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  1. LOL He's definitely a dick, but he's our dick, and we beat treat him as such.
  2. Measure that buffer tube internal depth before you do anything with it, and take a pic of the buffer while you have it apart and post that up with the measurement.
  3. I'm amazed that Tom's cellular network doesn't charge anything to convert that to smoke signals sent to his phone...
  4. Oh man, I really like that post....
  5. If by 'they' you mean Target Sports, you might want to check with @suzukiray or @DNP about that because they've both had ammo shipped to FFLs in CA.
  6. I can get it at the same price shipped in any quantity, but that's a really good deal as it is...
  7. Matt.Cross


    Not even slightly... Ok, maybe slightly. Just a smidge.
  8. Matt.Cross


    If you can survive the initiation....
  9. Welcome to the forums, glad to have you here!
  10. Went to the Salisbury National Cemetery today with the wife and kids to memorialize those who have served. "That's a lot of people who died, Daddy!" Indeed it is boy, indeed it is.
  11. Don't you just hate that one outlier in your head that sounds exactly like me?
  12. That's part of your problems right there. That tube should end close to the center of the cam pin cutout.
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