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  1. Counting antler points on a critter a few hundred yards out is kinda tough with a peep sight, just saying... 🦌
  2. Just pulled the trigger on two of them. zero tax, zero shipping $99.98 for the pair. Worst case I have some barrel grade lathe stock.
  3. buying out all the 49.00 sig barrels this week...
  4. I'm seeing Sig Sauer barrels are on sale $49.99 to $89.99, Are these: 1.) Mill Spec in the AR15 platform? 2.) Decent quality/ accuracy? I see in another thread the 12.5" 308 barrel was Spec except for gas tube length, any experience with their Carbine and rifle length barrels? Very tempting for my current 223 carbine build, 16" non threaded barrel, maybe clamp in the mill and cut a 3 gill comp into the end, maybe just run as is. https://www.cdnnsports.com/sig-sauer-m400-16-5-56-1-7.html?___SID=U#.XTNP9utKiUk
  5. I also subscribe to loaddata.com, gianormous amount of information.
  6. https://www.barnesbullets.com/load-data/ online manual plus updates.
  7. Barnes has an online book, curious if it is the same as the printed version I have moved to Barnes in several magnum calibers and slowly moving them into standard velocity calibers. waiting to recover a couple from game for final verdict but accuracy wise they are good bullets.
  8. I just put the lapping compound on the scope and then ductape it to the chuck on my cordless drill. Spin it for 5 or 10 minutes while slowly torquing the caps, good to go.
  9. Looking for a 14.5in 5.56 barrel Midway has their version for about 72 bucks. Anyone run one? mixed reviews mostly good.
  10. That's the one I have, but don't remember the spring drill adapter? Have to look in the box...
  11. I don't, but couldn't hurt. I have a vortex 30mm cantilever un mounted, may just try the honing bar in it for fun. I would always mark the caps if they come assembled.
  12. Thanks What would be a good price for the M5?
  13. I was talking to the seemingly knowledgeable guy behind the counter when I was getting the Aero Gen 2 X15 lower and he said the Aero M5 I was also looking at was non spec (non DPMS Spec.) Said he tried to mate it up with a M&P 308 Upper and no bueno. normally I would have started arguing with him whether I knew what I was talking about or not, but it's Friday, cold beer at home, so I took my purchase and left. So is the Aero M5 non DPMS or is the Smith non DPMS?
  14. Guy I work with is itching for a build, I told him you can't go wrong with Aero. I stopped by Outdoor Emporium about 4 blocks from the office on the way home and Aero Gen 2 $72.00, sent him a text, then went back in and bought the last one. (I justified it knowing they will have more in next week...) Snooze you loose...
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