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  1. I didn't shoot the 308 before opening it up, but I did the 223's. .078 (5/64") seems good for both. Put an adjustable on the 308, low price/profiles on the 223's, all running great. Solid carbide 5/64" end mill just showed up, have a couple more to do when I get energetic.
  2. how about close ups of the area milled?
  3. After the last round of cleaning I found an extra extractor spring on the table. More concerning also the little one that goes in a 308 extractor. Pulled the bolts out of several AR's, the one in the 458S was in backwards. Flipped it over, got it to snap into the extractor. Sent Tony an email asking him if he uses the little spring inside, or the insert. Put everything back together and back in the safes. Tony emailed me back and said nothing except the spring, and he puts them in backwards compared to AR 15's. Went through the 458 and 2 308's again, flipped the one in the 458, found the 308 bolt missing the little spring, but noticed something funny about the firing pin in the 458. Had a 308 pin in it. Pulled a AR15 pin out of my field kit, swapped it out. Now my field kit has 2 spare .308 pins and no AR15 pins. I would swear I always carried one of each. Pulled and checked the 308's, they have the correct firing pins. I'm getting pretty good at this. Just wonder who's kit has 2 AR15 pins and no 308 pins and where the extra extractor spring came from.
  4. I went with the Aim Sport on one of my AR15 builds, good quality good price fairly light weight. Thinking about using one like this on my next large frame build. https://www.primaryarms.com/aimsports-ar10-15in-mlok-dpms-high-handguard-blk-mtm15h308 One thing to consider though, the slots on the bottom do not go down the center line so might have to use side mount bi-pod legs. Maybe also check out https://www.ar15handguard.com/ Sam Pan is a character but he has good customer service/ returns/ replacements.
  5. Hello, Rabid Dog Special charging handle? Lots of pictures!
  6. Yes, read that one. If a public pretender can get you off that's a pretty good indication of the merits. PS I measured correctly used a framing square. With the Armalite extension the SBA is 13-3/4"+
  7. I have a set of numbered bits, get last go and first no go, close enough. if you had good eyes you could probably get it with a dial or digital caliper.
  8. It must be true, found it on the internet. SB Tactical's website: HOW LOP IS MEASURED Length of Pull, or LOP, is the straight line distance measured from the middle of the face of the trigger to the end of the gun’s stock or brace in it’s longest configuration. The ATF has advised that a braced pistol with an LOP in excess of 13.5” may constitute a re-design of the host pistol and subject the pistol to restrictions under the National Firearms Act. As I get occasional visits from LEO for frightening the neighbors, loud explosions, etc don't want to run afoul on this point if I can help it.
  9. After looking at it the other day I was trying to come up with a combo that the Aero M5 extension kit would work in, buffer to short for ar15 and to light for a 308. I still can't believe AP runs that in their 308 builds. I started out posting here when my Anderson AM 10 was built the same way. That dog just don't hunt.
  10. Measuring my 308 sig 12.5 pistol LOP is 13.75 inches. What information I can find BATF could consider that a SBR. With the 7 inch buffer tube I was under the 13.5 inch guideline, but with the Armalite extension I'm over. I plugged the last detent flush with the rail while I was messing around with it last night, works good. Stops at 13.25. Would really like to get these things reliable with the 7in tube, really like the gear head tail hook brace but it uses a proprietary extension so can't use the Armalite extension.
  11. Good news on the barrel. Tubes: There are 38 barrels left, we should just by 38 (+1) tubes and be done with it. Probably get a great deal. Maybe get CDNN to post a link on the off chance that someone outside our forum buys one before we buy them all!
  12. I was referring to the stuck/ punched barrel, cleaned up OK?
  13. Been in the same place for 30 years and reloading room and one of the ammo lockers is in the basement. I'll need to install an elevator if I ever move.
  14. How did you clean up the burr? I was going to run a reamer through mine but the cut looked clean and didn't want to risk it.
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