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  1. So your reading comprehension gets you there, but doesn't catch this? The question is not did you misuse it that one time at band camp, the question is whether or not you feel you need to continue misusing it, but since you are taking your ball and going home, I digress.
  2. I'm just outlining the shoe size, whether or not you wear it is your choice. It is well known to most of us here that "AR-10" is common use phraseology, it's also well-known to be erroneous and irritating. My point all along has been that if you are going to indulge the erroneous and irritating behavior, don't expect it to be well received. There's actually a broader impact than just the annoyance of using the wrong nomenclature. Folks who are taken in by the erroneous use of the phrase suffer the inconveniences of purchasing incompatible parts for their "AR-10" because unscrupulous vendors don't care about the nomenclature. After a decade or so of helping those folks out, we don't have a real sunshiney outlook on the defense of it's improper use. If you aren't prone to using the term incorrectly, that shoe doesn't fit you and you aren't compelled to wear it. Now that you've been informed on the issue, it's up to you whether or not the label applies. Do you want to be part of the solution, or part of the problem?
  3. I call Freon "Freon", refrigerant is referred to as "refrigerant", Kleenex is called "Kleenex", and tissues I call "tissues". People who call Aero's M5 platform "AR-10s", I call those people "idiots". It's really quite an easy system to grasp, which is evident because I have mastered it.
  4. A Corvette and a Mustang are both sports cars, but you don't refer to one as the other just because they are both sports cars, unless you are a moron. You are welcome to continue calling your M5 an AR-10 if you like, just don't get upset if people start to treat you like you should know better, because you should.
  5. It's pretty awesome apart from the fact that noone posted a funny video anywhere in the previous 11 posts...
  6. My favorite Western ever!
  7. I refer you guys to the side boob thread and ask that in like manner, this thread be dedicated to funny videos. Thanks fellas!
  8. We're having some forum issues, Tom's been having trouble too. I've submitted a support ticket.
  9. You snooze you lose. I'll sell you mine!
  10. Amen to that! Oh, and the 550 Maranello is beyond describing with mere mortal words. Wow....
  11. Sure, the Brits had the genius idea to put the Merlin in it, but then Packard in typical American fashion told them "hold my beer!", and the rest as they say, is history. The North American P-51D Mustang is away and by far the sexiest aircraft ever built in the history of mankind
  12. Oh yes, the sweet sound of whistling death that scared Germans senseless.....
  13. Ya'll cleaned a dirty gun one time? Cool story bro.... Let me sing you the song of the suppressed MA-TEN and the 5k round marathon!
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