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  1. So ordered a 45 ACP AR barrel form Macon Armory few weeks ago. get tracking emails, maps where the barrel is along the route, right to the front door. Thinking this is the way it should be. Opened package, 9mm barrel. Have sent 3 emails over the last couple weeks, crickets. Called, phone does not pick up, does not go to voice, and not a normal ring tone. Noticed this morning they are out of the 5" barrels, but have 7.5" barrels, so someone/ something is there doing sales/ web related stuff. If it was purely a ripoff site why change the inventory? As much as I hate facebook even left a message there. Anyone live in Macon that could stop by and see if maybe the machines revolted and killed everyone inside?
  2. I've had one for a couple years, don't remember the brand, but one nice use is to look in the bore and check alignment of the gas port with the gas block. you can see right up in there nicely. Take it to the range. The one I have you focus the right angle mirror, or remove. Seems to have a pretty short focal plane. Light level adjusts. Some photos looking down my muzzle loader after a good soap and water bucket cleaning, and some milling looking at the takedown recess at a less then 0.001 step. They work pretty good for a close up camera. Flash hole milling
  3. Ok, got a 5" 45 barrel coming, and a 308 cookie cutter. This is going to be the most annoying gun at the range! Have to work up some slow burning high everything else 45 loads!
  4. Got to the range yesterday, box of extra springs and spare parts in tow, but nothing needed. Shot flawlessly from round one and POI was POA. Nice group. 3:00-4:00 ejection @ 8-10'. Remsport SS barrel and match bushing, RIA slide good combination. Used TR Enabling/ Remsport for slides and other parts before but first time used their barrel/ bushing. Good stuff for reasonable $$$
  5. Got it to the range, damn thing works! Cycled and LRBHO on everything from 40 gr to 62 gr. Shot without using the brace, off hand, about a paper plate sized group at 50 yards. (didn't want to start with my face anywhere near the goofy thing) When the trust level went up, used the brace and put my face a little closer to the charging handle the group tightened up quite a bit. The bolt headspace was tight in the Anderson barrel, still in spec but on the tight side, enough that a couple of my handloads were sticky when manually extracting with the charging handle. Probably swap the bolt with the one out of the old BCG. EDIT: Nope, both bolts headspace the same, just a couple of fat handloads.
  6. Switched out the SS slide stop and thumb safety, little too much bling.
  7. I have used the 5D with AMT, Anderson, Noreen, and several other large and small frame lowers, haven't experienced the pin problem but it IS a really tight fit, tap with rubber mallet tight on a couple. That said, hate it when a vendor does that, ghosts their customer service obligations. Total BS. Might as well buy the knock off. PS Seller on ebay has the cutters.
  8. Yep, thanks. Found one at Bravo for cheap. Picture above is for the M203 mod, one I got doesn't have the 2 notches. Assume the large and small frame hand guards are same size?
  9. So what do you call a delta ring that's round? Need to find one. Other then that the 6" guard fits the 12.5 Sig barrel just about right. (Well, there is the port issue but I have some ideas about that). Colt: Armalite no bueno
  10. Just an egg compared to the masters. Having fun learning though, and getting a lot of help from the boys over at 1911 forums.
  11. Not at the same level as some of the above pieces, but, finished up another budget build, commander length. Parkerized this morning, assembled this afternoon. Little brother for the A1
  12. 0.545 is within .005 of what I came up with, perfect! I'll PM you.
  13. @Tack14 Good stuff... I think I have aligning it figured out, rotary indexer and the mill I should get some good accuracy using the axis of the bore and the alignment pin. Can always adjust a little bit after initial setup, most of these blocks look like clamp on.
  14. For the big front sight, don't want rail height. Need one lower then receiver rail so yours might be right. My math says .940 from center of bore, so top of .750" journal .565 +/- .930 is pretty common it looks like.
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