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  1. So the Oly 45, special mags for millspec magwell to feed 45ACP bullets?
  2. Nice looking weapons. The Sig SB15 brace is on sale for $74.99 in FDE, I grabbed one but haven't put it on anything yet https://www.sigsauer.com/store/sb15-pistol-stabilizing-brace-kit.html
  3. Out at the gravel pit Saturday I was exploding potatos at 100 yards offhand even with a little fog in the scope. We also blew the "Mongo Scarecrow" a quart sized tannerite type exploding device I've had laying around for many years.
  4. Gotta quit spending money, but... Leupold started rattling and had a little fog in it! Spent 20 years on the BAR 338 WinMag but only lasted a couple sessions on the 458. So Gold Ring is going back to the maker for a tune up and the SOCOM gets a Viper PST 1-6x24... I'm impressed with the PST, beefy...crystal clear from 1X to 6X, Milrad retical. I 458 uses a 308 sized rebated rim so the 308 boresighter worked perfectly (with a small mod):
  5. OK, so what works: 7.5 to 10 oz buffers 4-1/8" extra power carbine spring in a 7" tube Ea1095 spring in a 7-5/8" tube, but, not with the 10 oz buffer. Need a spacer but not a stack of quarters, don't want to space the spring, just the buffer. See image below. Factory glock mags. There is a 22 rounder that we have tried out works flawlessly, also the 15 rounder. Also the Korea RWB 31 rounders, GL40-31MAG, but not the SGM's, SGM-40G31R We have built 3 so far, two 4-1/2" pistols and one 16" PCC. I believe they can be over buffered/ over springed, if you start getting double and triple bursts that may be the culprit. Had an EA1095 in a 7" tube/ 7.5 oz buffer and it doubled up several times, went to the EP carbine spring, fine since. The PCC was doing that Saturday at the gravel pit but has never done it from the bench, close balance 10oz buffer EA1095 spring 7-5/8" tube and spacer. Changed it out yesterday. IMAO the BCG can travel back far enough to eject and feed without going back far enough to set the disconnect, if you don't believe it, pull the firing pin and try. This is what I did: Pulled the charging handle slowly back until it picks up the round, feed it in, and pull the trigger. No Click! Hammer had followed the BCG back down. Do it fast and BURRRRP! We run a stock MilSpec FCG, and a Stern BCG. A little taller hammer like maybe some of the heavier 308 type might fix that, or a slightly steeper ramp on the BCG, or a lighter hammer spring. Fine balance. My old AR15 has a cut BCG and a notched hammer so it locks up if the disconnect is damaged or disabled to prevent slam firing, but as far as I can tell, these are just waiting to go full fun mode. Sample buffer for photo, not the 4-1/8" KVP we run with IMAO, you could basically use any length buffer with the correct spacer length. Probably could be said for any AR platform.
  6. I use a Stern Defense BCG with the added center weight left in. About 16 oz total. All the spacer was for was to set the travel in the 7-5/8 tube. Slips inside the spring, makes up about 5/8". I'll shoot a closeup tonight with the spring. I think the issue is short stroking/ slam firing, I played around last night if I was real carefull I could eject and feed the next round without getting all the way back to the disconnector. Probably off the bench the carbine is rigid enough that I get full stroke, but loosly held in the gravelpit enviornment may have made a difference. Like I said above, I yesterday I changed out the 7-5/8 tube and the EA1095 with a 7" tube and an extra power carbine spring, next step down. That was the combo that I staered noticing buffer bumper deformation with the 7.5 oz buffer.
  7. Yes, 4-1/8" 10 oz tungsten. Who makes a heavier one?
  8. Yes, mean caliber, getting 1500 FPS w/ 155 gr pills out of a 16" barrel! Got the KNS pin keepers KVP 10 oz buffer pistol length 4-1/8" spacer in to set the travel to .125 +/- past bolt lock. 7-5/8 tube/ EA1095 spring Spacer is a steeped setup to allow correct spring length for and correct rearward travel of buffer. I changed things up this afternoon put the slightly shorter spring and a 7" tube, same as in my AR 40 Pistol. I think I could have had too much spring and buffer, the 7.5oz buffer runs well in the pistol with the 4-1/2" barrel was trying to balance the higher pressure loads and the 16" barrel.
  9. My carbine 40 S&W shoots flawlesly from the bench, but out at the gravelpit yesterday had several 3 round bursts. I've shot full auto AK's and this had to be cycling twice as fast, 1000-1200 RPM, which is really awsome until the local LEO shows up. So thinking, is it possible that the spring/ buffer weight combo (EA1095/ 10 OZ buffer/ 7-5/8" tube) strokes back far enough when gun is fully restrained but when running and gunning it doesn't quite get back far enough to catch the disconnector, but far enough to strip a round and slam fire? Mil Spec trigger group. Any one experience this with their 9MM blowbacks? With the "Extra Power" carbine spring that is recommended with the 7.5 and 10 oz buffers I see the buffer bumper getting a lot of deformation from bottoming out, which is why I went to the EA 1095 spring.
  10. About 20 years ago, (seems like 20, did they have SST's back then?) after examining some lead tips I ejected out of my 338 WM BAR and seeing a lot of deformation I went to polimer tips, never looked back. Recently went to Barns poly tipped solid copper TTSX bullets, after seeing a lot of weight loss in bullets I was able to recover from game over the years. Haven't recovered a TTSX yet from anything big yet. Good velocities and tight SD's over the chrono. We run the ELD X in the 300 Weatherby, but probably switching over to Barns when we use the last of those up.
  11. What's up with Noreen? Do the have a bad rep? Screech, you came to the right place. These boys helped me work through a poor out of the box AM-308 and now it is a 100 % reliable pleasure to shoot 308. Suggestion: Post what parts you are planning to buy, don't buy first and then ask. Save yourself some grief. We love to give advice, most of it good, all of it free!
  12. Added a PA cantilever mount (what a beast!) and actually the gold ring is a fair match for this particular shooter, 3x for shoulder work and 9x for the bench. May just leave it that way, shooting some 400 grain overlapping groups at 100 yards.
  13. yes, figure AR 15 62 gr bullets at 3000+/-, same platform 7 times the bullet and only loose 1/2 the velocity. Just over half the pressure. used a AR10 length tube, whimpy spring, light buffer, and a stepped spacer to set travel
  14. Pretty far from pistols and revolvers, but you guys don't seem to mind... Got a range report for the 458S Cycled flawlessly, even loads that wouldn't lock the bolt back. Kudos to the Tromix shop, nice to get something that works right out of the box. Started with some 300 and 400 gr bullets, H-110 and Data-2200 powders. What I had in stock. Neither powder worked well with the 300's, SD's all over the place and when I got to top 3rd of the load chart started patterning instead of grouping. The 400's were a different story, Speer FPSP (Flat Point Special Purpose) jacketed 45-70 bullets with an extra crimp groove for shorter COL loading. At about the middle of the load date the SD really tightened up, 1440 FPS, then started to open back up at 1500 FPS, no signs of over pressure probably could max out this powder/ bullet combo 1575 or so, but really liked the SD at the middle of the road velocities. Put a Leupold VX II on it for load development, no idea yet what I want for final optics but with a cantilever mount the 3X9 may be an option. Not as sexy as some of the other options but a rugged scope, crystal clear, ran it for 20+ years on the BAR 338 until I upgraded that last season. (Hey, gold ring shiny scopes were the in thing 25 years ago!) 400 gr Speer FPSP Data-2200 powder about half way between starting load and max load A little closer to the top, a grain or two below max
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