't make much sense. It isn't like speculation is the end of the world, so I can't really understand why your response is so disproportionate.
  2. I've never been keen on sweet relish as part of any other dish, but in deviled eggs it just works like a charm. Couldn't tell you why if my life depended on it....
  3. Gotta love it when a plan comes together and works as expected.... Glad to hear your rifle is running the way it should!
  4. That's why you don't dare a redneck tractor operator to "do a barrel roll!", even as a joke....
  5. You know what didn't change when you switched barrels? The size of reamer used to cut the chamber. You're two barrels into this project and that oversized crap ammo you're trying to use is still oversized crap another barrel later. What these guys know that you don't, is that you didn't get your original BCG "broken in" to mate and function well with your receiver; which was further compounded when you opted for an even newer tighter BCG that's even less well "broken in". You're the expert though, so best of luck beating your new paperweight into a functional rifle, sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun figuring it all out the hard way. Just sayin'.
  6. I'll limit myself to one reason; more reciprocating mass.
  7. Yeah, if anything these crazy people say starts to make sense, that's the right time to worry...
  8. You ARE crazy. It just happens that all your other qualities are redeeming....
  9. I am assuming he means that the threaded portion of the rear of the brake is longer than the threaded portion of his muzzle by roughly 1/4", leaving a gap that he's filled with a modified nut. The pictures will tell the tale though.....
  10. I agree. We don't tolerate the hostile variety of nonsense around here.
  11. There was a lot of internal consideration to allowing a political section on the site. Suffice it to say that it can be nuked at a moments notice with no justification or explanation required on the part of Mods/Admins. People need a place to vent their frustrations, that's pretty much it's purpose, though it does get a bit contentious at times. If it ever becomes too divisive to be good for the community, it'll disappear without a trace.
  12. You clearly missed the political thread where some newb decided that a political thread was a suitable place to mount his moral high-horse and parade around like he knows something the rest of us don't....
  13. There you go, exact same idea, and works like a charm. Congratulations!
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