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  1. That's exactly what it is. Took it apart and it's apparent that i forgot to put it in. THANKS Blue
  2. I'm using this spring from www.heavybuffers.com .308 rifle buffer spring- Armalite #ea1095, rifle length buffer tube from heavybuffers.com and the factory ar10 buffer. Gas block is DPMS micro .936 for the SASS since I have the SASS barrel. Lower prts kit is the DPMS lower parts kit for a .308. Thanks for the input everyone.
  3. I think i do. I used one from heavybuffers.com
  4. Well here's the dilema guys, I built this LR-308 with every single part made by DPMS for the lr-308 except for the buffer, spring, buffer tube and stock. I went to a friends house yesterday to fire this thing at his range. After firing the weapon, everything seemed to be ok until I pulled the trigger the 2nd time. When i went to pull the trigger, It was almost like the safety was on. I pulled the charge handle a second time to clear the chambered round and chambered another round,fired off a round and again and the same thing. Pulling the trigger felt like it was on saftey when it wasn't. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Sorry for asking what may be a stupid question but here it goes. Will the Wilson Combat 300 AAC blackout work with my dpms lr-308 lower receiver? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Sounds like bullpoopy. The guy thinks by having land owners open up their properties to hunters is suppose make what he's doing wrong,ok? I think he needs to go see his doctor and have his head examined.
  7. Heard this mental midjit Chuck Schumer asking Walmart and Sports authority to stop the sale of any assault style weapons. I'm not one to shop at either one of those two sorry ass retailers but for the senator to stoop that low and ask these retailers to stop the sales of those kinds of guns has got to be a joke. Does the senator have any idea that those kinds of guns are not sold at those stores? Well at least I haven't seen any here in California. Does he realize that there's been a huge run on those kinds of guns and there ain't poop out there? And me being a parent, does he realize that they have failed in keeping schools secure? Oh, I guess it's more important keeping the politicians who keep ruining this country secure than our kids. Sorry for venting. But a communist like Chuck Schumer is a sad excuse of an American.
  8. F@ck the premadonnas in Hollywood. That is pure hyprocracy!
  9. Ted Nuggent gets an A+ in my book. http://www.westernjournalism.com/ted-nugent-to-piers-morgan-kiss-my-ass/
  10. Yeah, the ones who run an honest and respectful business shouldn't have anything to worry about. It's the scumbag bandits are the ones who should worry.
  11. Thanks for the info! I put the backorder in
  12. With the tight regulation on magazine capacity here in California I figured I'd have my father who lives in Nevada go get something larger than a 10 rounder for me. He walks in to the gun store tells the guy what he wants to buy, gun store says, "yeah I get $125.00 for those now per magazine". Talk about freakin greed and taking advantage of a lousy situation!!!
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