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  1. Matt.Cross

    Joke of the day

    That's hilarious Doc!
  2. Many thanks brother.
  3. Matt.Cross

    Army Sub-Gun Contracting

    That's. What. She. Said.
  4. It's very commonly misused, most folks don't care until the differences between the manufacturers bites them in their nether regions. Only Armalite makes an AR-10.
  5. Matt.Cross


    Tom and myself both need to be able to update this. I'll keep it uncluttered, should any foolhardy souls dare contaminate Tom's thread with unnecessary BS.
  6. Matt.Cross


    If you have ANY QUESTIONS, ask them now in the Fall Shoot thread. What gear you will need for which shoots, etc. What you need to bring bare minimum regardless: Pillow, sleeping bag, pocket knife/multitool, bug spray, sunblock, spare mags for every gun you bring, portable liquid container(s) for hydration, OWB holster if you bring your pistol, flashlight/weapon light, spare contacts if you wear them, eye rinsing kit, sunglasses, ball cap or other suitable hat, camp chairs if ya got 'em, scope caps are always a good idea (sand & optics aren't an ideal mix), whatever prescription meds you need. I'll think of more as the thread wears on....
  7. Matt.Cross

    PTG "AR-10" Upper Receiver Lapping Tool

    Tungsten, Carbide, Steel, Aluminum, Plastic.... The insert possibilities are endless, the housing necessarily needs to be machinable, but there's also many possibilities there.
  8. Matt.Cross

    PTG "AR-10" Upper Receiver Lapping Tool

    If there's a lot of interest in this, I'll go ahead and make a batch of them. I just need numbers for how many everyone wants.
  9. Matt.Cross

    PTG "AR-10" Upper Receiver Lapping Tool

    Long answer short, yes. It's basically a housing that carries different weight inserts. You can use the housing by itself, or in conjunction with inserts of various types and weights.
  10. Matt.Cross

    Yet Another Build Thread - My First Large Frame AR

    @850 yards, 1 MOA = ~8.9 inches not 8.5 Additionally, mean average spread for stated groups were witnessed to be <6" to which is approximately 2/3rds MOA. Saying "under 1 MOA" doesn't imply hit-and-miss MOA accuracy, it implies some humility on the part of the claimant. Wind is a variable that speaks nothing to mechanical accuracy, only the maximum potential POI shift for a given wind speed.
  11. Matt.Cross

    PTG "AR-10" Upper Receiver Lapping Tool

    Sure can, as far as I know there's no difference in the specs, but that's a trivial problem if any.
  12. Matt.Cross

    PTG "AR-10" Upper Receiver Lapping Tool

    I can make you a one-off any time.
  13. Matt.Cross

    PTG "AR-10" Upper Receiver Lapping Tool

    I know a machinist who would do it for you free if you paid the shipping cost.
  14. Matt.Cross

    Glock 19 BBQ Build Challenge

    Shiny object is always the one that gets his attention brother, you know this.