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  1. Albroswift

    Pistols and Revolvers

    Sweet! Love old Rugers Besides the Hamilton I have an early 44 Flat Top BH, un converted, a 44 SBH and a 45 Colt/ ACP BH convertible 3 screw, both lawyered up but have the original parts also. (Also a couple single sixes, 22/ 22mag) Do you know if they made a .357/ 9mm convertible in a 3 screw? I had a new model 357/9mm convertible but didn't like it, traded it off. My hunting sidearm, Ruger 45 Colt 4-5/8" W/ full blow H110 loads 300 gr XTP clocking a little over supersonic. (and the biggest ball of flame you ever did see!)
  2. Albroswift

    Pistols and Revolvers

    Keeping my eye out for an old Ruger Blackhawk 3 screw in .357, and an HK Mark 23. Ahh, the duality of man...
  3. Albroswift

    Pistols and Revolvers

    Thanks. Got a bunch more in the safe, not too many to shoot in a day but way to many to clean in a day!
  4. Albroswift

    Pistols and Revolvers

    It is one of the nicest shooting "out of the box" 45's on the market. I fitted the ambi safety, other then that nothing. Has cycled everything I've thrown at it. Stupid tight offhand groups at 50 yards. The milling inside the top of the slide is really rough looking, I mean really rough. Other then that no criticism.
  5. Albroswift

    Pistols and Revolvers

    Oh, Knew I was forgetting something, the E-Series S&W 45
  6. Albroswift

    Pistols and Revolvers

    Sunny Morning here on the left coast, headed out to the range with several of my favorite shooters. Then to the shop for a less favorite sport, cleaning. (Damn those wheel guns have a lot of holes!) Bucket O Glocks Bottom left Model 24/ 40S&W, Bottom right M24 w/ wolf 9mm barrel, extension, porting, beaver tail, and slide lightning by yours truly, Top Left Model 34, Top right 17L Freedom Arms 454 Casull and a Hamilton Bowen custom 44 Mag built on a 50th anniversary Ruger Flat Top frame, Herrett grips, Turnbull case hardening. 260g Freedom Arms FP bullet out the pointy end at just under 1850 FPS. Enough room in the cylinder for 2100 FPS worth of case and powder but this is plenty brutal enough on the cowboy gun sized frame! Smith and Wesson 629 Classic 44 Mag built by an old boy for me over in PA and a Rossi Cyclops 357 Mag, hand made grip, new unfluted cylinder, timing and tuning by yours truly.
  7. Albroswift


    3 times to the range so far performing flawlessly
  8. Albroswift

    "Generic" AR-10 load for mixed brand brass

    Dillon: The dillon trimmer is too short/ too fat to reach down into the tool head for the pistol length cases, but I agree, it could have been designed (or re-designed) a little differently. It's good at what it is designed for. LEE: I ran a couple last night, just messing around, first trial in the Rock Chucker, worked perfectly but no case feeder/ progressive features obviously. The Lee trimmer depends on the shell holder (or plate) being forced against the die base otherwise the inner collet and shell spins.On the Dillon the tool head is just about 1/16" too thick, kind of a boss around where the die meets the tool head. Flipped tool head over, reinstalled die, worked great, so need to mill the boss off one of the stations (or just run tool head upside down) rig a vac attachment, good to go. The Lee produced a trim length +/- half a thou variance on the 5 cases I played with, and chamfers/ bevels to boot. Mickey Mouse having a drill motor hanging out the top of the die but awesome looking results.
  9. Albroswift

    "Generic" AR-10 load for mixed brand brass

    I use a dillon electric case trimmer on my .223, .308, '06, and belted mag cases in my progressive press. Sets up on a caliber specific die, vac attachment, very fast and accurate way to mass produce trimming. Unfortunately doesn't work with pistol length brass. Just got a Lee Deluxe Quick Trim trimmer, a caliber specific die setup, came with a drill motor adapter. Trimming a batch of 44 Mag this weekend, going to see if I can get that run that on the Dillon.
  10. Albroswift

    "Generic" AR-10 load for mixed brand brass

    Lee factory crimp die is my go to die, just about every caliber I reload. a lot less case length sensitive then typical dies. Ram fully up, screw in until the collett completely closes (no more) without a round. Put a round in, ram up, and look down the die, if the collet is closed you are good. Inspect round afterwards of course, nothing wrong with a small amount of in or out to taste, but you can damage the die by over crimping. If you run max length cases it will look like a collet crimp, "Trim To" length brass it will look like a nice roll. On my 300 Weatherby loads, non cannelured (ELD-X) bullets, I back off about 1/8 turn. As with collet pullers, a little grease between the collet and the die body sure doesn't hurt.
  11. Albroswift

    Pacific Northwest shooters

    Seattle. Shoot at the Seattle Police Athletic Association (SPAA) Happy New Year!
  12. " ...sweet spot at 53 grains under a 300 gr Hornady pill..." Going over and logging my data into the book noticed it was actually 55 gr Varget, but highly unlikely anyone is going to be relying on a 308AR forum for obsolete cartridge data anyway...