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  1. I knew there would be a compromise as soon as I decided to look at brakes/comps, but it might be too much for me. I may have to take my other 7.62 rifles out and compare the Smith Vortex VS that Kaw Valley linear comp to see just how much difference there is. At any rate, I'll either accept the flash or not and move on.
  2. I was actually talking myself into that M4-72 that came out so well on The Truth About Guns shoot out, until I saw the flash it makes... I mean, I know that it's not a FH but still...
  3. So this thread is pretty old now. But it's still pretty high up on the first page so I'm gonna use it. Surely there have been new breaks/compensators/flash hiders on the market since 2015 - what are all the cool kids using these days? I'd be interested in reducing muzzle climb while still having good flash hiding characteristics. I've used both SE Vortex and a Kaw Valley linear comp on my 7.62 calibers. I don't want to spend $200 or whatever on a Battlecomp since I plan to suppress these in the next year or so. $100 would probably be ok.
  4. This is what Fulton sold me for their "hybrid" (.308/7.62 finished chamber) chamber: http://www.fulton-armory.com/headspacegaugesetfchambergonogoandfield3083-piece.aspx marked 308 and contains a Field gauge.
  5. PA10 stripped upper. I need something and I don't know what, so another AR gets built.
  6. I need to submit a form 1... someday when that form comes back to the eform website >:( Until then, it's pistol buffer tube.
  7. http://www.amazon.com/Gauze-Sponges-Bulk-Non-Sterile--8ply/dp/B0009Q01KY/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1398822083&sr=8-13&keywords=first+aid+gauze+bulk
  8. As feared, the surplus 7.62 stripper clip guides will not work with the Pmags since they don't have the groove on their sides where the guide locks into. Otherwise, it looks as if the dimensions are a go, though. So I will try to dremmel those lips down untl they will slide onto the pmag. Maybe if I hit it just right it will be loose enough that it will slide on the pmag, but tight enough it will have some retention so you can still use it. Wish I had a mill.
  9. I think that's actually for 5.56, but thanks for thinking of me. I'm going to wait and see how my amazon one turns out before I start buying a lot more of them. Need to make sure it works with the Pmags, either OEM configuration or Dave configuration.
  10. Freakin amazon, of course. That will probably need some "adjusting" to fit on a pmag, but I ordered one to try it out. Kind of expensve for what it is, but now that I see the manu & part # I should be able to track it down to some alternate vendors. Thanks!
  11. The Striplula would be close enough if they made if for the 7.62. I only see it for 5.56 though.
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