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  1. thanks for posting that. its nice to get the scoop.
  2. If I wasnt already familiar with the vendor, I would have had the same initial concern!
  3. googling the SKU I am seeing that version in a few places now: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=374904685 http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=375402519 http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=375928129 http://www.rockwellarms.com/Store/ProductDetails/Sig-Sauer-SIG716-3-GUN-7-62x51mm-NATO-18-Rifle-R716-H18B-3GH Definitely a legit Sig model.
  4. Bad timing for me... otherwise I would buy that sucker and put a UBR on it. I really dont like the looks of that stock that is on there. The grip I dont know, I would have to feel it.
  5. The first photo shows the product tag from Sig. Also, the seller is a big Sig dealer, I have purchased a couple new sigs from them. They didnt change anything. its a brand new in box rifle being sold as it ships from Sig. Read the description, it explains the rifle there! Basically what I am seeing is a full 716 Precision, minus the stock and grip. As for the price... only the MSRP was so high. Sigs dont sell for MSRP. Id say the price looks just right for the current climate. Aside from the grip and stock, I cant see anything about that rifle that isnt identical to the Precision.
  6. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=377236540 What I am seeing here is a Sig 716 Precision with the UBR stock swapped out for something else, and the grip swapped out. Otherwise, appears the same to me. Great price too. From the advertisement: "The Sig Sauer 716 "3-Gun" is a non-cataloged rifle. This rifle has many features we have seen on the 716 Patrol including a 4-position piston operating system, flip-up front and rear iron sights, and a quad rail (albeit slightly longer). You even get the durable Magpul 20-Round PMAG, but two this time around compared to one in the Patrol rifle. The differences may not be easy to spot, however there are some notable upgrades which make this rifle stand out from the standard Patrol rifle (or other Sig Sauer rifles we have seen thus far). First and foremost, this rifle ships in a very nice hard plastic case similar to the SSG 3000 case. New is the 18" Heavy Barrel which is threaded and includes a thread cap. This may very well be the same barrel we will find on the R716 'Precision Marksman' when it's eventually released. Next, a TI-7 stock with QD sockets on either side which you can use in combination with the included 2-point QD sling. This stock feels strong and sturdy - a fine addition to this rifle. Also welcomed is an upgraded latch on the charge handle to give a better grip, especially while wearing gloves. While on the subject of gloves, a Magpul Winter Trigger Guard sits nicely under the trigger. The guard is only the start as a raised letter 'G' is cast on the side of the new trigger, a hint that you will have something better than the standard Mil-Spec trigger found on all of the AR-10 and AR-15 style Sig Sauer rifles thus far. In place of this basic unit Sig Sauer has installed a Geissele 2-Stage Trigger which completes the 3-Gun package."
  7. I built a rifle using the Fulton Armory 18.5", .308, 1x10, Stainless Barrel. http://www.fulton-armory.com/barrelfatitan185nmmedss1x10936gasblock.aspx 2 weeks ago I finally got to try it out. I did not follow any break-in procedure. Weather was great, about 74 degrees and light gusts of wind. Using Remington UMC 150g my group size was 3/4" at 100 yards, level of effort probably about 70%. This group was from the end of my scope sight-in and I think I could have done better. (orange target in attached picture) For final sight-in, I moved to Federal GMM 168g. I gave one group my best effort but I had a flyer that I called. 2 of the shots are in the same hole at the top of the bullseye, and my flyer was 5/8" out. (black target in attached picture) Next time out I will click the scope down 1 more elevation and I think this rifle is dialed in. I think this is a .5 MOA barrel, maybe better? I am going to try and get to the 600 yard range here very soon. A $325 barrel? Really? I am pretty happy. Now I just have to learn to take REAL good care of this barrel. Now that I have a tack driver, I want it to stay that way. I mean... my Sig 16" AR15 groups 1" at 100 yards using an Eotech and 3x magnifier, which isnt the easiest to aim at that range. I guess I was just expecting that sub-MOA in a 308 barrel was going to cost twice as much as it did.
  8. For me the big problem is the wait time. I would pay a grand all day long for a super sweet CF wrapped barrel... But I'll be damned if I am going to wait a year. After 3-4 months I would be completely "over it" and lose all interest in the project. A mean a year.. That is enough time to go from well and healthy to diagnosed terminal and then fuckin die all while still waiting to shoot your rifle. Forget it, I wanna shoot my rifle not stare at parts for a year!!!
  9. looks cool, I was wondering how everyone did that.
  10. Ya nice guys for sure... They actually contacted me about my order since it went through on their system but the CC transaction timed out. They wanted to double check if I wanted them or not and were very nice about it
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