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  1. He wouldn't have even upgraded to the Commodore if the cat hadn't chewed the beads off his abacus....
  2. There's not a sensitivity teacher in the world that deserves that.....
  3. Why have you not gotten it yet, what's the hold up?
  4. She's a great lady your mom, worthy of sainthood in my opinion!
  5. I have a 30 MOA rail on the way from EGW for the Tikka!
  6. ^^^ That's the saddest part of it all, by the time they get perspective the guillotine blade is already whistling through the air....
  7. Nope. NOT. AT. ALL. But the benefits... OMG the benefits....
  8. Stop and/or slow down, on whose dime? Yours, mine? Certainly not on theirs, not when demand is at historic highs.... It's a demand-driven supply chain. Of course they're adding some liquor to their diesel (movie reference), but they gotta strike while the iron is hot. The reason they're reputable for being a great barrel company is that the overwhelming majority of their customers got a great product immediately. That you didn't is unfortunate but I'm pretty confident they will correct the issue at little if any cost.
  9. It's the preferred reticle of men who bring home the bacon!
  10. It's a great barrel company! Yours is the first and only barrel with their name on it that I've heard of or seen issues with... Granted, you didn't get a good barrel. Noted. It's their response that should determine your judgement, not one statistically insignificant anomaly.
  11. LOL... There's an increasingly dated reference!
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