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  1. Yes! Come over to the dark side my friend! *drops handful of roll pins*
  2. A Millenial Job Interview

    Me too, but ask anybody who has met me if I fit the mold.... If the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it brother.
  3. Thank you for having me

    Welcome to the forums, make yourself right at home here.
  4. Come to an AZ shoot and Tom and myself will workshop your sorry hide into dangerous proficiency. If you don't believe me, ask JB Matt, I doped him perfectly onto a first-round 300 yard hit, with his .45 ACP sidearm.
  5. Which Handgun Caliber is better ?

    Thus endeth the lesson.
  6. wont lock back on empty mag. old story, weird twist

    Pardon the expression, but the long and short of it is that your buffer tube length and your buffer length dictate the length of travel for your bolt carrier group. The spring and the weight of the buffer determine it's efficacy of function. When we can determine which components you have, we can remedy any incongruous components depending on what typical system your setup most closely resembles.
  7. wont lock back on empty mag. old story, weird twist

    I'm kinda hoping it's one of those $3.46 Amazon specials made with pride and child labor in Thailand.
  8. Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread

    No judgement here bro, unless you're into that too...
  9. Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread

    Trigger whore!
  10. Sectional Density

    If you're handloading I believe you can backset up to 200gr enough to fit the mag.
  11. Sectional Density

    I gotta stick with what will feed out of a PMAG, and I don't expect that anyone will stick around to complain that I should shoot a ballistically superior round at them. Other than you dorks of course....
  12. M1 Garand vs AR 15 , which is America's Rifle?

    Having a Singer would be awesome, their 1911s are legendary and worth a fortune.
  13. Sectional Density

    He's preaching to the choir here, I haven't shot anything lighter than 165 grain in a .308 in over a decade now, typically 175s.
  14. Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread

    GREG doesn't know what unnatural hole is...... ROFLMAO I've already got my Skymiles saved up for next Fall's shoot. GREG had better show up again is all I can say.
  15. That's what we're here for, helping you dole out cash..... Post up some target pics so we can bust your balls about your shooting skills!