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  1. I lap with 2 piece setups on hunting rifles, If I shot long distance competition I sure would also. The cantilevered AR mounts not too worried about. I have a 1/4" (thinking tecton?) torque wrench but if I ever got a new one I would get the Snap On or at least that style. The wrench style has a lot of rotating mass in the handle have to be careful with.
  2. Torque Wrenches and life jackets are two of the many items I wouldn't buy at HF! When torqueing small parts consider that adding any liquid thread locker throws the numbers out the window, lubrication properties can easy cause it to stretch/ strip small screws. I reduce the numbers 25-50% and then re-torque next day with stuff like locktight blue. Haven't seen issues when screws come pre-coated with that red or brown stuff.
  3. I'm just going to throw this out there, save every pin and part you remove, and don't file/ sand/ grind any of the original parts, frame, slide, etc to make the new barrel fit. I cringe at taking an old timer like that and "Renewing" but if you feel you must then you must.
  4. Nice. Especially like the commander Nice front and back strap treatments
  5. Faxon 300BLK 16" Carbine gas .750 .120 Faxon 5.56 16" pencil w/ intregal 3 port comp mid gas .625 .079 Don't ask me how I know...
  6. Maybe they have different variations, site down right now, but for sure my 308 Tubbs spring will not work in a 7" tube/ 2.5" buffer. (Well, almost sure memory ain't what it use to be) Anyway, a solution looking for a problem as some would say.
  7. I ran a Tubs in one of my 308's w/ 7-5/8 tube, worked fine but a pain to get the whole thing stuffed into the extension. won't work with a 2-1/2" buffer, almost 3-1/4" fully compressed. Sprinco red or EA1095 as stated above is the gold standard.
  8. Most of us have started the next build with less!
  9. They were selling for cheap a while back. Correct, no rail matches. Think it is a Remington. Be hard to match that up without machining a riser block. But on the good side you have a shooter. I'd go with an illuminated 1-8x30 or something like that, leave the rest alone, and count it as a win!
  10. It's happened. And been saved. Probably more then once.
  11. It is a procedure for sure. I like the caliber interesting choice. One thing 98Z was pointing out was your bolt catch. They vary a lot. Small frame catches fit in large frames but with mixed results. If it drops in it is probably small. If it needs fitting it is probably large frame. Beefier the better. We should add to Waterboarding thread. My go to is the Armalite, think off hand 10B Maybe someone will correct me.
  12. When it locks back, something to look at does it locks fully on the bolt face or does it lock on the edge of the carrier.
  13. Ha! If you google it it comes up with the part of the receiver the trigger guard roll pins to. But what we call ears is what the BCG slams into if the buffer is too short or the extension too deep.
  14. I like to screw the tube into the receiver, line up the retaining pin slot, then measure from inside bottom of tube to face of ears. Welcome to the forum!
  15. You should be able to bake it to the same temp it would experience in a car on a hot day. Difference is Vortex would stand behind the hot car, maybe not so much if it had evidence of a baked on coating.
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