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  1. Matt.Cross

    The fall and rise of the AR-10

    Early on here on the forum we generalized by differentiating between the standard AR and 'large-frame ARs'. The latter encompasses not only the 308 AR platforms, but also the proprietary platforms that handle long-action (and larger) center-fire cartridges, ie Noreen and such. We briefly considered renaming the forum and moving to another domain name for that reason, but decided against it. AR10 is unfortunately going to be a generalized label for the large-frame ARs, for better or worse. I can only hope enough people gain enough interest to inform themselves and promote the use of proper nomenclature.
  2. Matt.Cross

    Weekend at DNPs Property

    That's awesome!
  3. Matt.Cross

    2018 Fall Shoot Documentation Thread

    Another epic line from Fall Shoot 2018... "When I want your lip, I'll jerk it out of my zipper..."
  4. Matt.Cross

    Weekend at DNPs Property

    I do actually, kind of a jack-of-all-trades type with an uncanny knack for mastering all types of skills and a perfectionist work ethic to boot. Only downside is that his IQ is a negative number.
  5. Matt.Cross

    Weekend at DNPs Property

    Call me when you need a heavy equipment operator who can keep a secret.
  6. Matt.Cross

    George H.W. Bush passed.

    Just a simple reminder to folks that we typically do not discuss politics outside the section of forum that's dedicated to political discussion, in the interest of keeping the forum visitor friendly. Political discussion being what it is, we're better served not populating the entire forum with it anyways. On a more personal note, @Sisco is right. Taking potshots at the recently deceased says much more about the living than the dead. Going forward, let's keep an eye on where we post political commentary and confine it to the appropriate section of the forum. Thank you gentlemen.
  7. Matt.Cross

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Hardcore bro!
  8. Matt.Cross

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Picking the fur and cottage cheese outta your teeth.
  9. Matt.Cross

    George H.W. Bush passed.

    RIP Mr. Bush, thank you for your service.
  10. You we're undoubtedly influenced by Grendel pushers at the Fall Shoot. That's what I'd blame it on.
  11. Matt.Cross

    Best Deviled Egg Recipe Ever

    That is awesome, I got to be with you and your family in a small way, very cool!
  12. Matt.Cross

    Best Deviled Egg Recipe Ever

    9 minutes of simmer will give you a fully dry yolk and the white will still be less rubbery than if boiled. 👍
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all my brothers here, my family and I extend our love to all of you and your families.
  14. Matt.Cross

    Best Deviled Egg Recipe Ever

    Dang it, that makes me hungry....
  15. Matt.Cross

    JP Enterprises Large-Profile Compensators

    I had that brake on a DPMS and it worked tremendously well. Nobody beside you at the range is going to like you, but it will make your muzzle really tame during the recoil cycle.