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  1. Sorry about that you are correct, no flash hider MB/Comp allowed as long as it is permanently pinned and tacked into place. I made several inquieries as to the mag issue and was assured by 3 seperat reputable shops that the mag is leagal to use as long as it is of pre ban origin !!! I will seek further information on that to be safe. I live in Ashfield and would be happy to find a place to meet in the future !!!
  2. Feeling your pain brother !!!! from the republic of Assachusetts......
  3. Dressed up my M&P10 with a little Magpul OD green love today :) Everything fit well only mod needed is the heat shield needs to be bent a bit at the barrel nut to fit without scratching barrel. M&P10 is also a bit different as the detent spring for the takedown pin is held in by the grip. As I live in the Republic of Massachusetts I can not have a muzzle device and I must pin the stock, hence the 2 small holes for a roll pin. The mag is a pre-ban Armalite 20 rd that I had to file a bit to open up the mag catch and the front feed lip, other wise I am only alowed a 10 rd mag :( Throwing on a set of Magpul MBUS II flip ups to get some range time in until I can decide what optic to run ???
  4. Hope I got this right !!
  5. Sorry if this is the wrong place but new today looking for any S&W guys/gals ??
  6. Foud today that with some very minor filing of the front mag notch and the mag catch slot that my Pre Ban Armalite waffle style 20 rd mags will fit nicely into my M&P 10 !!! BONUS !!!
  7. New guy with a new toy hungry for information !!! Picked up my new S&W M&P 10 the other day !!!
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