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  1. Added another pistol: AR-40 S&W build "Fun at the rockpit" Budget Build Everything bought on sale/ on the cheap except BCG and buffer, went with a retail Stern Defence BCG and a 7.5 oz KVP pistol buffer. Aero Upper Anderson Lower TorkMag Magwell blocks for glock mags KVP 4" barrel and linear comp Ebay pistol brace and handguard Sightmark Ultra Shot R-Spec Reflex Sightmark Low Pro Mini green laser Stern Defence BCG- (single most expensive part of the whole build!) KVP 7.5 OZ buffer Shoots better then I could have expected. Flings brass like a madman, 30 feet + at 4:00 Very pleased with the Sightmark R-Spec and KVP barrel, drills the center ring at 50 yards repeatedly, way more accuracy then I was expecting for a $79.00 4 inch barrel and $129.00 red dot sight. TorkMag mag well block system fed well except sometimes fumbled the last round, a little adjusting and it has been flawless ever since. No LRBHO, I suppose can live with that if everything else is screaming. 23-1/2 inches of fun.
  2. OK, thanks for the input. This is what I did at the bench today, worked great. I could support the butt with my off hand and drill some nice groups.
  3. Loading the bipod is a pretty good description of what gets me the best groups. Unforgiven, don't quite understand what you are saying about the shims
  4. Hello, All When shooting off bench, sandbags or bipod, I do not get a good group unless I have my off hand gripping on the floating guard or front angled grip. When I wrap my arm around and under stock and support the stock like Hollywood snipers the group opens up, even though it seems to be more stable. Am I missing something? Thanks Al
  5. Crazy what they are going for. One in good shape on GB went for over $2000, saw another one go $2200. Those were actual final bids, not reserve price / 0 bids. Got a half a case of 00 Buck burning a hole in my closet, going to have some fun next weekend or so. Let's see, what can I destroy...
  6. They really went up in value. This one never had the lever safety replaced with the bolt safety (replacement no longer available) so that drops the value a little. Has the folding stock, hook, long tube and the forward front sight all upping the value. With the beat up receiver and old safety probably in the $1300-$1800 range. I've been watching a couple SPAS15's on GB, $7,000- $9000! Only a hundred or so made the shores before the import ban.
  7. Well, the moles are here. Figured it was the lords way to tell me to get going on my latest project. Recently took over care and feeding of a SPAS12, been rounding up parts and pieces to repair it's "Shot to S*&T" condition. Upon first inspection, the recoil buffer had broken, and the steel pad had actually flipped over and been slammed back into the hole the buffer should reside, backwards. What was left of the old buffer. Buffer pocket cleaned out. Not much I can do about the beating the aluminum receiver took. New buffer installed, SPAS12.com aftermarket part. Next go over the gass system New o-ring and a little Brian Enos Slide Glide on the piston What was left of the old stock buffer New parts, SPAS-12.com (Not to be confused with SPAS12.com) New stock buffer installed, think I put it on the wrong pin the first time. Goes on the pin with the detent. Originally designed as a battle shotgun, best fed a steady diet of hi-base 2-2/4" double 00 or slugs in semi-auto mode. Can also feed lighter loads in pump mode. Moles aint gonna know what hit em.
  8. Worked up a new load for the 300 Weatherby Mag, had been shooting 200 ELDX but really liking the BC and terminal performance of the 180 Barns TTSX, loaded 4 each starting at 81 grains H4831 at 81.5 about out of case volume, got some loaded at 82, 82.5, 83 (82.5 and 83 very crunchy, compressed load). At 82 hit a 3 shot string that was pretty nice, SD's started to open up a bit at 82.5, more at 83. I know, only a 3 shot string, but pretty tight nonetheless. I'll load a batch and see if it's repeatable.
  9. Started carrying 2 full size spares on the rig and 2 on the travel trailer, haven't needed one since...
  10. We were telling the RM we hunt in exactly the same conditions but he wasn't buying it. Took the woman to one of the local indoor ranges today shot the replacement MP Shield, put a couple hundred rounds through it (no cracks in the frame) , also shot the new Single Six 22, Smith E Series 1911, Super Redhawk (love torching off 20 or 30 grains of H110 at an indoor range!) And of course a half a bucket of glocks.
  11. Report on the range-- Jonsin' for some shooting, been snowed in last couple weeks, made it out this morning Rifle range melted snow and mud-- Closed 50 yard Bullseye snow over ankle deep water- Closed 25 yard Bullseye- OPEN! Thank the good lord for pistols, revolvers, and pistol caliber rifles
  12. Accuracy: 1 for 10+ on a full sized steel wolf at 75 yards. Good for self defense inside your car, living room, or the bad guy in the bushes/ cash machine drill...
  13. Hello, Sisco Keep an eye on the rear of the frame, I sent one back to S&W and they sent me a new one after it cracked, <200 rounds. Don't have 200 through the new one yet. No +P's or anything like that, S&W said it was a factory defect.
  14. the Dillon RT1200 (now1500) trimmer motor is spendy, I set it up originally for 308, 338, and 556. The 44 is just a bonus. I think with a little ingenuity you could fix something up, but the RT works very well with the Dillon trimmer dies. Don't know why it wouldn't work with any press.
  15. Been working on this for a couple weeks so far, ran 450 rounds 44 MAG today no issues +/- .001 or so. Pretty fair results. (The dominant paradigm over on Brian Enos forum is there is absolutely no reason to trim pistol brass, but they are all taper crimp people!) Challenges with the RT1200 setup: Cutter needs to be 1/2 way down into the the tool head Trim die not available. Not enough room for 2 locknuts. 13/16x20 thread on the trimmer, 7/8x16 on a die/ toolhead Pile of parts, different thickness of locking rings to set height. 2 part die, cut sizing die to hold shell, turned 13/16x20 on the end of a shortened Dillon powder die. First attempt was to turn the 13/16x20 thread on end of sizing die, but waste diameter on the die was too small/ wall thickness wan't adequate, which is to bad, die steel mills way nicer then the metal Dillon uses on their powder measure. 1/4" FIP hole for vac attachment Setting final height of locking ring thickness First attempt, turns out the cutter does not make a large enough orbit for 44 mag. Needed new cutter design. Cut one out of a parting tool. Start over setting height. Final iteration.
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