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  1. New to ar10's

    So, is it a Savage or an Armalite? If it's made by Savage, the AR10 designation is incorrect. It's a very common mistake, but it becomes a costly mistake when it's time to buy aftermarket parts for a particular platform. Knowing the difference can (and hopefully does) save you a good deal of irritation and wasted time/money. Believe me, this place is going to cause you to need every cent you can possibly spare. Finally and foremost, welcome to the forums. Make yourself at home here!
  2. NEW CONTEST - Eat the Canned Chicken...

    Exactly. Stop reducing the difficulty of the challenge!
  3. NEW CONTEST - Eat the Canned Chicken...

    LMAO...... You guys..... SMH
  4. NEW CONTEST - Eat the Canned Chicken...

    So, if the contestants avoid using condiments to make the canned chicken more edible, they stand a better chance of winning crap that you know you should've thrown away already? I may have to take the challenge myself....
  5. Pic Of The Day 2

    Tacticat cannot be holstered. He barely accepts being carried at low ready....
  6. NEW CONTEST - Eat the Canned Chicken...

    This thread has promise! *Pulls up chair and cracks open an ice cold Coke*
  7. Wasting $$$ for the good of the team

    Awesome, I LOVE putting out fires in the desert!
  8. Rifle vs mid length

    I'm LMAO over here... Ya'll some cranky 'ol bastards! "Gawdamnit! Back in my day we didn't have all this uppitty fancy modern to-do and get-up on our match-locks! You had to light the dang fuse and keep your sights on target until the gun went off when it darn well pleased. Why, I remember when 'ol Bobby Hager got tard of trying to hold steady and when he rested the buttstock on his upper thigh to take a breather, why that ol' firestick belched thunder & lightnin' and castrated him clean as a whistle! Yes sir, why back in the day...."
  9. Rifle vs mid length

    You're too late brother, Tom has already enabled his incoherent babbling.... Just wait it out, they'll both end up having to solve some issue with an aftermarket solution, and that's when we'll crush them to bits.
  10. Rifle vs mid length

    Yeah, I said crap like that back before I could afford good components too.
  11. Remington 84164... long time for this...

    You can still do ranging at other powers, but the subtension of the reticle is changing. So my PST is MOA subtensions at 24x for measuring and ranging, so at 18x each subtension is 1.25 MOA, 2 MOA at 12x, and 4 MOA at 6x. Should be the same for your MIL reticle, if your subtensions are 1:1 at 18x, they will be 2:1 at 9x, and 3:1 at 6x. So all you really need to keep in mind is how much subtension you're measuring at whatever power you're using and then use the same formula you've always used. IE, if you're using 9x and the target measures 3 MIL by the reticle, it's 6 MIL actual measurement, if you're using 6x, it's a 9 MIL target (by the reticle). The long and short is that the ranging calculation won't change at all, but the target measurement method will. Fortunately, the math for that is really easy.
  12. BCG lite?

    You can use a Forward Assist with a non-serrated bolt carrier, no problem. It's quite simply not needed as often because there's much more mass to this type of AR, and failure of the bolt to return to battery is worthy of investigation rather than forcing chambering.
  13. New to 308AR

    Hammers and thumbs don't mix.... You wanna keep that sucker from being damaged, ya gotta put it in a safe place until the danger passes.
  14. Fall '17 Shoot - AAR Thread

    It gets found in Chapter Four....