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  1. Can I get a larue 7.62 OBR (carbine) owner to help me out with some measurements? I have a PRS stock on mine, I'm attempting to put a carbine buffer tube on it for my LMT sopmod. Larue has told me that the buffer spring(red) and H2 buffer that I have will work in a buffer tube with an internal length of 7 11/16". I just ordered the vltor tube sku: re-10/a5sr its overall length is 7 3/4". Can someone with a 7.62 OBR carbine give me measurements for the length of tube they have, Internal and external as well as buffer length and spring length? I have my concerns about it because vltor site states: If you are using the A5SR tube on an Armalite AR-10 carbine and rifle, you must use the Armalite AR-10B Operation Spring (Armalite Part #EA1095) and AR10 Carbine Buffer (Armalite Part #ECO120). Attempting to use this tube with parts other than these, will result in damage to your rifle! If you have any questions about these parts, please contact Vltor Weapon Systems at 866-468-5867 before installation.
  2. Think I'm getting the vltor re-10/a5sr. Mil-spec Dia. Extended length. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks edge. One more question. What tube is the right one? Everywhere I am looking the only demensions sites give are Dia.
  4. Thank you. It works fluidly with the PRS. I'm just looking for more of a battle rifle setup, I have a few M40 builds in 20" and 24", as well as a 10" 5.56 AR. So my goal was to have a good medium range rifle with the TA648-308H ACOG glass on top. I know it'll get there eventually, but with me being the first person ever to have a problem with the larue I'm stressing just a tad!
  5. I have a 16" obr 7.62 that came with a prs stock. It has the carbine length (red) buffer spring with the H2 buffer and spacer for use in the A2 buffer tube. I have converted it (leaving out the spacer) to a carbine and have a mil-spec AR-15 tube that I put on. Larue said it should be fine... I took it to the range zeroed it, then moved into some drills. That's when it began to fail to feed. After looking into it, I noticed that the BCG would not lock back unless forced unnaturally. I've looked into multiple forums and haven't found a solid answer. Do I need a different buffer/ buffer spring or buffer tube? If I need another tube, will it support the mil-spec LMT stock that I have grown fond of? Also, I called larue up on this and they said that the tubes they were using, measure 7 11/16th internal length. Not a mil-spec AR-15 tube obviously. I see OBRs out there with LMT SOPMOD stocks which only come in mil-spec dimensions so I need a AR-10 guru to help me out Someone has to have a solid answer out there for me.
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