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  1. @MiddleLuke Got me stirred up so I went out to the shop, tried several tubes in a Toolcraft BCG with only 30 or 40 rounds through it. None had any resistance but they were all really close. no significant rubbing when aligned.
  2. The i-Heart concert. Not even close to what I usually listen to...
  3. I believe the "Mushroom Head" is designed to allow break in and good gas seal without wear or resistance on the tube. The "Mushroom" is the same diameter as the tube, except for where it is cut down couple thousands for the inch or two right before the "Mushroom". I would think a small amount of resistance should be normal, but I'm sure someone more expert then myself will come along and confirm.
  4. Like the looks of the Wiz Bang guys shop in the background of the video, I don't feel so bad now...
  5. If it barley cleared the chamber I'm going with no powder. Primers can get them up the barrel a bit with pistol primers. Had some 223 that I thought had bad primers, actually no powder and bullets didn't move at all.
  6. @Scott Perkins Regardless of above comments, would really like some more/ better photos in the name of science. Also, no manufacturer or S/N: quite possible you will run into issues buying or selling, don't know what the laws are in your state but it would be tough to get it to fly here in WA. Maybe the S/N: and manufacture name and address is on the other side, check it out.
  7. It doesn't have the lines of a Aero, even if Aero sold 80% forgings. It doesn't have the lines of a AMT 80% or one of the many that look identical and probably come from the same mill. It DOES have the basic lines of a DPMS/ little bit of curve bottom rear of trigger guard most others are straight.
  8. Albro-zhimers strikes again-- Swapped the Dillon from large rifle to .40 S&W yesterday: tool head, plate, flipping the case dropper riser from rifle to pistol, large primer to small primer seating button and tube, good cleaning, changing the case feeder plate. About 200 rounds into the 155gr XTP +P loads already had about 3 cases come down the tube upside down, and two log jambs at the funnel end of the case feed tube. Man, don't think I've had this much BS in 25 years, what's up? Probably loaded more .40 then anything else on the 650. Power through another 50 or so before I noticed the pistol plate for the case feeder hanging on the wall. Had the large rifle plate in the feeder. Doh... Thing is I remember taking the hopper off the stand and removing the plate. Must have vacuumed out the hopper and put the rifle plate right back in. Dumped out the brass, swapped the plates, ran out another 400 or so without a hitch.
  9. I have used one of these, a little bigger but same principal. The 200 degree feather soup gets really disgusting after about half a dozen birds. Photos/ videos don't do it justice, need to be there!
  10. I have the Frankford wet/ ss tumbler and several vibratory polishers, the frankford does a better job, especially with the primer pockets, but for most range ammo 9mm/ 40/ 44/ 45 the big Dillon 2001 or small off brand vibratories with grit-o-cob and Losso is easier and faster and even rifle brass clean / lube/ deprime/ size/ and clean a second time the vibratory get used more in my shop then the liquid. Good cases can be made for either type, personal preference.
  11. Friend just put one of the Rise Armament FCG's on his 308, after about 7-8 cycles (By hand) the hammer locked up in the vertical "Fired" position and will not move at all. Took it out, took the barrel and hammer spring out, re-assembled, two cycles and locked in vertical position again. Could not duplicate with the identical FCG I got little over a week ago. Opened a support ticket with Armoralley.
  12. When I said Armalite Recoil system, I was talking Armalite AR10 Carbine extension, spring, and buffer. Here is the KVP buffer that I am running with the Sprinco orange spring: https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Kaw-Valley-Precision-AR-10-308-Tungsten-Carbine-Bu-p/kvp-ar10-5.6.htm
  13. The SBA3 and SBA4 work on Armalite extensions so you can run the complete Armalite AR10 recoil system. The Tailhook Mod 2 is proprietary and AR15 length so as 98 said, KVP 2-1/2" 5.6 oz buffer and Sprinco Orange. Running both of the above setups with Mid length and shorter then mid length systems. Just got this Tailhook for 100 bucks the other day: https://www.gunprodeals.com/product/gear-head-works-brace-tailhook-mod-2-5-position-black-1 Like it better then the SB Here is a alternate to the 2-1/2" KVP Buffer, a just a little lighter, 5.3oz vs 5.6oz https://pur-tungsten.com/product/heavy-ar-10-308-black-carbine-buffers/ I always run adjustable gas blocks not strictly necessary but man, you don't need to get quite a precise with gas port , buffer weight, spring, etc. Don't get me wrong, first get the correct recoil and gas set up, but no reason not to have the adjustment option. Keep us posted.
  14. Posted this a while back on another forum, 5D costs. Get all in for around $400 if you wait for a sale. 5D pro Jig $200 Tool Kit $55 (3 drill bits and the ready mill) 308 upgrade $60 Dewalt router $120 $435 including the 308 and the recommended router. Since then I bought a second ready mill and an additional replacement bit. The drill bits they supply are good quality, last 3-4 lowers before starting to dull. The anodizing is really hard on them, if you did raw I'm sure they would last for a long time. Cobalt bits are what I am using now. The end mill in the ready mill is heat installed so bought a complete second ready mill in case I chip a tooth or otherwise damage the bit in the middle of a job I don't have to get out the torch.
  15. Part of the learning curve. My router has soft start, and I'm running both that and the vacuum off a foot switch. Still, got to hang on each and every time! No excuse.
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