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Everything posted by VanillaGorilla

  1. I was killing some time today and found this: http://www.natchezss.com/Bullets.cfm?contentID=productDetail&brand=HO&prodID=HO30501&prodTitle=Hornady Rifle Bullet - .30 cal .308 Most of you are familiar with this bullet but if not, it is this: http://www.hornady.com/store/30-Cal-.308-168-gr-BTHP/ I picked up 4 boxes and some primers... Happy reloading. B) Edit to fix bad link.
  2. Sorry if I sound a little behind the times but what's that? Sounds like I want one...lol
  3. CTR stock & LaRue RISR, LaRue grip, LaRue Index clips & hand stops - all in UDE for my 308. Syrac gas block, 12" Shadow ops rail described in this thread: and a 36" double carbine padded case.... I was slowing down but after finding this site my wallet is crying again... <dontknow>
  4. Hi from Fort Worth. Thanks for a .308 dedicated site! <thumbsup>
  5. Very nice. I would like the specs myself. Dimensions, and weight. I just bought a 12" for my AP4 and a Syrac gas block but I'm always looking for better! I'm really interested so if you can get those two specs for me I am a serious buyer with the newer low profile upper. Edit: I ordered one. I spent quite a few hours researching last night and this morning & after comparing it to the DD rail and reading the reviews on their lowers I bought the bullet and purchased one.... :drool:
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