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  1. You've definitely got your priorities straight Larry, don't sweat it brother.
  2. Carriers are functionally interchangeable, no meaningful difference.
  3. I'll give you a new pair, we need the one you have for the Fall Shoot Watermelon Wine strainer. 🤣
  4. I took the liberty of adding an old bottle of Brut and some expired Italian dressing from Tom's fridge, it was strained through one of Larry's dirty socks.
  5. That's a low bar. I hope now isn't a bad time to explain that the Monkey Shoulder bottle was initially empty, but then Ron finally got drunk and had to pee. The rest as they say, is history....
  6. Matt.Cross


    Attaboy @shepp - show that bull you're still the top of the food chain!
  7. This country's left and right coasts are definitely conspiring to screw over everyone in between. If it wasn't for the electoral college we'd already be duking it out in a civil war.
  8. Send it to them and call it a day.
  9. It's one of the many reasons I love you brother!
  10. LOL... You think you did it on purpose, so there's some hypothetical possibility here that you are in fact not completely to blame for your subconscious self being animalistic in much the same way as your conscious self? Any oceanfront property on the back 40 you want to sell me while we're at it?
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