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  1. Glad it worked out for you, that's a fantastic outcome!
  2. The joke is on you, you have absolutely no idea of which industry experts this forum includes in it's core group, ironically because you're just another internet expert.
  3. Welcome to the forum, great to have you and glad your rifle is running top notch!
  4. This isn't Barfcom, if you're around long enough, that'll become apparent pretty quickly. We were here before large ARs had any kind of substantial market share, and the information that's freely given here is directly from experience and first-hand knowledge, not conjecture. Before you go making unflattering comparisons between this forum and the rest of the internet, take into account that the core group all know each other, most have met each other in person on more than one occasion, and all are part of a tight-knit family that's only partly forum based. You're welcome to benefit from years of things we've learned the hard way, at no cost and substantial benefit to yourself. If you feel like wasting that opportunity on arguments based on conjecture and conflicting hearsay, don't be surprised when it's not well received or even outright mocked. Information offered here comes directly from first-hand experience, if you want to make that out to be just more internet pablum you're in the wrong place.
  5. And likewise there's no definitive data that says that mixing components is safe, so for both reasons of common sense and forum liability, I'll continue to recommend folks match their bolts to their barrel type until you're willing to foot the bill for any lawsuits against the forum.
  6. What exactly IS the problem? It seems like you're trying to invent a more round wheel.
  7. The problem lies in what can be expected to go wrong when up to 62,000 PSI (Max 308 SAAMI spec chamber pressure) is applied to various components that were NOT designed or specified to be compatible with each other. There isn't a standard here, no uniform specification. It's not a small frame AR with a Mil-Spec shared among manufacturers. There is not only no guarantee of compatibility, there is no design nor specification of compatibility. I've worked in manufacturing and machining for quite a few years now and I know full well what tolerance stacking, complacency, and various other quirks of human nature and flaws within the human attention mechanism can mean to a finished product. Combine that with the random outcomes of mixing unmatched components from varying manufacturers with varying degrees of quality control and you're begging for a disaster. This surely can't be difficult to grasp.
  8. Just go for it, if you lose a few fingers you can still dictate a nice post for someone else to type so we will know what the results of your experiment were. We're all about lessons learned and data points. Be sure to include pictures. You get bonus points if any part of your gun ends up embedded in any part of your head. Be warned, I WILL laugh and/or shrug and say you knew better. This is your chance to be a pioneer and become a legend in your own time, don't let the naysayers get you down.
  9. It's surprising that this would be considered a logical conclusion, given that a captured spring buffer is designed to satisfy a complaint with a working system, rather than solving any actual problems of function.
  10. ^^^ What he said. Use any carrier you like, but make sure your bolt type and barrel type are matched. If you feel like gambling with your life or well-being, feel free to disregard this advice.
  11. Could've been worse, "bolt spline" comes to mind...
  12. I'm with you, CZ just wants to sell guns and that's an American idea if I ever heard one....
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