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  1. Nobody will give you better advice than your Docs, and I know you and the wife well enough to know you'll do the PT and make a full recovery. Just don't delay longer than you have to, because once you're back at full capacity you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
  2. Sorry to hear that brother, a bum knee is no joke, believe me I understand. Rebuild both if they'll let you...
  3. I've discovered the key to Thanksgiving food prep, let the kids handle it!
  4. Ah, roger the altitude factor. Right on!
  5. Special thanks to: @98Z5V- You're the best brother, if I get any more comprehensive than that, we'll run out of bandwidth. @unforgiven - Thank you for coming out, it's so nice to finally meet that guy that calls to check up on me when the feces impacts the oscillator. You're awesome brother. @Magwa - Getting to spend time with you and learn from you was an honor. I'm humbled that you shared your talents and knowledge freely and without reserve, and your gifts are unparalleled in every sense of the word. @Armed Eye Doc - You and Susan are the patron saints of the shoot. Your contributions to the shoot have made it phenomenally successful, far beyond we ever imagined it would be. I'm forever grateful for your generosity, your passion and enthusiasm, and your incredible kindness. @blue109 - I'm thrilled to count you amongst my brothers, I honestly can't think of a single trait you have that I'd consider a deficit. You are a magnificent person, and I am thrilled to not only know you, but to have the privilege of being your friend. @Rsquared - As with Tom, I'm going to have to be necessarily brief, but I can't overstate what an awesome person you are. @MikedaddyH - I love you buddy, was so nice to see you again, sorry we didn't get to talk more. @DNP - It was incredibly nice of you to come out to the shoot despite the inconvenience of doing so... It would've been harder to enjoy the shoot if you had been amongst the missing regular attendees. Hope you heal up quickly! @sketch - You have a really special place in the history of the shoot, thanks for all your many contributions, and thanks for spending time with us this year and bringing Mike and Eric. @canuckgaucho - Can't thank you enough for the delicious Coke, it surpassed all expectations and then some. You are a first rate friend and enabler, and I'm extremely pleased to know you. Finally, thanks to all the locals, who may stop by and join the forums as a result... If you see this, welcome to our home, kick back and enjoy yourself here!
  6. This year was quite the milestone of 308AR.com Fall Shoots! It was of course amazing that @unforgiven and @Magwa could be with us at SDTF for the 1st time on this special occasion. Weather was awesome, fireside chats were hilarious, food was magnificent. Had some new locals stop by, slept in new accomodations at the Casa de Pain, and enjoyed the company thoroughly throughout. Bowling balls were launched into orbit, pumpkins were vaporized, volcanic glass was shaped into purpose driven works of art and utility. I shot the one mile, made it in 3 shots instead of 7, on .50 cal Barrett no less! I spotted hits & misses at a mile, talked like old friends with people I've never known a day in my life, called it a night @ 5:30am and less than 40 degrees outside. I toasted friends of the shoot and hugged people who are nearer and dearer to me than family. It was a beautiful and wonderful trip in every regard and I hope I never forget it as long as I live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who showed up and made the Fall Shoot the overwhelming success that it was.
  7. I'll add a sub forum, you can tell us all about it!
  8. No particular reason, we can certainly add one with no difficulty. Does anyone here have one?
  9. if Jiminy Cricket and Obama's anger translator had a love child, this would be it. He is the voice of Ron's conscience!
  10. Not on everything, but yeah, I'd have a few spray & pray builds for fun.
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