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  1. Absolutely! I know Ron well enough to know that if he jumped, he's got something awesome arranged at the bottom...
  2. Ron, I LOVE THIS SCOPE!!! It's just painfully awesome....
  3. Undersized firing pin or oversized firing pin hole.
  4. *Scans very slowly & thoroughly to the left* *Scans very slowly & thoroughly to the right* *Scans very slowly & thoroughly to front and center* *puts binoculars aside* I love all of you (except @Rsquared, he and his Barrett did this to me) and hope I will be missed when I'm gone. Tom will distribute my guns according to his best judgement. https://www.primaryarms.com/nightforce-optics-nxs-8-32x56mm-sfp-rifle-scope-moar-t-reticle
  5. It can't be true, they have really strict gun laws up there.
  6. Brass is like bubble gum, pull the ends apart slowly and it'll streeeetch. Jerk the ends apart and it'll snap in two.
  7. I hit up your link, best of luck to you!
  8. I'm not sure which is worse, the damage to your hand or having to beat off leftie-style. Get well soon brother!
  9. Dope cards, a really good one that we haven't dwelt on extensively, even though we have covered them.
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