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  1. Friend just finished a 6.5 build, no mags yet borrowing some of my steel mags so if you want to sell them let me know. He hasn't ordered any yet.
  2. Thanks. The Noreen forged looks kind of rough in the pictures, don't see any boss at all around the mag release. No problems at all with the AMT except for the non-OEM look.
  3. Have turned out two 308 platform builds using AMT Billet 80% lowers. Mill OK and function properly but clearly the non-OEM lines of a milled billet lower. I want to find a true "Forged" 308 80%, not a "Billet" or "Forged Billet" lower. Plenty of options for forged on AR15 blanks, but can't find one in the 308/ DPMS platform. Second question, anyone use a Noreen 80% 308 lowers? Everything compatible? What other 308 80% lowers are you all having good luck with?
  4. I have 3 or 4 of the C products steel mags for 308 and they fit a little looser then the Magpuls, function quite well in a couple different builds.
  5. Just over 8.2 lbs with scope and 10 rounds in a 10 round AWM.
  6. A lot of folks I shoot with would have missed 6? 11? 17+1? times.
  7. I looked closly at the trigger shoe in the image, looks like a little extra doohickey at the bottom which must engage with the grip machinery. I'm thinking the same principal as power steering on your vehicle.
  8. Thanks. Haven't weighed it yet, don't know why I walk right by the meat scale every time I head out to the shop. I'll report back, try to squeeze a post in in between cootie and pinto bomb posts!
  9. John Taffin's Book of the .45 Caliber. Fed Ex tracking says tomorrow. Bought 3, 2 for gifts and one for me.
  10. Now in my BAR 338WM its another story, turns softpoints into a profile resembling the tip of elf shoes! Never had a good group until I went with SSTs, ELD-Xs, and recently TTSXs
  11. The hot core speer have exposed lead, factory ammo at Sharps Rifle Co. Only thing they sell. Cycled a bunch through, no deformation. The M4 ramps are fairly gentle on that diameter.
  12. Haven't shot it yet, but swapped out the gas block with a BAD titanium and painted the safety levers. not quite a match but better match then the FDE. Also scored 320 factory rounds on Gunbroker for what I think was a fair deal, 180 87gr Soft Points and 120 100gr Swine Smashers.
  13. I like that idea. I still have one more 12.5, food for thought. Good looking build.
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