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  1. I almost feel bad that I didn't kick him out more politely. I'll get there eventually.
  2. Yeah, when new members tell members in good standing to STFU, I can tell they don't belong here. Goodbye!
  3. Yes, but from time to time folks take it for granted and need to be reminded...
  4. Not only did I go there.... ... and now WE are there, and I'm in some shady company.
  5. ..... And now we know what Damien looks like.
  6. You misspelled "jeans".
  7. Do you have any pics of your actual items, per the rules?
  8. You never disappoint when your chain gets yanked....
  9. Thanks for leaving us out of it, that's why we love you bro. 😘
  10. We're having a great time! Leaving the NC coast today to visit Charleston, SC overnight and then on down to FL for the remainder of the week.
  11. I'm on vacation ATM, spending time on other stuff.
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