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  1. PRI - Precision Reflex Inc https://www.precisionreflex.com
  2. Larry, PM me a shipping address, I found one amongst my stuff. You'll need to obtain the vented buffer screw, but it's otherwise complete.
  3. The 1740 will do that, but the 1770 might also suit you better. Now that I have the Mod 1 Grendel, I'm replacing the factory foam in my 1740 with new solid foam & reconfiguring it so that I can put a maximum of gear on the very bottom level. Then when the TSA examines my case, they don't have to shift anything except whole rifles (minus BCGs) off each upper level.
  4. Plenty of room in the hard case brother, plenty!!!!
  5. Here's my case, just FYI... https://www.pelican.com/us/en/product/cases/long-case/protector/1740
  6. I want to win an Ultimate Upper kit, I mean I really want to win one...
  7. Just remember to drag them by the hair this time, not the ankles. I'm still getting a sand particle from time to time when I take a leak.....
  8. Beautifully done, bravo!
  9. There have been a few instances when there was.... Typically right after Robot Ron unloads his goodies off the F150. Tom is waiting for all the suppressor compatible muzzle devices he's bought to be unsupported by any suppressors on the market, then he can spend money on new suppressors and muzzle devices at the same time. He's smart like that.
  10. Welcome to the forums, we're glad to have you!
  11. More info on the AR itself might be helpful. Is it a factory build, a hodgepodge that somebody built? Give us more to work with here...
  12. So Tom, what are we going to do tonight?
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