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  1. Matt.Cross

    Robo's Magpul Bipod Sale

    Oh no, they didn't have a pre-order option. I bought mine through Optics Planet, but if you sign up for Magpul's newsletter you get an email when they begin shipping new products.
  2. Matt.Cross

    Robo's Magpul Bipod Sale

    I got the email today that they're shipping out from Magpul, which means mine should be arriving soon.
  3. Matt.Cross

    New Magpul Bipod, Should be Good!

    They're shipping now! https://www.magpul.com/products/magpul-bipod-for-1913-picatinny-rail
  4. Matt.Cross


    How is that possible, there's at least two different primary lengths....
  5. Matt.Cross

    Buffer Made of Brass

    That's pretty much where I was going, but I don't know Jack....
  6. Matt.Cross

    McD's "Monopoly" Scam

    Wow. That's incredible, and an exhausting read, but worth it. Crooked thieving douchebags....
  7. Matt.Cross

    Buffer Made of Brass

    What do you mean by "in the exact same place"? The top of the hole is in one place, and the bottom is in another. Where between those two locations is the "same place" a vertical hole should be? If you mean that the straight vertical buffer retainer would hypothetically terminate at the same location, that's not a good idea or practice in terms of manufacturing and good engineering/quality control.
  8. Matt.Cross

    Buffer Made of Brass

    That would place the tip of the retainer further towards the rear of the receiver, requiring a longer BCG tail to make contact with the buffer. It would also make the area at the top of the receiver extension threads weaker by virtue of less metal there.
  9. Matt.Cross

    Buffer Made of Brass

    Looking at the blue print, bottom row, 2nd from left part view. Look directly above and to the right of the rear receiver threads and you'll see the 6° specification for the buffer retainer hole offset.
  10. Matt.Cross

    Skeleton stock

  11. Matt.Cross

    FS larue MBT trigger

    Sorry brother, this is a party foul. You're not in any trouble, just understand that it is bad juju to do this in someone else's sale thread. Carry on.
  12. Matt.Cross

    Skeleton stock

    * Must... Resist.... Temptation..... *
  13. Matt.Cross

    Best Deviled Egg Recipe Ever

    I completely believe it brother, that is outstanding! This is a newer favorite recipe for me but I think it's going to be a favorite recipe for a mighty long time. Between the relish and the smoked paprika, it's harder to beat than a sore dick.
  14. Matt.Cross

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    Guys, all this has been resolved, we're moving forward with a better idea. As you were.
  15. Matt.Cross

    Continuation of Gopher's issues

    Alright, with all that cleared up, let's fix Gopher's gun!