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  1. 338 Win Mag factory crimp die, extended .325 to use with the 340 Weatherby and a birdsmouth so the bullet tip clears when rotating through the progressive.
  2. Non canalure bullets like the ELD and Matchking (lots of others, just naming 2 I use quite a bit) scream "LEE FACTORY CRIMP!"
  3. The only way to fly. Pretty much replaced most if not all of my crimp dies with the Lee over the years.
  4. I think the OP was using the Faxxon as a comparison. You are allowed to have more then one barrel I think, in fact, may be required...
  5. Funny powder, looks like little cheerios, only can fit about 9 oz in a typical 1 lb container. Use it in 45-70 light loads. Going to try some in 308 w/ 200 gr bullets.
  6. Just knocked out 1000 rounds of 9mm on the big blue, little over 2 hrs. Spent 1/2 hr troubleshooting the indexing system first, getting worn out after a couple million rounds. Recess with the spring and detent ball was getting a little oversized, shimmed it true. Get a call into Dillon, bet they will send me a new head no questions asked. Even If I have to pay, still best press out there. Bought it new in 1996 +/- Rock Chuckers are a more recent addition.
  7. Moderators, please move to 80% lowers? Thanks-- Al
  8. Hello, Dave, and welcome to the forum. Stumped the boys so far it looks like. Interested to see what they come up with. Al
  9. Only if dippin Dave goes by Handy Dave on MCARBO Brotherhood.
  10. +1 on the orange spring in the 7 inch tube.
  11. 80%, didn't have the bolt stop pin drilled, and seems to have some unusual features .
  12. Seems big enough that's probably not the problem. Double check the port lines up with the gasblock. I have a bore camera that works sweet for that, but there are about 900 other ways to confirm.
  13. I didn't start keeping track until about 3 or 4 years ago, whish I had started on DAY ONE!
  14. Get a little here, little there, 25 years later you have almost everything you need.
  15. When things quiet down and components are back in stock you will enjoy handling for it. Lots of good 6.5 data out there. Have 2 ladders loaded up myself just waiting for the next trip to the range. 123's and 147's. Don't remember the data offhand but it is probably one of the Hodgdon magnum powders, 4350 or 4831, use those in a lot of recipes.
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