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  1. Excellent! Nothing better than proper function. We need to get together and shoot sometime.
  2. I've never seen a lefty version of a large AR, there's probably one out there somewhere but I wouldn't know where to point you....
  3. It takes a while to learn to enjoy it too. At first he let's you believe he'll stop doing it if just get your act together and straighten up.... It's not true.
  4. Can you pull the bolt face behind the bolt catch using the charging handle?
  5. Buffer is probably too long, post up specs on your recoil system: buffer tube internal depth, and buffer length at a minimum.
  6. Yeah, I'm willing to bet this is the same deal that plagued me for years with the buffer that was too long.
  7. Here's another without the suppressor...
  8. I have their SPR barrel in 6.5 Grendel, and the short answer is yes, the barrel profile is exactly correct for the collar. That's the Ops Inc 12th model with brake and collar mounted on my BA 6.5 Grendel SPR barrel.
  9. Your best bet is probably their lower. It looks like DPMS pattern, but that's looks, not a guarantee.
  10. Welcome from NC! Make yourself right at home....
  11. Welcome from North Carolina
  12. I shot suppressed and unsuppressed at long range for years with standard recoil system components, ie. what has already been recommended to you. You're overthinking this just a bit. The only change I've made with regards to that was an adjustable gas block to rebalance the gas forward/gas rearward ratio. Do a standard Armalite buffer/tube/spring combo and be done with it until you have the experience needed to understand the nature of the modifications that will perfect it.
  13. No problem, if it doesn't fix your problem or at least work better, I'll buy it from you and pay the shipping. I can use it for a spare if it doesn't help you.
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