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  1. If I keep building AR's I would need yet another safe, 1911's are a bit harder to build but I can keep squeezing them in until maximum densityis achived. This is the one that got me started, helping a bro do his bobtail commander. He used the matrix jig and a complete kit from 1911 builders. Very complete, high quality parts, slide nicer then the one on my my E-Series Smith, very minor fitting required. I keep telling him to shorten up the dust cover, but he refuses.
  2. Next one will be pretty. 10mm long slide all cut mostly fitted just waiting on a new barrel, first one little out of spec. Sneak peek
  3. Just finished up a 1911A1, Advanced Tactical 80% CS frame, Sarco "If you want cheap, we got cheap" build kit. Lots of fitting. Only thing I didn't use out of the kit was the sear spring, just couldn't do it... Need to find a slide stop not so shiny, other then that not bad for a $400.00 build
  4. Yes, the 260gr bullets I was thinking of were .452 FAFPs, bought a bunch from Freedom Arms a while back. Doesn't look like they sell bullets any more. Brain getting a little fuzzy.
  5. May have misspoke, 265 gr. 260s are for the 454.
  6. 24 of H110 behind a jacketed bullet is a tight fit. What do you end up with for COL? No whimps 44 loading for sure! XTP mags or corelocks? Ever try the 260gr Interlock? Designed for 444 marlin but a good bullet for the 44.
  7. The 99 dollar barrel was there the other day, saw that. The 65 dollar barrels (now 75) say 10 left, don't see the PSA on those. Edit didn't see PSA on the 65 dollar barrels, it's on the 75 dollar ones. So good barrel?
  8. Still there or there again, but 74.99 now. Don't see where it says PSA, but they told me they were being sold to PA. The BCA barrels I looked at had blue/black extensions, these are raw looking extensions. To get there I use the gunbroker search for " 308 barrel spectre " That good or bad?
  9. Spectre supply on gunbroker https://www.gunbroker.com/item/875072664 I have bought a few items from these guys, all good stuff, asked about these barrels they said DPMS pattern, US manufacture, were being sold to Primary Arms but couldn't tell me who made the barrels due to NDA. Any idea? Rule 65?
  10. Welcome from Seattle. You will get a lot of help here, just provide the information we ask (and do what we say!) and you will end up with a reliable shooter. Al
  11. Yes it's a 1:7, got great groups out of both the 40's and 62's. Didn't break the chrono out, sighting in and screwing around, but chrono'd a few 62's the other day still going over 2200 at 69 yards when the radar lost track. Anyway, back pack gun, not worried about long range performance. One other thing, got a couple of double fires with both the 62's and the 40's, slower then a slam fire I think it was trigger bounce. I'll try a couple things and maybe get to the range this weekend. See if I can get a track out to 100 yards.
  12. Went to the rifle range to sight in the shorty, got it hitting square at 100 yards, shooting 62gr green tips, good group, 100% function. then tried the 40 gr blue tips, good group and function, then tried 2 different brands of 55 gr, mil 556 and civilian 223, neither one worked worth a $hit. Maybe dirty? no, went back to the green tips no problem. The 55's are acting like a failure to extract, but get lock back and no issues chambering one with empty mag. Try some different mags and a lighter recoil spring next time.
  13. Looks like a nice block, out of stock this morning. I'm running a seekins on a couple of builds, need a long allen to adjust from the front and the lock screw if you'r lucky lines up enough to get a ball end allen through one of the openings in the handguard. I have one of the superlatives on another build, no lock screw just need long allen adjusts from the front clicks in place.
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